“You have no authority…”

Folks, being a Prophet of the Lord is NOT easy. 

The PRICE of telling you what’s gonna happen… I have disorganized thoughts, hair shirt, six different meds, inpatient 3-4 times a year, screaming at pedestrians, ponds the bong fire, give me your money, clouds zing be put sideways, wife walked out on me (she’ll be back with the groceries), AND, Lindsay Graham is an angry closet homo, who does a great job of deflecting his redneck primary voters by playing “global tough guy“, also serving as Mitch McConnel’s rah-rah flagship point-man (and, as necessary, lightning rod) for U.S. Senate Republican fundraising among the military-industrial commu-ni-TAY (the Jesse Jackson pronunciation of “community.”)

“Bam bam” like Crazy Frog.


You DON’T need to be LAN-lined to the Almighty, to see the OBVIOUS

So, what’s today’s Obvious Revelation?


The “lawfare” campaign (the prosecutions BUT NOT ONLY) to make Trump even more radioactive, robbing him of potential good lawyers, advisors, staff…..

…..is as POINTLESS as trying to send him to jail. 

It… just… doesn’t… matter. 

EVERYTHING will be decided…..

…..by events (or absence thereof) OUTSIDE the control…..

…..of hacks, hacktivists, and Palpa-Garland-Tine.

ALL their efforts to prevent Trump’s comeback…..


(In fact, as we can see, it HELPS Trump. He doesn’t have to spend a single cent campaigning anymore. It doesn’t even matter WHO’S on his team (legal defense or campaign) anymore.)

Please listen, below: 

(Audio file duration: 2:46)

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