(UPDATE 9:33pm U.S. ET: Yes, he’s going) // Logistical & security preparations have been made for imminent Brandon visit to Israel—whether he arrives or not, I can’t say, but he has a prepared option.  DREIZIN ALSO CONFIRMS: Israel has requested 155mm howitzer shells from USA. (I don’t know as to state of U.S. “prepositioned store” in Israel, as 300K shells from there, went to the Ukraine.  Probably, it’s ALMOST EMPTY.)  //  “Large-scale ground offensive” may now be delayed for quite a while, perhaps “indefinitely” (that simply means, no fixed start date), as Israeli army trying to figure out modern warfare.  We now have photos of Israeli tanks with welded-on “top grills” a la the Ukraine war.  (See below.)  There is certainly A LOT more being done that we can’t see.  Yes, ***Israeli mercs (trainers) have returned from the Ukraine***, but the REAL specialists on urban assault are the ones who took Mariupol (DNR elites & Russian marines) & Soledar/Bock-moot (Wagner.)  If Israel bit the bullet & “reached out” for guidance, we’ll probably never know.  Just based on “common knowledge”, Israeli infantry are NOT widely equipped with RPGs or LAWs necessary for assault & close-in clearing of structures & basements.  They need to fix this, arm and train **FAST**.  BUT, ALMOST ALL SUCH WEAPONS IN THE ENTIRE U.S. HEGEMONIC BLOC HAVE ALREADY BEEN USED UP IN THE UKRAINE!!!!! LOL, what a clusterfock. Probably, Israel now getting some from India &/or other friendly non-homo countries (YOU BETTER BELIEVE, THE JEWS WILL FIGURE IT OUT) but these things take time, & training takes time. (Even Israel’s core/elite combat brigades have nothing more than the most basic familiarization training with Soviet-type RPG’s—if they still even have that, I may not be “current.”) // Meanwhile, my Israeli relative has been hearing sounds of Gaza bombing from Tel Aviv, ***70km away at the closest point*** (!!!!!!!), for some days now. Per consultation with my USAF veteran (combat pilot/officer) “advisor”, these can ONLY be sounds of MASSIVE munitions stores being destroyed, even those that are underground, as noise from the bombs themselves cannot carry that far. What this means, KILOTONS of Islamiac explosives are being destroyed—you just don’t hear about it, because the Islamiacs don’t advertise it, & they control the news over there, it’s not exactly free speech-istan. May be a surprise for half my readers, but it’s not all babies & puppies getting slammed in Gaza now. // AM NOW PROOFREADING PREMIUM EDITION #6, IT’S OVER 9 PAGES OF ALMOST-SOLID TEXT.  I WILL *TRY* TO SEND IT OUT TOMORROW (TUESDAY.) IF NOT, WEDNESDAY FOR SURE.

(In the first photo, see the tank at rear.)

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