Wokeness Stops At The Water’s Edge

In this video, Jacob is interviewed by the “Two Mikes” podcast. During the show, Jacob explains why the U.S. Government is obsessed with the Ukraine, and why the Democrat regime’s “progressive” ideals don’t apply to the fascist/supremacist, one-party dictatorship that the Ukraine has become.

Please click on link below to access. Jacob appears at approximately the 4 minute mark.


Jacob’s Confession (not getting back into daily Ukraine coverage, but must share this)

Since last year, this blog, and my mailing list that preceded it, have carried A LOT of accurate calls. I don’t do investment advice, per se, but people who had the good sense (and the available capital) to follow some of my general calls, could have made A LOT of money.

However, although I was pretty much the only “private” (not Pentagon, State, CIA, etc.) American analyst to say as early as January or even December that a Russian invasion was likely imminent, that it wasn’t just “sabre-rattling” to get attention or make Brandon look dumb, I was wrong about the way Russia would wage its war in the Ukraine.

I told my readers that on day one, the power and communications would likely be knocked out or severely disrupted (similar to U.S. bombings of Serbia, Iraq, and other countries.) But in fact, Russia has been surprisingly gentle with most of the civilian infrastructure.

(Don’t believe me? Ukrainian soldiers are in many cases livestreaming their antics from the frontline, using their personal cellphones. How does that work without infrastructure?)

Russia also did not do any U.S.-style, surprise “decapitation” attacks against the Ukraine’s military leadership or (for the most part) the regime’s propaganda apparatus (remember how the U.S. deliberately killed civilians at the Serbian TV station in 1999?)

It’s clear Putin figured he could make a deal with at least part of the Ukraine’s security establishment, so he didn’t want to just kill them. “It was a bad call, Ripley. It was a bad call.”

In general, Russia has not seemed as “serious” about the war as I had anticipated. Evidently, for political reasons, to avoid alarming his populace (indeed, by all accounts, most Russian do not really feel they are at war), Putin decided NOT to call a general mobilization…..

…..which means that while Ukrainian draft officers are trolling nightclubs and swimming pools, Russian frontline manpower is severely limited, and in fact, in almost every battle, Russian and Donetsk/Lugansk units have faced Ukrainian forces that are numerically superior by 2X or more.

This explains the extremely slow pace of Russia’s advance in the Donbass, and likewise Russia’s inability to advance in the south after the first few weeks of the war.

Ukrainian forces have been severely degraded and are now mostly (at least 2/3) mobilized reservists, untrained draftees, and poorly trained volunteer militia, but, they are dug-in, often heavily armed, and they still have overwhelming numerical superiority.

This “meat” is being ground down, but there is so much meat (and so much new meat always coming online), that it takes a lot of time.

Furthermore, the slow pace of Russia’s advance has allowed the U.S. hegemonic bloc time to partially replenish the Ukraine’s severely depleted armor and artillery (and to a lesser extent, combat aviation) assets, such that no matter how much hardware Russia destroys, the Ukraine never quite runs out.

A faster pace to the Russian advance would have obviated this complication. The way things have turned out, Russia has been forced not just to “demilitarize” the Ukraine, but all of Europe as well, and even (to a lesser extent) the USA.

This destruction of Europe’s military potential (such as it was) certainly carries at least a conceptual benefit to Russia, but it’s not what the leadership had intended.

Surely, some (ignorant, naive, and obviously non-Russian) Putin worshippers (He’s the greatest strategic genius of all time! Playing 4D chess! A god!) will be upset by my words. But hey, no leader is perfect. Tough sh*t.

On the other hand, I called it that most Ukrainians would not have a “do or die” fighting spirit. In addition to ruthless conscription and a new law allowing the immediate execution of insubordinates and deserters…..

…..a regime of total propaganda keeps them in the game, thinking there is hope and they will win. And as such, they certainly enjoy taking potshots and posing for thousands of TickTock videos…..

…..But when truly pressed or cornered, they ALMOST ALWAYS RUN AWAY (OR SURRENDER), rather than stand and fight to the death.

This was totally predictable (which is why I predicted it), seeing as (surprise, surprise!!!) no one REALLY wants to die for a government headed by a clown and his TV production posse…..

…..Not to mention, Ukrainians and Russians are so similar (and Russia is not trying to cleanse or genocide anyone), who’s really interested in dying to keep them apart?

Again, it is only Russia’s SEVERELY UNDERWHELMING manpower commitment that is keeping these dipsh*ts somewhat afloat… for now.

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