LOL, I had to find my headline image on Yandex (Russian search engine) because Google had scrubbed almost everything relevant to “2020 election eve vote spike(s).” Aaaanyhow… THE CURVE STEEPENS: Daily Russian precision glide bomb usage is now at 20+ (possibly up to 30 on a “good” day), up from ~15 just days ago, around 10-12 a couple of weeks ago, & near-zero in February. The bombs target primarily MUNITIONS STORES & diesel tanks, & secondly, barracks and bunkers. The “Great Big Really Grand Ukrainian Counteroffensive” is over before it began. MSM will figure it out at some point, that no force can advance against a dug-in enemy (with his own cannon & MLRS) without reliable, massed artillery fire… and, without MUNITIONS, cannon & MLRS (& tanks advancing on open ground without support) are just SCRAP METAL. At this time, the “Arsenal of Russocracy” is **beating** USA & Co., just like it beat another (less expansive) Western bloc, around 80 years ago. Of course the board, rules, & who’s-helping-who are different, but premise is same: Steepen your curve, or you’re out. Someone please tell Uncle “one war at a time” Sam, he needs to THROW IN THE TOWEL, OR ELSE CALL OFF THE 2024 (OR EARLY 2025) WAR WITH CHINA, CALL IT OFF NOW!!!

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P.S. You may be hearing it here first: The leader of the U.S. trained-and-supported, Kurdish communist front-group known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, has publicly offered to place his army under Syrian government command, *if* Turkey can be convinced to leave Syrian territory and shut down its proxy base in Idlib. I don’t know if this is realistic, but, who knows? A gigantic Syrian flag was projected on the Burj Khalifa (in Dubai, the world’s tallest building) last night. It seems the entire Near East is consolidating and coming together under renewed pan-Arabist feelings as well as Chinese mediation (Iran-Saudi) and nascent quasi-hegemony. It’s not surprising, these countries have NO CHOICE, because the USA has become unpredictable and unreliable. Possibly the last straw was the aggressive homo-agitation against the UAE at the recent football (soccer) championship there. The USA has become toxic, it is bouncing around, and NO ONE KNOWS where it will be, politically, ideologically, tomorrow or the day after. Simply, it can no longer be relied on, in this region. What’s most amusing, is NO ONE in Washington even remotely acknowledges this. They can’t even admit what’s going on!!!

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