Army of Darkness

You might have heard on CNN that the Russians are surrounding Kiev.  You won’t hear this on CNN, but Putin’s Army of Darkness, in the most complex and ambitious ground maneuver operation since World War 2, following the Soviet “deep war” playbook, is also working on cutting off the Ukrainian army group in the Donbass from Kiev.  This is by far the most capable (or only capable) large portion of the Ukrainian army.  Yesterday, its main reserves of diesel fuel were destroyed from the air.  It will soon be cut off and immobile. 

Once that happens, the entire Donbass front collapses (they will no longer have a “front”), and BILLIONS of dollars in U.S.-funded or U.S.-supplied weaponry will be captured almost without a battle.  (To be clear, it’s almost all U.S. funded or supplied—even most of the Soviet vintage stuff was bought and shipped in from Poland, Czechia, etc. by the CIA, “off the books” but well documented in videos of tank trains crossing the border into Ukraine, in 2015-2016.)

Sort of like another Afghanistan!  One good turn deserves another!  

That junk will fill a hundred military museums in Russia, and they’d still have so much left over, they’d have to throw it into the ocean for the fish to play with. 

I can’t describe the level of angst in the Pentagon, the State Department, and on Capitol Hill over their 51st state being squished flat like a moldy, rotten apple stepped on by a big fat guy in soccer cleats, doing jumping jacks.  Normally, it’s the USA that’s supposed to be sending cruise missiles towards enemy HQ and whatnot, doing the regime change thing.  Now, Russia has learned the game, and “the powers” are NOT happy about it.  It’s as if the laws of the universe have been violated.  It’s just, you know, so wrong.   

You see, as in Afghanistan, they figured their investment would pay off.  I saw a video of a Ukrainian armored vehicle “out of control” in Kiev on Thursday, running fully over a small civilian car and then, for good measure, deliberately (for reasons unknown) backing up and driving all the way back over the same car.  Anyone in that car is a wet spot.  Lady taking the video (from a high-rise balcony) was crying.  I won’t post it here.  That’s their “investment.” 

Later on, authorities shot that lunatic crew; the bodies were laid out on the road.  They tried to play it off like it was Russians dressed up as Ukrainians.  Yeah, sure.  Yesterday, the Interior Ministry gave out many thousands of AK-47’s, with ammo, to almost any Kiev resident who showed up for one.  The result:  Last night the city was lit up like an Arab wedding.  Gung-ho idiots are going around shooting “suspicious cars” or whatever they feel like.  An entire family of five was killed in their car.  All of a sudden, it’s like Chicago, or the “Purge” films.  This is what Uncle Sam put his money on. 

Marco “Little Hands” Rubio’s Twitter account is promising the Russians a nasty “surprise” when they get to Kiev.  Man alive, is he personally invested or what?  “Little Hitler” is more like it—in the bunker, promising some wonder-weapon to turn things around.  He also passed along a false rumor from social media, about a Russian paratroop transport getting shot down.  

(“Out of curiosity, does anyone know how many #Putin paratroopers a Russian II-76 usually carries? Asking for a friend.”

Giddy much, Marco?  What a dipshit.  Did some Russian kid hold him upside down for lunch money in 6th grade?  More to the point, can’t he just wait 12 hours for his classified briefing, to set himself straight?  You might recall, they used to tell Trump to stay off Twitter

It’s too bad, so sad that Putin tore up their art project and threw it in the trash.  But it’s a great thing for ordinary Americans—indeed, we should rejoice.  You see, today’s Ukraine is not an authentic, standalone “thing”—it’s a packaged product of our “self-licking ice cream cone” foreign policy establishment in DC, without which, 

it could not exist.  It’s really just a reflection of our screwed-up priorities here at home 

(the same sad reality, in fact, that swung the Midwest to Trump in 2016.)  

Amazingly (but not surprisingly), Senator Romney came out with a press release late this week, in which he blamed, among other things, “America First” for the Ukraine situation. 

Not making this up.  I know, the guy is dumb as a rock (I did not vote for him in 2012), but we can assume this is what most of them are thinking.  You know most Democrats and Republicans (in the Senate at least) can agree that every problem boils down to “those MAGA people.”

Anything that drives them further up the wall, and puts them as far off balance as we’re seeing (I’ve never seen this level of mask-off stupidity from the Senate GOP), I’m all for it. 

Today, Putin is Robin Hood and they’re the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Yeah, Robin was a crook, who cares?

Meanwhile, we’ve got guys who stood on the Capitol steps or lawn, who did not even go into the building, who have spent months (or longer) in jail with no court date.  Help your own voters, like the Democrats do for theirs’, you geniuses!!! 

Anyone who doesn’t get that “Ukraine”—in its current iteration, not for much longer—is their “special project” (the very last one, after Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan failed), their invention, and NOT an objective, standalone phenomenon, doesn’t get anything, comprehends nothing.  Anyone who speaks of Ukraine as if it’s a willful “thing” that “we” need to (all of a sudden, golly gee whiz) “help” or “get behind”, has no clue—or is bullsh*tting—and should not be involved in forming public opinion.  Such people are like squashed bugs mucking up the windshield of reality and clear thinking.  

Fortunately, so far, Brandon/Kombucha have crapped out on the “really, really tough, we’re not playing around” sanctions on Russia.  That seems to be why the stock market bounced back so quickly.  They know it would kill them immediately, and—even with most of the congressional GOP howling, drooling in approval, egging them on like rowdy medieval peasants at a hanging—

they are afraid to pull that giant trigger. 

(Of course, the Republicans have nothing to lose, no skin in the game, which makes it easy to talk tough.) 

And yet, Brandon/Kambodia have already announced enough sanctions to exacerbate inflation to a degree that will bury them in November.  I would not have imagined they’d shut down oil leases on Federal land while at the same time cutting off financial channels to the world’s number one exporter of nickel (for electric car batteries, among other things.)  Not to mention, among many other issues, we’re going to have a food problem. 

As I’ve covered previously, 21 percent of the world’s potash (potassium-based fertilizer) exports are now locked up in Belarus, unable to get out after the stuff was denied Lithuanian port access, so as to make Uncle Sam’s sanctions people happy.  These are just a few examples.  When you’re facing shortages of everything, you don’t get into an economic war with the number one or two exporter of what you need to make everything.  You focus on your own people and their needs, and you eat whatever crud Putin is serving, and you build strength and public consensus, and you fight another day.  But hey, who needs my advice? 

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