Useless GOP to be punked again, as usual. Congressional “We found our hill to die on, FUND ISRAEL SEPARATELY!” Republicans about to be UNDERCUT, as 5 seconds after Blinken’s meeting with Netanyahu yesterday, Israeli media announced that Jesus Zelensky will visit, after all, and will shake hands for the cameras with Netanyahu, & it will look great to have all the Forces of Light together, making clear that they’re all on same side, & it’s the same issue (all in line with Team Brandon talking points)… like, when the Elves stood with Gondor. Well, who is Israel, to say no to GLOBOHOMO now? They held out for as long as they could. Jesus already waited 2000 years to return to Holy Land, but his visit now so urgent, reportedly, it might happen Tuesday or even tomorrow. Republicans, prepare for THE PHOTO-OP. Do you stand with Forces of Light… or with Dictators & Terrorists, as you did on “J6”??? (Also, per Ted Cruz, 9/11 & Pearl Harbor & stuff.) // ALSO… Below, see Dreizin’s phone chat “live blog” of Nasrallah’s Big Speech yesterday. It seems like the largest U.S. & allied naval & air deployment (even ships from 2 Asian Muslim countries) since 1991, has had its deterrent effect.

Perhaps some readers are unaware, that while “Nasrallah”, in Arabic, is short for “nasser Allah” (the Most Just, the Most Merciful), which means something like “champion of Allah” (the Most Just, the Most Merciful)… In Russian, with the EXACT SAME pronunciation and syllabic stress, it is the feminine conjugation of “took a shit (on.)”

Would you have learned this on some YouTube “intel” channel? Didn’t think so.

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