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A Correction

In my last post, I wrote that Panda Express in Centreville, Virginia (25 miles west of Washington, DC) is paying $14/hour for starters. I was wrong. It is actually $15/hour.

This is about 70 cents more than I earned in my first civilian Government “desk job” (which required a college degree) in DC in 2004. (!!!!!!!) And yet, they can’t seem to “keep” any employees besides a few older Asian ladies.

The prices at this Panda Express do not seem to have risen at all since 2019. However, the quality has gone sharply downhill—the food is basically mush. The meat is of low quality, and there’s almost no taste to anything, it’s just stomach-filler. In fact, it just took another leg down in the last few weeks.

Of course, any business seeking to maintain quality in today’s economy (and certainly, manufacturers and most other companies can’t just use “cheaper ingredients”), must pass its costs on to consumers by sharply raising prices. Which they are doing.

Fact is, price inflation is ACCELERATING. And that’s just how things stand now, not even getting into a potential energy shock or (as I anticipate) a much more deadly and destructive, Pann-de-mmyk of the Vakk-synn-ay-tted.

The Illuminati

Regarding my last post, I got a sh*tload of comments from people whose quasi-religious belief in the all-controlling power of “ancient, secretive, transnational families” (a.k.a. the Illuminati) I had offended.

I rejected most of these comments and blocked most of the commenters. I just don’t have time to wade through this crap.

George Soros is the single most influential person outside of government, on this planet. And yet, he “came from nothing”, not from some Illuminati family. Klaus Schwab grew up in much better circumstances, but, likewise, is not from a very high pedigree.

The Koch brothers, the leading and most consistent “mega-donors” to conservative and traditionalist causes in the USA…..

…..without whom the modern conservative movement (and in fact, the survival of the two-party system and some level of pluralism in the USA), as we know it, would not have been possible, trace their wealth only from the 1930s.

Most major U.S. political campaign donors including Bloomberg, Saban, Snyder, and the late Adelson are/were self-made men from modest (middle class at best) origins. Tom Steyer’s dad was richer but still nothing special. Yes, I know all the names in this paragraph are Jewish, but they’re not from some secret family.

Those pushing the U.S. Empire agenda are mostly bureaucrats and military-industrial lobbyists; they are responsible for millions of dead, wounded, and refugees, but they’re “faceless” and interchangeable like the rest of us; most of them hail from the middle class.

If you think all these people are just puppets or window-dressing because really, the Rothschilds and Gnomes of Zurich control everything, then you have to (1) identify each of these Rothschilds and Gnomes and what they do for a living, and (2) explain in specific terms, how they pull the strings.

If you can’t do that, you might as well be a schizophrenic, because you make about as much sense as a schizophrenic. Illuminati-cult dolts should get the hell off this blog. I’m not building a safe space for crap artists, that was never my intent. Thanks, have a nice day!

Next update

I anticipate adding new material to this blog on Saturday, July 16th. There will be no new material until then. Please check back then.

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