INFOWAR MILESTONE: Russ psy-ops finally competitive, reach world-class Ukr Psy-Ops Command (“TSYPSO”) level, seeking to ride on Khmelnitsky-area uranium fire panic by creating, widely disseminating spoof/mimic webpage pretending to be from Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland. Page purports to track atmospheric contaminants, claims brief but HUGE spike in bismuth level. No doubt, 1/2 my dear readers have fallen for this already. 3 problems: (1) Page is spoof, not searchable from univ. main site. (2) Polish govt already monitoring atmos. radiation w/ tens of stations, all readings normal, AND no one monitors bismuth, what they monitor is microSieverts/hour of actual RADIATION, (3) High school chemistry, folks!!! Look at periodic table, uranium does not decay into bismuth within days. More like, hundreds of millions of years.  LOL.

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