Karabakh-Azerbaijan war won by… Israel

The below video shows the launch of Israeli Lora short-range ballistic missiles from somewhere in Azerbaijan. (You can see two missiles going up, and the contrail of another.)

I once re-visited AIPAC, and sat down with my former bosses, and mentioned to them, that Israel was the world’s NUMBER THREE arms seller (behind the U.S. and Russia), by value of new, foreign contracts signed within the last full calendar year (that would’ve been 2010 or 2011.)

One of them politely chuckled; one politely responded with something like, “Uuuh… that can’t be right.”

They didn’t believe it.

Indeed, that year was an “extreme outlier” for Israel.

Though I don’t track it anymore, I’d imagine, more recently, those outliers have become closer to the NORM, not outliers at all.

What allows this… is that China is so busy arming itself, it doesn’t export much in the way of military goods… besides small arms and military cargo trucks. (And a few cannon, not many, and some aircraft (and parts for them) to Pakistan only.)

(So, the remaining competition for number three… is Britain, France, Germany.)

On the other hand…..

Israel’s middle name is “high value added.” That’s how you do it, in arms but not only. Israel is not Nicholas Cage’s character from Lord of War. (Although, he was also Jewish.)



As for Azerbaijan…..

Azerbaijan is now laying waste to a ragtag army of just a few thousand men…..

…..who’ve had no truly defensible positions since the 2020 war…..

…..(in fact, their capital is (was) just some kilometers away from Azeri forward positions, probably even less now)…..

…..and who now have no support from the Armenian state, and are fighting on open ground…..

…..with Azerbaijan using Israeli Harop kamikaze drones and other Israeli drones, Turkish Bayraktar drones launching Israeli Spike antitank missiles… and now, apparently, these Lora’s.

And, that’s just what’s been documented.

(Probably a lot of Israeli “electronic warfare” gear or whatever, that we’ll never see.)

Karabakh might surrender tomorrow.

Yes, the Azeris will celebrate with a big holiday, a national triumph, army parades…..

…..over their conquest of a poor piece of land…..

…..to which—after some initial, staged, propaganda shitshows—only a few thousand old fogies (chased out circa 1988-1994) will return, to die, among ghost towns and specter-villages of freshly-departed Armenians.

Oooooh!!!! What a triumph!!!

The Azeri deli in my suburb will be running “specials” off of it, I GUA-RAN-TEE.

(Much respect, the (Russophile) owner is a pro, knows his customers (first and foremost, probably Turks.) He didn’t come here with his entire (highly-cultured) family including one working grandma, on an investor visa, putting down mad, mad money… to LOSE money.)

But, you know, it just came down to Azerbaijan having a lot, lot, lot more MONEY for “toys.”


It’s sad, but Armenia, the world’s third-oldest state (after Egypt and Iran, although it may, in fact, be tied with Iran)…..

…..and a pathetic, multi-genocided remnant of its former self… is a geopolitical ARMPIT… and NEVER had a friend in the world… besides Russia.

Now, Uncle Sam and NATO will only take them on WITH TURKISH PERMISSION…..

…..**AFTER** the Turks have gotten EVERYTHING they want (certainly to include “rights” to the land “corridor” between Turkey/Nakhichevan and Azerbaijan.)

Even then, Uncle Sam will NEVER put a permanent base in Armenia. Nor is he likely to invest in Armenia, the way he did with Georgia under Saakashvili. (Georgia received $1 billion in late 2008 through 2009 alone.)

Armenia doesn’t even border Russia, can’t go to war with Russia… and is in a problem neighborhood, next to Iran, landlocked, mountainous, tough logistics, no oil or gas or pipelines… what’s the point?

Not to mention, Armenia is so poor, and there are almost as many Armenians in RUSSIA… as in Armenia.

What that means, the country, if taken into NATO as a U.S. project…..

…..WILL eventually flip back, like Georgia, to neutral or even Russian-aligned…..

…..and then, Russia could literally have… like… an “agent” inside NATO?

LOL, does the USA (or the EU) really WANT this country?

Well, not badly…..

But, it has to go through the well-rehearsed motions of “bringing a new member into the fold.”

Nonetheless, Armenia’s present, “Soros graduate” regime, has been banking on BIG benefits from flipping westwards.

Putin has been WISE to completely sit this one out.

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