DREIZIN FINAL THOUGHTS FOR THE NIGHT: With the Israeli military clearly in a state of political chaos, Hamas had a chance to “rehabilitate” itself by launching a “clean” war. Instead, their undisciplined “soldiers” have already executed (and quickly uploaded to the Internet), up-close, many tens (at least) of civilians, to include many women, proving that Gaza is just a ZOO. Now, the “global communi-tay” will probably hold its nose if Netanyahu wants to create a much larger buffer zone, permanently displacing hundreds of thousands of Gazans and leveling their communities, because obviously Israel can’t go on like this. What were these fools thinking? I don’t know, I’m not an Arab or an ayatollah. UPDATE 4:16-4:40am U.S. ET: Unconfirmed reports of multiple Israeli towns or villages (besides Sderot) seized partially or wholly by Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Photo/vid confirmed Israeli army losses now 16-17 dead, 4-6 prisoners. UPDATE 4:00-4:08am U.S. ET: In addition to ***tens of documented, point-blank executions of civilians***, there must be several 100 Israeli dead & seriously injured civilians in rocket attacks, as video emerges of obliteration of an Israeli small condo or commercial building by what’s clearly an 80-100kg explosive charge. Additional Israeli military vehicles captured. Photos/vids show Israeli civilians incl. a mother w/ 2 infant kids & an old woman being taken prisoner into Gaza. UPDATE 3:18-3:58am U.S. ET: Arab PR geniuses publish photo of 2 Hamas-ers posing over body of Israeli man whom they shot dead (in the head) in his own home. More & more photos/vids coming out of Israeli civilians (incl. many women) dead, many lying outside & shot in the head, clearly shot point-blank after having been surprised on their way to wherever. Photo/vid confirmed Israel army losses now 14 dead, 4-6 prisoners (2 might be “repeats”.) DREIZIN THOUGHTS 2:36am U.S. ET: Iran never responds in “mirror” fashion. Israel has severely destabilized balance of power on Iran’s NW border. IMHO, this is response, 1 day after 50th anniv. of start of 1973 war. Awful to see dead Jewish kids & old people, shot point blank by terrorists, but what about 100,000 Armenian cleansed/permanent refugees & no one cares? UPDATE 2:17am-3:04am U.S. ET: “PR genius” Arabs publish ***DISGUSTING***, bloody video of 10-11 Israeli civilians, incl. young women or teen girls, shot dead in small room, several corpses being shot again for good measure. Separately, photo/vid-confirmed Israeli army deaths now = 10, prisoners = 2. UPDATES 2:03am-2:11am U.S. ET: Per videos, it’s clear, central Sderot under control of possibly 100’s of Hamas gunmen. Al Jazeera claims part of Erez border crossing taken as well. Multiple videos show civilians killed in their moving cars, shot at by Hamas. Armored patrol jeep captured. UPDATE 1:46am U.S. ET: TOTAL COLLAPSE of Israeli army in substantial part of Gaza envelope. Per videos, 1 Merkava tank set aflame. /// Historic DISGRACE for Israeli govt (1:34am U.S. ET): In addition to intensive rocket attacks across southern & central Israel, there is large-scale Hamas raid into Sderot, near Gaza, by (at least) many 10’s of raggedy gunmen on foot, trucks, cycles, gliders; also boats in another location. No Israeli border security in evidence. Per photos/vids, at least 10 civilians killed at 3 bus stops, evidently shot at close range, some in the head. More carnage sure to come out soon. ***GUNMEN MOVING FREELY **BOTH WAYS**, VIDEOS SHOW 1 DEAD ISRAELI SOLDIER & 1 OR 2 CAPTURED HUMVEES BROUGHT BACK TO GAZA***. 1 police station captured, likely many police dead or wounded. Certainly largest infiltration into Israel since 1980s if not earlier. Civilians “armed” with smartphones filming helplessly from 3rd/4th floor windows, not 1 privately-owned “assault rifle” in sight, utterly ridiculous. Might need to rethink their gun laws.

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