Dirty truth about Karabakh liquidation comes out, as Western officials & think-tankers begin to acknowledge openly their bafflement, bewilderment, etc., over Aliev’s decision to resume hostilities DESPITE Karabakh having agreed in principle—in the context of *****previously unacknowledged or only barely/vaguely acknowledged*****, U.S. & Europe-mediated talks—to peacefully reenter Azeri state under a partial autonomy deal.  I’m no fan of “4D chess”, but, contrary to shallow gloating puff pieces in U.S. MSM (WSJ took the cake!) about Russia losing influence to keep 2 former colonies at peace, it appears Putin skillfully played a weak hand by blessing a military solution, thus strengthening both Aliev & Russia’s image w/in Azerbaijan, while hugely undercutting Armenian “Soros program graduate” govt (esp. among Armenia’s successful diaspora w/in Russia), while also showing up the USA as unwilling, unable, and/or unprepared to defend Armenia or to risk angering Turkey (the last available major source for Ukraine munitions) by providing any aid or comfort at all (even as Russia remains the ONLY help to Karabakh refugees & remaining population at this time.)  Now, as I’ve written previously, the USA admits to pressuring Armenia on “Zangezur corridor”… while having offered nothing useful, no face-saving Karabakh deal & no help at all, LOL. No matter how long it takes, it’s now CLEAR that Armenia’s president (who will NEVER be U.S. aid-lavished like Saakashvili was) will be another Saakashvili, either exiled or jailed, or, like Saakashvili, one then the other. (FYI, Saakashvili is in prison, and was just yesterday served a divorce notice by his wife.) I guess Putin Lesson #61,094 is, “Hurry to betray those who are betraying YOU.”

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