(1) Counter-Suck-Fensive has GOT TO, JUST GOT TO (GOT TO!!!) be over, as longtime veteran commander of Russia’s elite Vostok Battalion, stationed in the Vremievka sector, west Donetsk, location of the initial Counter-Suck-Fensive assault in early June… BECOMES A FULL-ON COMMENTATOR ON THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT!!! (2) Dreizin new audio: “All these people (the Ukraine experts turned Gaza experts), as usual… have completely missed the big thing, which is… America & the West were fighting the wrong people, in Russia. It is idiotic for a civilization with a below-replacement birth rate to be at war with itself….. It is the stupidest thing you could possibly do.” (End quote.) As I’ve been saying, European governments are now freaking out because their attempts to buy out & moderate the Islamiacs have fallen through utterly. The “usual suspects” entertaining the peanut gallery, ignore that the Hamas thing goes WAY beyond Israel. It could easily spread to Egypt & further into north Africa… and then Europe could truly be under dual siege from the south & its own undigested immigrants. As I wrote even 9-10 days ago, those in charge in Europe, NOW FINALLY UNDERSTAND THIS.

Please listen, below.

(Audio duration: 8:02.)

(Notes: (1) By “this past weekend”, I meant two weekends ago, October 7th-8th. (2) I recorded this before the ISIS genius was shot dead in Belgium.)

Of course, it doesn’t matter (not that it ever did) who’s right or wrong in the Arab-Israeli conflict. What we have now is WORSE THAN Cold War-level polarization, a “Golden Billion” vs. “Global South (and Russia and China)” conflict—with some nuance, e.g., India is with Russia AND Israel—AND THE SHOES ARE LIKELY TO KEEP DROPPING. This is because GLOBOHOMO did not want to give a goddamn inch with respect to its “eastward expansion” into the Russian sphere… and now the mice are coming out to play… and GLOBOHOMO has no goodwill left in the bank… and it’s only going to go downhill from here. What else can I say? I suppose, if you have time, be sure to top off your gas tank, every day.

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