Update to last post: The “shot glasses” from the gift set, were in the form of grenades, & as I understand, intended to be opened by pulling on the pin. Well, turns out, one or more of them was “real”, that is, really packed with explosive charge. Not only was the aide killed, his son is in serious or critical condition in hospital. // No, we’re not looking at the possibility of a “classic” military coup, as ANYTHING that happens, would happen with Uncle Sam’s approval (if not active involvement), as in Vietnam 1963. It’s NOT going to be decided in the Ukraine. Perhaps to this end, clearly, we’ve seen Zaluzhny marketing himself as a mentally adequate, “understands the stalemate”, negotiation-capable alternative to “we’re still gonna win”, prima donna wackjob Zelensky. Zaluzhny, BTW & FWIW, is scheduled to travel for meetings at the Pentagon soon. // *****November 5th call recording has gone out to my sponsors. Please note, the first 9 minutes or so are “dark” (no-video), just idle banter & waiting for people to join. And, the “substance” only really gets going at 13:35. SO, PLEASE FAST FORWARD TO 13:35.*****

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