Yes, my Nov 5th call will be recorded, for those who can’t make it.  Yes, there’s a reason for Nov 5th.  By that time, USS Eisenhower strike group will be in position, or very close to it, in or near Gulf of Oman.  Prior to that, “truly really large-scale Gaza ground invasion” won’t be sufficiently “covered”, cannot start.  But, you can ask me about anything!!!  ***If you missed the plug & “coffee” link, it’s near bottom of my Oct 23rd post.***  // A SPECIAL TREAT FOR YOU NOW.  Without an explanation, even high IQ’s won’t understand what happened in below video.  What you see below, is result of likely JUST ONE bunker buster bomb.  The bomb sets off Islamiac explosives / munitions, stored below ground, & their blasts follow path of least resistance, upward through sandy soil, not down into bedrock.  How many people died here, Islamiacs hiding below ground, & others living above?  All of Gaza rests on a foundation of TNT!!!!!!! 

If I ever get bounced from this blogging platform (not to mention, from Twitter), which, given enough time, is NOT UNLIKELY, then, I will take my mailing list and reconstitute from somewhere else, but, I WON’T be able to reach you, nor will you know where to find me (most of you can’t spell my name), IF I DON’T HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Please enter it, below:


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