Sorry, first part of my November 5th first “UPDATE” was bogus; it was based on my own sloppy misreading of correct information. Israel has NOT taken the entire coastal road, still not reached Shifa hospital, as far as I know today. Obviously, Gaza is still surrounded by having been blocked from the southwest completely. // Premium 7 recording link (w/ transcript) will go out to buyers today or tomorrow, along w/ “The Soros Plan” audio. Folks, I did NOT intend it to be as MIND-BLOWING as it was. “Everything you ever wanted to know about the Japanese Red Army”, hahaha. // ALSO… Got some entertainment for you, below!!!

Folks, the below video was widely misreported as Israeli “bombing.” It is not, per se. We DO NOT see the bomb going off. The bomb (or bombs) could have been dropped half a mile from anywhere in this scene. What you see below, are munitions/explosives in the tunnels, cooking off, upwards through the soft, sandy soil (not down into bedrock), after being blasted or shock-waved underground.

Of course, what you’re NOT seeing, are the underground deaths. One (not the only) reason for ineffective Islamiac resistance so far, may be that so many of these pedo’s were hiding underground, and got buried there. You don’t hear about it because it’s not “advertised”, but certainly, Israel has already killed THOUSANDS of Hamasiacs already. (I’m not talking about civilians, that’s a high toll BUT the headline number from Hamas’ Health Ministry is certainly made-up.) The Islamiac-to-Israel casualty ratio, so far, is INSANE.

However, the Israelis have not gone very deep into Gaza City, yet……….

Photo is below. Pretty cool. I give them an “A” for ingenuity. Impressive, honestly. (Obviously, rockets for this are totally unguided, could hit anything.)

What’s really interesting here, is we’ve NEVER seen this type of image from Gaza, because Israel never before went in deep enough. I’m sure we will be seeing many more interesting things.

Here’s another one, this one is outside, not so impressive, and the rockets would have been of a smaller caliber, with shorter range (probably about 10-15km, as opposed to 25-40km with the above assembly.)

Well, you know, Dreizin ALREADY has a paycheck, INDEPENDENT of his blogging, and the ones paying for his blog now are the Best of the Best, high-IQ, they just want the Truth. Dreizin has deliberately weeded out most of the scum, and the ones that remain, fine, enjoy the blog, but I don’t care if they complain, they just get spam-blocked. Dreizin doesn’t have to pander to any peanut gallery:

Regarding the below, by “only”, I meant that Mercouris is NOT REMOTELY as bad as Ritter, who (I’ve been told) is among those saying the Israelis simply shot and burned THEMSELVES on October 7th. The Internet is great and should be open; the downside is that any smart sociopath can get online and, saying the craziest things, attract a large CULT FOLLOWING of the saddest people, particularly the young-and-dumb and those with empty, meaningless lives who are just looking for “something alt” to hold on to (obviously no Jesus in this crowd.)

One-time TRUMPER CONSERVATIVE blogger (now “anti-imperialist” YouTube star) Larry Johnson has really gone off the deep end, see below. This guy absolutely twisted himself into a pretzel, but is it such a surprise? Read on…

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