USA Becoming Ukraine, Argentina

We have a special “late night, double feature picture show” for you DreizinReport fans out there. As our hosting platform no longer allows embedded Rumble videos, please click on the below links to watch the two videos.

Keep your eyes sharp, as (depending on what type of device you are using) the second link below may be “isolated” by ad boxes, and thus very easy to miss.

2022-07-30 – Video # 1 – Recession Redefined, Ukrainization of USA, & “Variant X” Will Bring It Down

2022-07-30 – Video # 2 – “EMERGENCY MESSAGE”: Pelosi, China, & The Argentine Junta

Also, please be sure to read my last piece, The Woke Empire Has No Voting Base. Now that I am not posting as often, judging by very sharp variations in the “ticker” across days of the week and my various posts…..

… seems many people have reverted to only checking this blog on weekends, or whatever day is most convenient for them, which is 100% understandable, BUT, many of them only see the LATEST post, and DON’T look back to see what they MISSED.

Lastly, I really appreciate all those who have stuck with the DreizinReport as this still-rather-new blog has made the transition from several months of nothing-but-Ukraine-war reporting, to a more diversified topic base.

You know I really, really hate to toot my own horn, but shortly after I announced that decision and followed through on it, and started covering “neglected” topics to include the U.S. domestic economy in some detail…..

…..I suddenly noticed many others on the “alt” scene (the Duran guys, Larry Johnson, even the great Robert Barnes, etc.) suddenly covering the dear old, good old U.S. economy as well.

I’ve interacted or even worked with much of this crowd at one time or another. I can’t say if they took my cue, or if it’s just “smart people think alike“, but it’s clear that (as I’ve said before)…..

…..the war is decided and simply not worth the time anymore, and we have to get back to “reality”, which means, providing near-daily “tactical updates” for red-eyed, war junky freaks is a total f*cking dead-end.

Not to mention, I just don’t have the time (it burned me out to work every day for their junky fix), and, now that I’m 65-70% “shadow demonetized” by Google Adsense, there’s no incentive anymore.

Yes, it cost me half my readership (relative to the April-May highs), but who cares? Since I left that lunatic herd behind, this blog now has a future, and, those readers who stuck around…..

…..well, for one, you folks leave MUCH more mature, intelligent, insightful, and interesting comments. You are great! Overall, this is really the best readership I could ever hope for. Thank you!!!

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