***WE ASSUMED IT WOULD BE EUROPE FIRST, INSTEAD IT WAS RUSSIAN CAUCASUS. IT’S ALWAYS THE WEAKEST DOMINO!!!*** You’ll **NEVER** hear this in the MSM: Makhachkala, Dagestan airport riot was instigated by a Prometheism-oriented Ukrainian military psy-ops command Telegram channel, “Utro Dagestana” (Dagestan Morning.) In this case, unlike with the “Israelis in the Flamingo hotel!!!” siege just prior, the flight was real, a Red Wings Airlines route from Tel Aviv. Plane was turned around mid-flight, never reached Russia. Mob completely filled the terminal, attacked city police sent to the scene, & detained/threatened random people on suspicion of being Jewish; all flights out were delayed as terrified passengers stuck inside planes on tarmac, with Palestine-flag mobs roaming the open space. At last report, interior forces (Rossgvardia) have still not cleared the runway (may have cleared the terminal.) Incident is of “little lasting consequence” EXCEPT to remind Russians of Dagestan vulnerability. (Ukrainians know Dagestan is a barrel of gasoline, they play it well.) Podoliaka, Cassad, & all other superstars of Russian patriotic Telegram, not to mention Russian mainline media, the former and latter BOTH operating under written parameters from the Kremlin, will likely now “be advised” to be more careful in their “Woohoo!!! Look at these Israeli war crimes!!! Russia off the hook!!!” schtick, as the Caucasus Islamist threat has again reared its head; situation now so toxic as to again be a THREAT TO THE RUSSIAN STATE. As I said, folks, for Muslims (and thus, in essence), Hamas & events over there are NOT about “Palestine” or any statehood for anyone… it’s all about tribal unity/identity of global ISLAM. Certainly a sort of RUDE AWAKENING for some “useful idiots”, in Russia at least. // Again, yes, yes, my Nov 5th call will be recorded, for those who can’t make it. Why keep asking? ***If you missed the Nov 5th call plug & “coffee” link, it’s near bottom of my Oct 23rd post.***  // IF YOU WISH TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM MY MAILING LIST, HELLLOOOO, THERE IS ALWAYS A HIGHLY-VISIBLE, AUTO-UNSUBSCRIBE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH OF MY EMAILS, PER FEDERAL LAW. ***I HAVE NO SPARE TIME AND DO NOT WASTE MY TIME WITH PERSONAL OR SEMI-AUTO UNSUBSCRIBE REQUESTS SENT TO ME VIA YOUR EMAIL PROVIDER.***

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