Based on numerous Gayrab-Islamiac videos out of Gaza, Israeli army displays seemingly total absence of infantry screening of armored vehicles, whether parked or on the move. Also, most Israeli vehicles still LACK any welded-on RPG screens/grills, or even any on-chassis sandbags to protect their turrets or gun pods. Frankly, I’d go so far as to say that I don’t believe Israel has a “REAL” ground army at this time; it is a glorified military-police force with some special forces attached, similar to the Russian army that went into the Ukraine, 21 months ago. One saving grace, so far, is likely Gayrab-Islamiac disorganization (due to intense air campaign causing death/injury of many commanders & destruction of many communications / command points, also causing the Gayrabs some difficulty in navigating their half-wrecked tunnel network) & consequent evident inability to mount Durka-Durka assaults at anything above the squad or small platoon level. Israel appears to have learned nothing from decades of conflicts in the Ukraine, Iraq, Chechnya, etc. I just don’t have any more words to describe the pathos of what I’m seeing. They don’t seem to have much choice other than just to keep demolishing the place, using hyper-intense air surveillance and “intervention” so as to keep their casualties low. But the MSM “grace period” can’t last, WE ARE GOING TO START HEARING FROM MSM ABOUT Israeli difficulties this coming week, for sure.

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