MTG is dumb as s***

It was just a matter of time before the low-IQ portion of the MAGA-sphere got behind Brandon on the Ukraine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) now says, “I stand with Ukraine!”

After her recent slip-up—not a slip-up at all, she didn’t know the right word—where she referred to the Gestapo as “gazpacho”, it was obvious she’s not too bright.  (Actually, it’s long been obvious that she’s the GOP’s Ocasio-Cortez.  Some of us just didn’t want to admit that the GOP has someone that dumb in Congress.)  

Now, she is “standing with Ukraine” alongside such MAGA greats as Klaus Schwab (the “Great Reset” guy) and George Soros (the One World Government guy, the creepy “Emperor Palpatine” billionaire who has sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into Democrat causes and “progressive” district attorney candidates nationwide.) 

Both of these gents say Ukraine is the most important thing, we can’t lose it, etc.  That should tell you all you need to know about this conflict. 

Without being “asked”, Google and Apple have cut off some services to Russia, so I suppose MTG stands with them, too.  It’s their biggest “trial run” to date.  Potentially the entire GOP is next.  If they can cut off an entire large country just on their own whim, what’s to stop them from targeting Republican fundraising and organization, say, if Trump is re-nominated in 2024?  Because he’s a racist and an insurrectionist and he says the last election was stolen.    

The funny thing is, it’s not that she “said it”—it’s that she’s too dumb to understand that she should just sit it out, it’s not our fight, let Brandon fail on his own.

This lady has forgotten that—just a few months ago—Brandon tried to fire me for not getting a vaccine (after I had already recovered from the disease.)  That’s infinitely more than Putin ever did to me.  As long as Putin cools it with his nuclear alerts, I am fine with Putin.  I wish he would step down in Russia, move here, get citizenship and run for office in this country.   

MTG is as dumb as Gregg Abbott trying to get “Russian food” banned from Texas stores.  How many of you have ever seen Russian food?  I have, but you’ll never even know where to look. 

Hey, you know what?  We have an existential problem with Democrats and their dotcom, corporate, and academic henchmen censoring, de-platforming, de-banking, disenrolling, dox’ing, firing, intimidating, and otherwise oppressing us, not to mention stuffing ballot boxes, so… Let’s form a lynch mob and get behind the Democrats in their deflection-beef with a guy who does the same in his country.  Brilliant!  

This woman is dumb as a rock.  Really, most of them are mediocre at best, but at least they comprehend what they’re saying and why they’re saying it.  For example, most Republicans in the Senate get at least some campaign money from the military-industrial complex.  MTG?  She’s radioactive, they don’t give her anything. 

She just doesn’t understand what’s coming out of her mouth. 

I’d like to tell her she doesn’t understand the meaning and structural basics of “America First”, but she wouldn’t understand what I just said.  

On the plus side, she can wave a flag and pose with a gun, so I guess it’s not all bad.  Half or more of “them” won’t even do that. 


The amount of “bad news” for Russia coming out of Ukraine has sharply fallen since early yesterday.   Before, it was only half fake, now it’s all fake, which means the Russian army must be doing very well.  The goal remains to cut off Kiev from Dnepropetrovsk from Donetsk.  They are achieving it.  They have sent in their “second wave”, possibly another 50,000 men after the first 50,000.  After some initial “we are all Slavic brothers” weakness, they are also starting to get serious about resistance from emotional locals.  I just saw a video of at least three dead guys who had been trying to throw Molotov cocktails from a forest at Russian vehicles.  They thought it was a game, well, game over.  Meanwhile, things are going full Somalia in Kiev.  There are multiple credible reports of Ukrainian militia having shot up a cash truck, either to rob it or because they thought it was a Russian armored car, we don’t know.  The government there is degrading fast, and the inmates are taking charge of the asylum.  What’s “funny” is they’ve seen it all before, during the “interregnum” of 1918-1919, when the Austrian occupation collapsed and Russia had not yet returned.  History does not repeat, but it certainly rhymes.

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