The Woke Empire Has No Voting Base

Last minute update: Well, well, well. James Howard Kunstler (one of the very first alt-commentators whom I caught on to, way back in 2008) just used the term (the “@” are mine) “the crisis of the v@ccin@ted” in his latest column.

Specifically: “The crisis of the v@ccin@ted is coming… when all the everyday (v@ccin@ted) people see themselves and those around them get sick…”

This sounds suspiciously like my “Pann-de-mykk of the Vakk-synn-ay-ted”, which, although I did not coin the term, I have been, as far as I can tell, the very first and so far only one…..

… publicly use it as a descriptor for the coming ko-rona vary-ant that will produce a VASTLY higher kill ratio among the emm-arr-enn-ay vakksed-and-boosstted.

I know Kunstler reads me, because he had some kind words for me several times, and then invited me on to his podcast, and disappeared and never followed up, I never heard from him again. A bit flaky, but hey whatever. The teacher has learned well from the student, imitation is the sincerest flattery, etc. etc.

Yes, Yes, the Woke Empire, But First…

We’ll get to the Woke Empire shortly, but first, a few other topics. For starters, a crazy video from the Ukraine. And yet, the video is only half the story, the real batsh*t craziness is that it “got out” at all.

Since the Russian pullback from north and northeast Ukraine that concluded on or around April 5th, the Ukraine has been attacking across the border into Russia, with a favorite target being Russian border guards and border crossing stations.

In this case, a U.S.-supplied “Switchblade” kamikaze mini-drone (the distinguishing, nose/propeller piece on the ground was filmed later by others) was used to attack a border crossing station just inside Russia.

(Strangely enough, some Ukraine-Russia border crossings, including this one, are still functioning; some travel and small-scale business continues, perhaps only with respect to third-country citizens… read on.)

The drone hit the ground and blew up next to a group of men in civilian clothes, two standing next to and another one apparently inside a civilian vehicle.

As per video from several angles that a Ukrainian controller (or his girlfriend, or who the hell knows?) posted online, there were no uniformed persons and certainly nothing “military” visible in the vicinity. One of the civilians was killed and another is on life support at a Russian hospital.

If you doubt these two were civilians, and not Russian secret agents as Ukraine damage control is now claiming, the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed they are Moldovan citizens. Moldovan media reports they are/were truck drivers.

Moldovan media reports the Moldovan Embassy in Russia is in touch with their relatives. A Transnistrian Telegram channel named the dead Moldovan as Ivan Surdul and the hospitalized one as Vasilii Culiș.

The video is below. Again, this is (at least, originally) from a Ukrainian military source. It has been going around on the “Ukro-net”, a big hit.

Now, why would you post video of your own likely war crimes (and seeming gross waste of U.S.-supplied munitions) online? Well, that’s a dumb question. Why the f*ck not?

They know they can do anything and there will be no consequences, because of democracy and stuff. If you get your hands on this type of video, might as well get some “likes” and “follows.” Why let cool footage go to waste?

Back in March through early April, they were posting “graphic” video (some of which I’ve covered here) of Russian prisoners getting shot or having their throats cut…..

…..and a suspected Russian sympathizer getting knifed through the eye in his apartment stairwell. The murderers were celebrated, nothing happened to them (not from the Ukrainian side, anyway.)

Some of this stuff was weakly alluded to in the U.S. MSM at the time (though couched in a fashion as not to upturn the general narrative), if only to get ahead of Fox News, which was the one major medium to push the material forcefully (for a few hours, anyway.)

The biggest LOL is that Grand Moff Tarkin a.k.a. Brandon’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, has appointed a well-respected Jewish nazi-hunter to go find war crimes in the Ukraine. (Gee whiz, maybe he can just do a Google search for these videos.)

Normally, this would be a task for the Department of Defense, but (if anyone hasn’t noticed) the DoD has spent five months firmly avoiding any talk of war crimes in the Ukraine…..

…..lest it discredit its Ukrainian friends, and/or establish a “low bar” standard for (Russian) war crimes, which would put America’s generals at risk in the future.

Here’s a message for my fellow Americans: You can no longer say it’s not you. Just like people in Russia, Iraq, or wherever, we, and by “we” I mean “most of you, more than me“…..

…..will be held Jointly and Severally Liable for everything that our government is doing, and that our propaganda outlets are not reporting, and our own pride and gullibility.

Because we are not special. The time for admitting, two or 10 years later, “well, we made some mistakes“, is coming to an end. The Universe can only tolerate a certain large number of “mistakes.”

All of this “collective guilt, make them all pay” business, applies to YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN as much as to any Russian or Iraqi, or Ukrainian, for that matter.

We will be held to account soon, the time will come. In the words of Alfred Tennyson, “And they come like the storm in the day of the blast.” Atone, get right with the Higher Power. Our fake innocence is coming to an end.

Next up…

A Message to All Dumb F*ck Republicans in Washington

The New York Times just came out with a report about Republican “small donor” fundraising lagging, even as the Democrat money-machine revs up sharply. This is said to be unusual for the opposition party, going into the midterm elections.

Republicans are said to be in a tizzy, trying to brainstorm a reason. Inflation? (Which somehow is not affecting Democrats, LOL.) Trump sucking all the oxygen? No, you dumb f*cks. The reason is…..

You stand for nothing, you have no election platform or coherent agenda, and many or most of you voted for the same inflation bullsh*t as the Democrats (in fact, you recently voted to give the Pentagon $50 billion more than it was asking for Fiscal Year 2023.)

Everyone knows you have no plan for the deep sh*t we’re in. You all clapped and cheered for Saint Zelensky, wore Ukraine flag lapels, and forgot about our own Border. Your “Pride Month” rainbow tweets have turned off everyone, you’re just a paler shade of Democrat, you’re like the Tories in England.

You did not fight the vakk-seen mandates (except the one on businesses with 100-plus employees, LOL, figures.) You thought your base was not united on that…..

… you just hid in the bushes, instead of coming out with a platform and leading from the front and letting the sheep and stragglers catch up to you.

You are a bunch of pussies, cowards, and @$$clowns. You email me 300 pieces of fundraising spam each day, and you complain about Google spam-filtering you, like it’s a conspiracy.

F*ck all of you, the Turtle and the Demon-looking chubby Cuban from Texas, and all the rest. Go choke on a bag of d*cks.

I gave mad money to you last time, only because of Trump (who needs to retire.) Now, I couldn’t give a f*ck. If I had time, I’d be more useful getting into my local politics as a “moderate” Democrat, trying to smooth over the crazy edges from the inside, than wasting time with the Loser party.

Making no predictions, but I wrote months ago, in fact, probably even last year, that Republican leaders were, wrongly, starting to take the 2022 election for granted.

Of course, I was only one of millions to say this. Now, perhaps these goobers are waking up to reality. And that’s assuming the election even happens.

The Woke Empire Has No Voting Base… And Its Dumb Muscle Is Not Showing, Either

The military recruitment situation is such a catastrophe that the U.S. Army has thrown in the towel and now intends to lower its official “force strength” by roughly 30,000 (the final figure is still up in the air, it depends on how badly they do this year) for the next fiscal year.

The army’s latest spin is that it will be short 10,000 for this year, but that’s only after they quietly revised their annual target from roughly 70,000 to 60,000. Even accepting that revision…..

…..the estimated 10,000 shortage for this year still looks VERY optimistic, as it involves a rosy estimate for digging out of the hole and catching up between now and September 30th.

But hey, these people can revise any target at any time without skipping a beat, or batting an eye. In the USA, no one, no one lies worse than the military.

What’s funny, the Pentagon is spinning this as all due to only 23% (or something like that) of young people being physically, mentally, criminally / drug-wise, and educationally fit to serve.

Educationally, LOL. In the last month, the army scratched its requirement for a high school diploma or GED. Previously, if you didn’t graduate school, you had to take the GED test….

……to show that despite your educational non-attainment, you have enough discipline to get out of bed and go to a testing center to prove your basic literacy and numeracy.

Now, even that’s out the window. Translation: there are literally no educational requirements anymore. Obviously, the army’s recruit shortage doesn’t tell the full story, as quality will now be in the gutter.

(Not to mention, somehow, Marine and Navy recruiters are still doing just fine with the 23% of the youth fit to serve. Obviously the Marines still have their brand thing, while the Navy is seen as zero-risk by recruits not willing to be in any danger at all, ever.)

As for the other “fitness” requirements, what changed with American youth IN JUST THE LAST YEAR OR TWO? Nothing changed that fast with the kids. If something changed for the country as a whole, well, I dunno, what’s been going on, the last year or two?

Evidently, the “white trash” who normally staff the army, aren’t showing up in the needed numbers. Who could have guessed? It’s not as if anyone named Dreizin ever wrote about this in February 2021.

The LGBTQ+++, white guilt, and vakk-seen pushing wokesters now running the show—the ones who sent up to 20,000 national guards to prevent any hecklers from getting near the Brandon inauguration—forgot that dumb white people are the bedrock of the American Empire.

The USA cannot confidently, reliably “project its power” abroad DIRECTLY (I’m not talking about arming Ukrainians to die, I mean directly) without a large mass of cretins eager to cheer it on.

And those cretins are, VASTLY DISPROPORTIONATELY, from a certain demographic and of a certain voting affiliation. They were always fine to rah-rah the Empire, but they’re not cool with a Woke Empire that sh*ts on them.

Back in June 2020, I was leaving a goods donation at the Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Chantilly, Virginia, when I heard a 50-something white guy (obviously an old-time local, not a “recent” carpetbagger) talking to some acquaintance he had run into…..

…..about the Russian vakk-seen (which was in the news at the time) and how bad it must be, he would never take it, can’t trust it, because it’s Russian.

LOL. Sputnik V was still two months from deployment, but it evidently hurt his Red Blooded Oshkosh Tonka Truck pride that Russia was ahead of his country in something.

It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway, none of the recent immigrants who shop at that place, or the black folks who work there, could give a crap about who won The Vakk-seen Race.

Many of them couldn’t even give a sh*t about the Stars and Bars. The poor immigrants (the vast majority of the customers), certainly, are just here for the ride.

Guess what, the people with Teslas in their driveways, BLM/Pride lawn signs, “My Other Car is a Broom” bumper stickers, and/or Keurigs on their kitchen counters, are not sending their kids (if they have any) to the army, either.

It’s the people that the Woke Regime dumps on, who are expected to do that. And, increasingly, they’re not doing it. Or rather, the kids will do what they want, but they’re getting a certain negative message from their parents and the overall media-cultural milieu.

In short, the Empire has turned away from, demonised, and alienated those whom it needs to wage its wars, as well as those whom it needs to cheer for its wars…..

…..because today’s Democrat voters (while they may get on board for some time against Putin or whatever) fundamentally don’t care about stomping any foreigners.

They’d rather “transform the country” by stomping on Republicans, or, just collect a welfare check or whatever (depends on the demographic.) The Woke Empire has no voting base.

Of course, this is really bad for the Ukraine agenda. The Brandon people would have done A LOT more for the Ukraine, had the public been more actively behind it, with more “understanding” of the associated economic hardships. But they totally f*cked it up, and now Russia will clean up.

PS: I’d love to see current figures for recruitment for combat arms jobs (infantry, tank, artillery, etc.) specifically. As I wrote (more or less) in February 2021, combat units are typically not more than 10 percent “black”, with the elite units being half that, whereas non-combat units (maintenance, cooks, drivers, fuel handlers, paper pushers, etc.—two-thirds of all army personnel, at least in the active component) are all at least 20 percent “black.” It’s very likely that combat arms recruitment of “whites” (and conservative Hispanics) is lagging DISASTROUSLY, but is numerically obscured by the overall headline number, bad as that is.)

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