Saturday, Oct 14th post 1 of 2: U.S./Anglosphere Jews (esp. the “true” neocons) must now be regretting 19 months of their Ukraine rah-rah (GLORIOUS!!!!!), as emergency economic aid to Israel NOT EVEN ON THE AGENDA. Surely, AIPAC is trying to work something, but NOTHING YET public in MSM / Congress, not even 1 whisper that it might be necessary (other than 1 fake on social media.) Under constant rocket fire, having called up 360K reservists, facing 2-3 months operation to destroy Hamas & occupy Gaza, & having already blown thru 15% of forex reserves (in 1 day!!!) to defend its shekel, Israel needs a Ukraine-style “Paycheck Protection Program” (LOL) of ***at least*** $15, possibly $20+ billion in DIRECT BUDGETARY AID. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so if “dysfunctional condo board” Republicans & GLOBOHOMO can’t handle it, Brandon & “my gramps fled from Russia (which is today the Ukraine, but yes, I agree it should be Russia again, LOL)” Blinken need to pull the brake now, & tell Israel to live w/ its losses and just build a better fence & not fall asleep on guard duty, next time.

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