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DREIZIN EXPLAINS BANKING. Also, On March 11, Gayest Air Force In History Flew UK-Based B-52 Strategic Bomber (“Noble61”) Into Gulf Of Finland For (Likely Unarmed) Nuclear Cruise Missile Launch Approach Training Run Against St. Petersburg (Or Nearby Military Facilities), Russia’s 2nd City, Coming To Within ~200km (~124mi) Of The City, Also PROVOCATIVELY Passing Over All Baltic States AND Not More Than 95km (~59mi) From Russia’s Pskov On Its “Extended, In Your Face” Return Trip. (No, This Is *NOT* Common.)

dreizinreport  -  March 12, 2023

A bunch of readers….. …..asked me to comment on the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) situation. As on most other matters….. Mainstream talk around SVB….. … IDIOTIC….. …..and OBSCURES the real issue. The bank is accused of having made “risky bets.” Even gazillionaire hedgefunders….. …..such as Bill Ackman….. …..are, in unthinking panic….. …..carrying that nonsense. So,...

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Ukraine redeploys forces from other sectors, commits almost all reserves, has 19 brigades (16 maneuver, 3 artillery) and parts of another, plus multiple brigades of militia—the gayest army ever assembled, and densest concentration of force since at least the 1982 Lebanon War—in place and preparing to take back Soledar, unblock and recover Artemovsk (Bakhmut.)  Operation to use new weapons (incl. “Switchblade 600” kamikaze drones); to be undertaken with real-time battlefield intelligence and close operational guidance from dedicated U.S. military command center (same as east Kharkov offensive last year, but with even more complete integration of U.S. battlefield awareness software among Ukr. commanders—the largest, most intensive and realistic U.S. Army “war game” EVER.) Will America’s Frankenstein knock Russia out this time?

dreizinreport  -  March 10, 2023

Comments policy, same as always. Please stay on point. In this case, the point is the above, extended headline, and nothing else. Have fun. Please don’t insult my beautiful Rainbow Flag, you know I will take that personally. We are all a little gay, inside. The “Latin Mass” people (who give me no money), of...

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Teen Suicide… And The Barrel, Again

dreizinreport  -  March 7, 2023

This teenager, below, in Kharkov….. …..(one of the Ukraine’s many “Russian” cities)….. Tells a brief, but very interesting, story….. …..(which I will analyze, in the context of other information.) Then….. HE HANGS HIMSELF (or does he?)….. …..on camera. You’ve been warned. Obviously, you don’t have to watch to the end.  And, keep in mind, all...

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Dreizin On Belief And Unbelief

dreizinreport  -  March 5, 2023

Guess what, folks….. The USA ROUTINELY attacks Crimea….. …..and I’m not just talking, “morally.” I’ll talk about that, and religion again….. …..and free speech, lots of war stuff….. … prices, NOT investment advice, other things. For the religion part….. You’ll have to read to the bottom. This is my longest post ever. “I Don’t Want...

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Large attack drone fell on runway at Machulish’i airbase, Belarus, home of Russia’s early warning / electronic warfare aircraft. Belarus (“won’t attack unless attacked”) now has its ‘casus belli’… if it wants one. Who launched the drone? You decide. My take, it was same extradimensional beings who blew up North Sea gas pipelines, kidnapped Elvis, & stole the candy from the trick-or-treat bag.

dreizinreport  -  February 26, 2023

This is a “headline only” post. UPDATE: The claim that a Russian A-50 airplane (or any airplane) was damaged is **FALSE**. PS: Mercouris takes an hour to say what he could in five minutes, because he’s a businessman and he’s keeping you hooked for his YouTube ads. Anyone feeling trolled, please unsubscribe now. Everyone else,...

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Russian Air Power “Mystery” Explained

dreizinreport  -  February 22, 2023

Over the months…..  Many readers have asked….. Why Russian air power has played only a limited role in this conflict.  Clearly, Russian manned aircraft have been largely limited….. … frontline “fire support” roles.  They have seldom penetrated deeper….. … attack enemy convoys, trains, railheads, field headquarters, etc.  (And when they have, it has often not...

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