If an Arab bullsh*ts in the woods, will anyone hear it?  To get GLOBOHOMO to pull on Israel’s chain, Arabs need a “Qana 1996” type event (which ALSO involved civilians sheltering from war in a crowded place.) Inflating the body count by 20X or more, Hamas Health Ministry claimed that 750+ civilians were killed in THIS parking lot (see below photos, ***don’t spit your coffee***, YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE WHERE THE ROCKET HIT THE PAVER TILES, leaving a “signature” [typical, classic] 1.5 meter diameter “wound” [not even a crater] in the ground, in the **foreground** of the more close-up photo—WE’RE TALKING ROUGHLY **2.5KG TO 3.5KG (!!!)** OF EXPLOSIVE CHARGE [LIKELY ALSO WITH A BALL-BEARING PAYLOAD], ***ROUGHLY EQUIVALENT TO A 120MM MORTAR SHELL, OR A SUICIDE BOMB VEST***.)  Peanut gallery propagandists worldwide—many followed by my readers; some ARE my readers—swung into action; total lunatic hysteria; ALL Russian media forgot about their OWN war, one normally-sober Russian journo claimed death toll was possibly 2000 (!!!), one of Russia’s **TOP 10** “war patriot Telegram” accounts simply SHUT DOWN & DELETED as its Jewish founder (Fedorov, who had been arrested, tortured, & kicked out of Latvia for his pro-Russia views) couldn’t handle the hate.  —-> But, this time… Lo & behold!!!  GLOBOHOMO has ***discounted the BS***… & POWERED THRU, as Brandon & U.S. MSM ***move on to another news cycle***, ho-hum! My, my, how things have changed!  What gives?  What gives is… GLOBOHOMO has clearly deemed that Hamas must be destroyed, has sent the World Emperor to Israel to bestow His Blessing & License upon his prostrated supplicants, brought in aircraft carriers, laid its pride & credibility on the line.  This is the AGENDA now, it’s not something peripheral.  Peanut gallery dipsh*ts, Islamiacs, & college pink hairs / Che Guevara T-shirt Crowd (most of whom NEVER cared about “whites killing whites” in the Ukraine) who spread BS for “that camp”, will have to come up with something “better”!!! (And, “Biden sabotaging Israel!!!” Jewish pearl-clutchers—like The Blaze’s Daniel Horowitz—should get their heads out of their butts. You fools wouldn’t recognize a “most pro-Israel EVER” regime, unless it literally started dropping NUKES on your enemies, would you? You guys are like “ZOA” to my “AIPAC.” Dumb!!! My webmaster, Manny, reminds me that the regime MIGHT eventually peel off, if we get A BUNCH of these parking lots, but it’s NOT TODAY.)


My “paid agents” (hahah) in the Tel Aviv area, sent me photos of (1) Homo Force One (UPDATE: it’s USAF but not Homo Force One, sorry), either landing at or taking off from Ben-Gurion Airport, and (2) the world’s largest pro-Brandon poster, “Thank you, Mr. President.” See below:

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