Indian-Canadian mutual “diplomatic” (intel station chief) expulsions over murder of Canadian Sikh community leader, Punjab separatist activist, & Indian wanted list highlighter Hardeep Singh Nijjar, whose extradition had been requested, are way, WAY bigger deal than you might have imagined.  Canada has been a hub for Sikh separatist & terrorist financing & planning since at least 1985, with the downing of Air India Flight 182… &—hey I’m jus’ sayin’, I dunno anything—our deceased subject had been magically naturalized after coming to Canada illegally & being rejected several times while trying to lie & fraud his way through the system.  If it was Indian agents who tapped him, his is very likely the FIRST Indian assassination in the West, SINCE the termination of Amritsar butcher Michael O’Dwyer, incidentally, by a Punjabi Sikh, in London in 1940.  (Of course, that was pre-statehood, & an individually-motivated act.)  It may not be a “typical” Global South Rising story… but, it’s a Global South Rising story… &, IT’S ALL THANKS TO THE ROOF HAVING *NOT* CAVED IN ON RUSSIA AFTER THE YOO-KRAYNE INVASION.  (If you recall, it was ALSO Russia, & the Western standoff with global Marxism & socialism (led by Russia), that inspired, &, in some cases, led, decolonization in the 1950s-1970s.)  ***LATEST BREAKING:*** As reported, Canada’s conclusion as to India’s role was based in part on spying on comms between Indian govt & Indian embassy/consular personnel in Canada by a “major ally” among the “Five Eyes” (translation: USA or UK.)  ALSO, getting worse by the hour, India is now also suspending visa services in Canada, & asking Canada to reduce diplomatic staff in India overall.  (Sounds like U.S.-Russia relations since 2014, LOL!!! Wait till China gets in on the act!!! It’s not just Salman Rushdie or Russian radioactive sushi anymore… In principle, IMHO, no “exiles in the West” are safe now.)

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