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(Two minor corrections or clarifications: (1) “Bagration” took place mostly in the Belarussian SSR. There was a major, roughly concurrent operation in the western Ukrainian SSR, but it did not fall under Bagration, per se. (2) We don’t know if the Russian aircraft losses of May 13th were caused by air-to-air or surface-to-air fire, or some of both. I was just speculating, based on what I’d read and seen at the time. Nonetheless, as I mention in the audio several times, it’s clearly “new weapons or tactics”, and not just coincidentally timed.)

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Another Bullshitter

Responding to my last post…..

Two different commenters…..

…..recommended the “Shadowstats” website.

(The Shadowstats guy has been trumpeting higher-than-the-Government-admits inflation for at least 15 years.)

I answered one of them, as follows:

(“CPI” refers to “inflation.”)

Shadowstats” obviously just makes shit up.

Anyone who thinks that some lone blogger can tell you “scientifically” what the real GDP, CPI, and unemployment are, has deformities with their critical thinking.

For the CPI specifically, this guy claims to use “1970’s”, pre-fudge methodology… but where is it?

I never saw any methodology on his site. I can see he’s capable of making line graphs in Excel, that’s it. There’s nothing behind his curtain.

I’ll just go with my own observations, thank you. That’s the only “methodology” I need. I may be a few points off, but CPI is subjective anyway, it depends on what you buy. My CPI is not your CPI. Any “average consumer basket” is not a legitimate construct to begin with.

Supposedly they get a contractor to survey tens of thousands of people over some months or longer, but I’ve never been asked, and I’m not aware that anyone I’ve ever known has been asked, nor have I ever read of anyone writing about the experience, anywhere, ever. Hence, I must conclude, the entire concept is to some extent BS.

The Shadowstats guy just tries to out-BS the BS, from the comfort of his own keyboard. He has no fucking “methodology.” I wouldn’t pay a dime for his annual subscription.

Too many people take their preferred “alternative” sources as gospel. Just because it’s not the MSM or the Government, doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT.


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