**SHOCKING** footage of Gaza bombing, never seen anything like it, see below. AND… 2 “sanity checks”: (1) “News” of U.S. military committing to division of labor, whereby, in response to Lebanese Party of God (Hezbollah) attack, Israel fights Hezb in Leb while U.S. fleet interdicts Hezb heavier missiles, & U.S. fleet & USAF throughout SW Asia bomb Iranian & Iran proxy targets in Syria/Iraq… comes from Ron Ben-Yishai, Israel’s leading military-political journo, who writes for Yediot Achronot. He is very well plugged in to Israeli official thinking, but his facts are NOT “official”, nor are they necessarily hard facts, & of course he does not speak for GLOBOHOMO. Nonetheless, in light of recent statements from GLOBOHOMO, it’s LIKELY that he’s correct. (2) Any convicted pedo or other “military analyst” talking about “large-scale ground invasion” before at least 6 more days from now, is a CLOWN. Reserve mass (mass, mass, mass) call-up / training, percolation of operational plans from strategic to battalion level, positioning of additional U.S. carrier from ***NORFOLK, VIRGINIA***, & establishment of organic U.S.-Israel coordination as regards regional targeting… is NOT like running out to 7/11 for Cheetos & Coke after recording another video blog for your stoopid YouTube channel.  It’s not a video game! Not to mention, as I’ve written, the bunker busters must start falling first. (Looks like it’s started, watch below.)

Below, a bunker buster bomb strikes a target in Gaza, setting off a series of “secondary explosions” (of stored rockets or other munitions) within an underground tunnel complex, which appear to us as 50+ meter tall GEYSERS (!!!) of dense black smoke, violently popping out of the ground at various locations, like in some science fiction film. Watch to the end—just when you think it’s done, there’s another geyser, as much as 150 meters (!!!) from the first ones. Off the hook!!!

(Keep in mind, these tunnels and bunkers are typically AT LEAST 30, if not 50 or 60 meters underground. What you’re seeing is the result of ENORMOUS explosive force, seeking an outlet. Also, there are Islamiacs in these tunnels, not just their weapons. We have no idea how many, but, almost certainly, people died “in this video.” Of course, they won’t be added to the Gaza body count that you hear in the news. It will be as if they never existed.)


What this video makes clear, is that the Islamiac underworld is “reachable.” That’s a VERY big deal. If it was not reachable, things would be pretty much hopeless for Israel, forget it. But what we’re seeing here, is very bad for the Islamiacs and very good for Israel. That’s just a fact, like it or not.

As of now, it still appears that GLOBOHOMO is giving and will continue to give Israel the space it needs, because (as I wrote this past week), the October 7th massacre was so outrageous, such an affront to the West and its sense of security and of Europe’s belief in its ability to “buy off” and stabilize and stem the chaos on its porch (NOT equivalent but CERTAINLY COMPARABLE to 9/11)…..

…..that THE “USUAL RULES” OF ISRAEL-GAZA COMBAT, HAVE BEEN CAST ASIDE (and those who didn’t believe me then, believe me now, LOL, but what’s new?)

Israel’s Gaza City “evacuation order” has already cleared at least 55% of the population out of (roughly) the northern third of the Gaza Strip, and many more will surely leave within the next few days, and almost everyone else will leave when they see Israel coming down the street. The area will then be a “free fire” zone.

This is VERY bad for any defending, terrorist-type force that is used to hiding behind civilians. In Mosul, Iraq, it was documented that the U.S. Air Force killed around 140-150 civilians in an apartment building, just to get at two ISIS snipers. This time, there may not be any civilians at all. And, if Gaza’s Islamiacs are now as bad as ISIS, as we’ve been told by high officials (to include the Candyman, Lloyd Austin)… well, woe unto them.

Before October 7th, I never imagined that something like this was possible with Gaza, that it would ever fly, that GLOBOHOMO would allow it. But, it’s happening.

If you have a problem with it, listen below:

(Audio file duration: 2:32.)

In my last post, I implied that Russian-held, government-issued Eurobonds might indeed be profitable to sell, as GLOBOHOMO and EUROHOMO were implying. Of course, that’s nonsense. Sharply rising yields MEANS that the value of the bonds has tanked. And, most (probably, almost all) government-issued Eurobonds are NOT floating rate (variable coupon) bonds. Thus, all talk of “taxing Russian super-profits” is just nonsense smoke and spin, NOT JUST because they’ve frozen the fixed coupon payment sums ONLY (not the bonds, which they don’t have), but also because the bonds are now worth LESS than when they were first acquired.

If I ever get bounced from this blogging platform (not to mention, from Twitter), which, given enough time, is NOT UNLIKELY, then, I will take my mailing list and reconstitute from somewhere else, but, I WON’T be able to reach you, nor will you know where to find me (most of you can’t spell my name), IF I DON’T HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Please enter it, below:


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