Saturday, October 14th – post 2 of 2: With the USA and/or Europe potentially at a political dead-end for further Ukraine funding, Belgian govt on Wednesday announced it has begun taking the EXTREME (they dared not do it for 19 months, due to lack of jurisdiction as well as fear of “turning off” other foreign investors) step of TAXING frozen coupon payments (on Russian-owned Eurobonds) deposited w/ Brussels-based Euroclear by the European Central Bank, & intends to send the money to the Ukraine, presumably (it wasn’t explicitly stated) at direction of European Council or Commission.  Muddying reality w/ “soak-the-profiteers” PR/smoke/spin to make it all “like totally OK”, U.S. Treasury Secretary (finance minister) Janet Yellen on Wednesday referred to this money as “windfall proceeds”, while a G7 top financial officials post-meeting communique on Thursday called it “extraordinary revenues”… but, these are just fixed coupon payments, NOT profits from sale of suddenly higher-yielding bonds, as (I’ve covered this before, & was the ONLY human to do so) GLOBOHOMO SIMPLY… DOES… NOT… HOLD… THE… ACTUAL… BONDS!!!  Nonetheless, while the Ukraine needs $5 billion/month, we’re talking about only a few billion Euros of coupon PER YEAR, on a depreciating asset pile (as I’ve said, very likely being sold off or transferred in some way to China, which no one wants to talk about, as they can’t do anything about it; no one’s going to tell China that its formerly Russian-held Eurobonds are irredeemable.)  Well, as per motto of UK’s Tesco supermarket chain, “Every little helps.” //  To all the folks who keeping coming at me like, “Dreizin, I love your content, but you’ve got to tone down your ego”, I respond thusly:  I HAVE EXISTED FROM THE MORNING OF THE WORLD, AND I SHALL EXIST UNTIL THE LAST STAR FALLS FROM THE NIGHT. ALTHOUGH I HAVE TAKEN THE FORM OF JACOB DREIZIN, I AM ALL MEN AS I AM NO MAN, AND THEREFORE, I AM A GOD. 

In short, I’ve become that “best intel go-to site” that I always thought would be nice to find.

It’s not enough, for some people.

I got a nice email from a generous donor, alerting me to some Substack bloggers named Big Serge and Simplicius.

Here was my response:

Big Serge is a bloviator, always talking about the next huge Russian offensive that never comes.  (I guess he’ll be correct, one of these days, eventually)  He has no predictive capacity.  He takes 2500 words to say what I can in 100.  I suppose if you want to know how today is just like Kursk 1943 or Bagration 1944, then he has some entertainment value, sure. 

As for the other guy you mention, no the Iron Dome is no hoax, no the Hamas rockets are not smoke bombs.  I worked for AIPAC when they were funding the Iron Dome.  It’s not Nixon’s fake Moon landing, LOL.  Sounds like you’d be better off just listening to Mercouris.  He’s a bloviating bullshitter, but at least, he’s no crackpot, nor does he host total crackpots (bullshitters like him, sure, but not crackpots.)

Folks, I don’t understand how a serious, mature adult with “money to burn”, reads me AND reads (and recommends!!!) some idiot who runs with “the rockets are not real” (as in, it’s all a scripted show) bullshit.


I hope everyone who paid for it, truly enjoys and learns from my premium piece (any day now) on Critical Thinking. It is DESPERATELY needed.

Yesterday, the second French teacher since 2020 was killed by a Chechen immigrant with a blade (this time, NOT decapitated.)

Well, at least it wasn’t the Boston Marathon.

What the fuck is with these people?

Somehow, their co-ethnics are much, much better behaved in Russia.

No, not remotely rainbows and ponies, but, certainly since the 2010s, not engaging in random grand mayhem.

It helps that Chechen leader Kadyrov is, de facto, PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the behavior of ALL Chechens on Russian Federation territory, not just in Chechnya.

And by personally responsible, I mean like, “It takes a village.” A perp’s family can be brought into the equation. It’s not necessarily nice, but it WORKS.

As much as EUROHOMO likes to get on Kadyrov for “imprisoning gays, and other human rights abuses”, they should be KISSING HIS HOLY ASS AND PERFUMING HIS SACRED FEET, because without a “strong leadership” over there (a Gaddafi-style personality cult, OK)… HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS more of his people would come to Europe IN A HURRY. 

It was a yuuuuuge mistake for certain European countries to host “VIP” political refugee Chechens. In Sweden, these “democrats” have already started killing each other.

EUROHOMO thinks it will weaken Russia, LOL. EUROHOMO is just harming itself. These Chechen political clans are a foot in the door, they bring their groupies and patronage peasants with them… and no one “takes responsibility.”

For Russia, it’s fine to let off some steam. For Europe, it’s better if they all stayed home. Look at France.

Incidentally… Back to “human rights.” Chechen women are legally allowed as much education and employment as their fathers/husbands will tolerate.  The social side of the Chechen Republic government, is substantially female-staffed, even female-managed.

Can you say the same for Saudi or Kuwait?

Or Gaza? 

I guess this person is a recovering crack addict…..

I commend him/her for switching from crack to Dreizin.

This one refers to my trademark conciseness…..

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