Beginning of the Endgame: Zelensky-Zaluzhny primetime pro wrestling match gets WICKED REAL, as police & state/quasi-state media say Ukro-Napoleon Zaluzhny’s aide-de-camp, Gennadii Chistiakov, blown up while playing w/ a grenade at his home near Kiev, while his kids were in the house. Police even went so far as to release photo of several grenades at his home, lying on a surface, next to a half-visible SYRINGE (!!!), cuz everyone knows junkies play w/ grenades. But, the syringe looks to be broad & of plastic, like something you’d feed liquid medicine to your kids with. Aaaaanyway… Zaluzhny immediately said that his aide was celebrating his b-day & was killed (read: ASSASSINATED) by explosives hidden in a liquor-&-shot-glass gift set. Then, Zaluzhny’s office released a short video of him saying that his aide was killed, & “Don’t gift me anything, not for New Year’s, not just because you feel like it.” (Cannot make this up!!! Stop the planet, I need a break!!!) HEY GLOBOHOMO, HOW’S THAT COUNTER-SUCK-FENSIVE GOING???

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