Friday morning (U.S. ET) post 3 of 3: Premium Edition #7 order window extended by 6 1/2 hours until 11:30pm U.S. ET today. For all #7 buyers, I will throw in a 12+ minute Dreizin audio file (will be sent sometime early-mid next week, along w/ the premium call recording) on “The Soros Plan” as Dreizin sees it.

Everyone who contributes at least USD 15.00 (a.k.a. $15) to “my cause”, using a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS, at this website, between now and 11:30pm U.S. Eastern Time on Friday, November 3rd (SORRY BUT NO EXCEPTIONS, NO STRAGGLERS), will be granted “exclusive access” to a “live Q&A video stream” with Dreizin himself, tentatively scheduled for 7:00pm U.S. Eastern Time on Sunday, November 5th, and tentatively expected to last for 90 to 120 minutes. I anticipate on sending you an invite at least 24 hours prior to the event. I anticipate answering select written questions, to be accepted during several question breaks, the breaks being spaced as evenly as my yapping will allow. Sorry, I likely won’t be able to cover all or even most questions, so, no guarantees—we’ll see how fast you can type (or copy/paste), and how sensible your question is. As you can imagine, I expect to cover any or all “current events subject matter” that is relevant at that time.  I think, at that time, the world may be EVEN MORE INTERESTING than it is today.  Again, at least $15 here. Thank you!!!

If I ever get bounced from this blogging platform (not to mention, from Twitter), which, given enough time, is NOT UNLIKELY, then, I will take my mailing list and reconstitute from somewhere else, but, I WON’T be able to reach you, nor will you know where to find me (most of you can’t spell my name), IF I DON’T HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. Please enter it, below:


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