Through Russian mediation, Karabakh capitulates; negotiations for “reintegration” into Azerbaijan to begin tomorrow. There will obviously be no instant mass cleansing, but, no one’s gonna stick around for the long term, to live under Azeri laws, military administration, & “property return” to Azeri refugees or their descendants. Karabakh exiles with relatives in Russia, likely to be offered Russian visas, as Armenia can’t afford resettlement of ~100,000. Armenian govt remains in power as opposition is fragmented, & “Soros graduate” govt has majority support in capital city. Official line is to blame Russia for “not protecting” (yes, some people buy it, because some people buy anything the state media says), but truth is, cutting Karabakh loose was necessary for attempt at NATO & EU accession. It will be INTERESTING to see how “eager” NATO & EU are *now* to integrate this sh*t sandwich of a candidate. As I said, Turkey will want “rights” to/in/through Armenian land corridor to Azerbaijan. Armenian govt will NOT be able to blame Russia for that one, LOL. The fun has only just started.

See yesterday’s edition, if you missed it.

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