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Signs of the Times near Washington, DC… And, Dreizin Report folds like a cheap suit, caves to reader demands for maps

dreizinreport  -  June 19, 2022

Are elite Democrats burning out? In a big sign of the times, the Ukrainian flags in “Old Town” Alexandria, Virginia, USA have been disappearing. It seems to me, roughly half of them have come down in the last two weeks. This is an extremely “posh” neighborhood (in the sense of being very expensive—much of it...

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Best Dreizin ever! Plague returns, USA real estate crashes, & why 2 Brit mercs = toast 

dreizinreport  -  June 18, 2022

In this video, in addition to emphasizing the value of love and tolerance for the LGB community, we cover prospects for U.S. residential real estate, why Russia changed its reported number of Ukrainian prisoners, Coronapocalypse 2.0, and other topics of interest to enlightened, intelligent people everywhere. The Dreizin Report’s YouTube Channel is now Live here...

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The crash, the war, & who wins? – Today we cover EVERYTHING 

dreizinreport  -  June 15, 2022

Here we present you with a very sensible mashup of the Ukraine war (which “suddenly” the Ukraine is acknowledged to be losing) and equally “sudden” economic problems in the USA.  Isn’t it interesting how everything comes apart so quickly and at the same time? The Dreizin Report’s YouTube Channel is now Live here and on...

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Since everyone asks “what’s the Russian air force doing?”

dreizinreport  -  June 9, 2022

You can learn a lot from one short video. The below video shows what I assume to be two Russian Su-25 “Grach” ground attack jets flying very low over southeastern or southern Ukraine, soon to be part of the Russian Federation. The video has been “enriched” with a soundtrack, namely the iconic song Prekrasnoe Dalyoko...

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Prediction: Dem panic over economy, gas prices = media will have to walk back the Russia hate

dreizinreport  -  June 6, 2022

You heard it here first!  But in advance of that, the situation in the Donbass, and… why I don’t do maps!!! The Dreizin Report’s YouTube Channel is now Live here and on Rumble here. Please follow me on – GETTR @thedreizinreport or Twitter @dreizinreport Website is not updated every day.  Our email provider is currently...

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My first guest appearance on a major YouTube show

dreizinreport  -  June 5, 2022

Please watch, if you haven’t already

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