Dreizin college: U.S. Jewish Politics 101

Folks, this is another MONSTER post. Got a lot of serious material, to include, “Why American Jews see Nazis everywhere BUT where the Nazis really are”, which is, in fact, more of a “Foundations of U.S. Jewish Politics”, 101-level crash course, again saving you (or your brats) on college tuition.

(Sorry, I’m not accredited. No one will get college credits for reading this.)

This is, in fact, a taboo subject, and to hear a detailed explanation from someone who was born in Israel, came up around Jews, read “The Forward” (the last major English-language U.S. Jewish newspaper) in its print edition (back in the day), worked for Jews, and understands the psychology, is UNIQUE.

Also, some other important stuff, including but not limited to, using Michael Obama’s career history and “First Lady” track record to PROVE that zim/zer WILL NOT run for president, because zim/zer is too damn LAZY.

But first, some laughs. Actually, this is kind of serious, too. It’s in the “you can’t make this up” department.

Here, on Youtube, is a complete film, Rzhevsky Versus Napoleon, released in 2012, produced by Zelensky’s Kvartal 95 production company, with Russian money, in which Zelensky plays… NAPOLEON.

Hahaha, yeah.

I hadn’t quite realized, he is, for real, a WORLD-CLASS comic actor:


I just couldn’t pass this one up…..

Borscht Reich air defense strikes again! See below…..

(This one is from tonight, in Odessa. Fortunately, there’s no explosion on the ground, it seems the missile’s warhead failed to go off. Lucky!)

In late January 2020, I bought about $2500 of extreme out-of-the-money call options on a “long” U.S. Treasury bonds ETF.

I was sweating buckets, as I didn’t KNOW if the corona would blow up in the USA BEFORE the options expired in mid-April.

In March, I sold the options for about $50,000 (before taxes.) If I hadn’t been greedy, I could have sold them one day prior, for about $100,000.

(Sadly, I spent all the money, long ago, on liquor and tobacco products for my kids. So, if you haven’t given me squat for all the value you take from this blog, you’re NOT off the hook. I could be sleeping right now, but it’s 1:30am and I’m working for YOU. Donate here.)

THAT was a successful bet against “mainstream consensus.”

Of course, CNN and Nancy Pelosi and all the other shitbags, had an IMPEACHMENT to run, and they didn’t want you DISTRACTED with some silly germ.

(They could not have imagined, at that time, how they’d soon saddle the germ and take down Trump with it.)

So, despite videos of dump trucks picking up bodies in Wuhan—like Monty Python’s “bring out your dead”—the party line was, “It’s just the flu”, or “It’s not even the flu.”

(Of course, by Black Death standards, even the original corona had a very low fatality rate, but when it’s ignored, and EVERYONE gets it, and does so within a short time, you get Wuhan. It’s clearly MUCH worse than seasonal flu.)

Having read a Hong Kong medical paper in January 2020, I also bought hydroxychloroquine, most likely saving my wife, when she came down with this “flu”, REALLY bad, in April 2020, and again (as we all did) in July. She has a “minor” condition that’s barely significant under normal circumstances, but with corona… well, one of those two times WOULD have gotten her.

(I always laugh when deranged retard fools tell me corona doesn’t exist, or viruses don’t exist. Ever placed the poopy part of a soiled diaper right up to your not-congested nose, and NOT been able to smell it? That is, your nose can feel the BODY HEAT from the poop… but no smell at all? For weeks?)


That was a RARE sequence of events.

In most cases, even Dreizin can’t bet against “mainstream consensus” this precisely… if at all.

Nonetheless, over a long-enough time period, “mainstream consensus” is ALWAYS proven wrong… even if no one ever ‘fesses up to it.

(Obviously, I’m talking human affairs, not “the Earth is round” or whatever.)

When Obama took over in 2009, “mainstream consensus” was that the U.S. would lose its leadership in the world, and others (such as the European Union) would step up, and things would be more balanced.

At least, that was consensus in the Democrat MSM and among their “thinkers” at the time (e.g., Thomas Friedman.) Obama clearly wanted to make it happen.

Despite intervening in Syria and Libya, Obama fanatically got his weird Iran deal through the Senate, also shutting down a major investigation into Hezbollah cocaine smuggling in the USA, to avoid bad press for the deal; ruined U.S. ties with Saudi Arabia; ignored ISIS (even firing his DIA director over it) until it almost took Baghdad; opened up to Cuba; abandoned the Bushites’ crazy “missile defense” plans for eastern Europe, and tried a “reset” with Russia. (Remember Hitlery giving the Russians a symbolic “reset” button?)

Fast forward to 2023:

The ONE SINGLE PERSON who (in 2014) did the most to SABOTAGE AND SINK the Obama approach, Victoria “Jabba” Nuland…..

…..has travelled to Niger, Africa, to try to get its coup leaders to step down, because, with the Nord Streams blown up, Europe needs the trans-Sahara gas pipeline from Nigeria to Algeria…..

…..AND because, with Russia’s Wagner in the area, France no longer has any power, any ability to do anything with this former colony.

Basically, Nuland has to wipe France’s crippled ass.

How’s THAT for “Europe stepping up?”


As I’ve been saying, they will step up, eventually… TO UNCLE SAM… when the Ukraine situation goes far, far south.

But for now…..

How did that “mainstream consensus” turn out?

For more, related thoughts and details (worth your time, not just a repeat of above), please listen, below.

(Audio file duration: 10:05)

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As of September 1st, the monthly rent on my storage unit will rise from $148 to $182.  It’s been rising over 20 percent per year since 2021. 

My monthly security monitoring fees (on my home and a few rentals) are going up as much as 10 percent, after NEVER previously rising more than five percent a year.

Mosquito-spraying of my yard, went up 10-some percent this year, after holding steady in 2022, after rising over nine percent in 2021.

Insurance costs nationwide are WAY, WAY, WAY up (mostly because home construction and auto body work costs have exploded since 2020, and the insurance companies can no longer keep eating those hikes.)

Property taxes are way, way, way up.  For condos, which are more price-volatile, taxes are up as much as 50 percent over 2019, and the tax hikes have, with a lag (as always happens), recently ACCELERATED

Residential rents are clearly re-accelerating, at least, in my area (near Washington, DC.)

I think my twin daughters’ therapy bills went up, not insubstantially, but I don’t remember how much… because it’s just billed to my credit card. (More on this, below.)

In short, this year, so far, the main inflation has been in SERVICES (not goods.) 

I won’t go deep into the methodology, but the silly “consumer basket” that the Government uses to measure inflation, is geared towards goods, NOT services. 

It’s not just “weighted”, but PSYCHOLOGICALLY GEARED towards stuff you buy in a store, NOT monthly charges to your credit card that you may not think about much, and certainly not “rare” but SUBSTANTIAL expenses (e.g. auto body work, major medical bills, home improvements, legal bills, property taxes (although these can be escrowed and thus more in the “I don’t think about it” category), etc.)

Sometime this year, my health system (with its own doctors and clinics) revoked the right of doctors to make outside referrals (that the system has to pay for.)  Now, it’s all done by a central committee or something.  Obviously, the goal is to cut costs by rejecting some referrals that would previously have been approved.  For some unlucky consumers, that’s MURDEROUS inflation.

How do you measure it???

You don’t. 

What’s happening, the GOODS inflation of recent years, is FINALLY making its way into SERVICES. That is, services providers have FINALLY lost their inhibitions, and are hiking prices to match their input costs, and their suppliers input costs, and so on down the chain.

“The Fed” probably understands this, else they would not have continued to “hike“, and in fact, they’d be strongly talking down the possibility of near-future hikes, which they’re clearly not doing.

Problem is, we’ve got people on Social Security etc. who are getting killed by the annual “indexation”, which saves the Government money, but does NOT cover true price increases.

Folks, this guy is a Ukraine all-star. The image was taken from a podcast or video interview or something like that. Perhaps, he forgot to change clothes for the show… or maybe (probably), didn’t forget at all.

As you can see, he’s got TWO “black suns” AND the Nazi eagle AND the black-red colors of the Right SectorON ONE CHEST!!!


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Folks, the answer is simple. Many of you have probably figured it out already, inchoate, intuitively, but you just never heard it said or written, quite this well. So, please listen below. Yes, I START with the neocons, BUT, that’s ONLY HALF of it.

(Please note, Bill Kristol is NOT, in fact, in line with my archetypal “neocon life path”, as it’s his FATHER who made the “conversion”, perhaps even before the Six-Day War (I really don’t care to research it), although Bill was clearly brought up in an only-superficially “conservative” family. So, you could say it’s a “neocon family”—probably the first such family, ever, though not remotely the last.)

(Audio file duration: 13:47)

(The volume is a bit in-and-out in spots, make sure you turn it up.)

Yes, Barack Obama still lives mostly in Washington, DC, which is CREEPY AS FUCK….. 

…..because his activities and associations are NOT covered by the local press (e.g., the Bezos Post)….. 

…..and no one “knows” what he does all day…..

…..(other than, obviously, run Team Brandon—mostly his own, old team—as a SHADOW PRESIDENT.  “Democracy”, LOL.)

Yes, the Democrats would LIKE to find someone to replace Brandon for the 2024 election, so that the margin of the next steal doesn’t have to be super-obvious. 

And, they are running out of time.

But, no, it’s NOT going to be Obama’s spouse. 

Sure, Michael Obama MIGHT hypothetically WANT the job. 

Only problem is, zim/zer is LAZY AS FUCK

As “first spouse”, Michael is perhaps best remembered for taking a multimillion dollar—if you include the cost of security, and transporting and housing the security—vacation to Spain, WITHOUT Barack, but WITH a bunch of zim/zer’s girlfriends in tow. 

Like some goddamn Barbie party.  (Come on Barbie, let’s go party.) 

Also, for getting zim/zer’s high school friend’s company to build (or not build) the original, failed, Obamacare registration website, which crashed on day one.

(As far as I can google, the money—either $500 or $700 million for NOTHING—was never “clawed back.”) 

(Yes, the USA is corrupt as FUCK.) 

What Michael is NOT remembered for… is doing any “work.” 

Not as first spouse, and not before. 

There has NEVER EVER EVER been anything substantive in the media, as to what (or how) zim/zer actually did in zim/zer’s various jobs.

Like, what was zim/zer’s role, what did bosses and coworkers think of zim/zer, how did zim/zer’s career develop, etc. 

There’s some pap on Wikipedia etc., written by zim/zer’s White House staff in 2009.  That’s not exactly valuable. 

We know zim/zer got a big pay raise after Barack became a state legislator.  

We also have a college senior end-of-year essay (I think, an honor’s thesis) that zim/zer wrote, which is disturbingly bland and poorly written, clearly demonstrative of someone just going through the motions.  (Still got into Harvard Law School, LOL.)

Lastly, we know that zim/zer washed out of a “top” law firm (hired by them immediately upon graduation), migrating to some Chicago city office. (Sorry, may be a “decent” job, but, no Harvard-trained lawyer dreams of working for a city government.)

This is a CLASSIC sign of incompetence and career failure, ****ESPECIALLY**** for a “black woman”, seeing as EVERYONE at that firm would have bent over backwards to KEEP zim/zer, ***IF*** zim/zer had been able to produce ANY VALUE AT ALL.

Zim/zer then went on to several senior, bullshit-sounding HR or PR titles at a hospital, in short, NEVER AGAIN holding a job that needed a law degree.

That’s ALL we know.

My conclusion, zim/zer was a DIVERSITY HIRE who did NOTHING. 

If there was ANYTHING good to say about zim/zer’s job performance, we’d have heard about it LONG AGO. 

Now, as U.S. President, Michael would have to actually do stuff.  At least, at the same low level as Brandon. 

Like, get up in the morning at a certain time every weekday; frequently travel for boring meetings, events, and speeches; pretend to listen to what aides are telling zim/zer, etc. 

Sorry, NOT happening. 

(My webmaster, Manny, thinks zim/zer can easily match Brandon’s state of lethargy, no big deal. I disagree. After just barely fumbling down the “affirmative action” tunnel for zim/zer’s entire schooling and career, and then doing almost NOTHING for six and a half years after leaving the White House, at this point, I don’t think zim/zer is capable of operating even at Brandon’s level. Or at least, of WANTING to do so.)

It’s much more likely, the Dems will just run Brandon again. Or, bring in some other washed-up, controllable, total muppet at the last minute (not quite but sort of what they did with Brandon, although this would be more of an “imperial handover” scenario.)

If they have to double the fraud margin, oh well.

What are Republicans going to do about it?  The national party (and in certain key states, first and foremost Arizona) is still a COMPLETE SHAMBLES.

As I keep saying, without the bottom TOTALLY falling out, the Dems will win, NO MATTER WHO they run.

(As I also keep saying, if it does totally fall out, Repubs will win, no matter who they run… assuming there’s an election)

The Dems don’t need Michael. 

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