Losses of the Belligerent Sides

  • Foreign tanks etc. to the Ukraine = destruction of Ukrainian transport network,
  • Russia’s lost so many men, they’re taking time off to hand out medals… inside Russia!
  • Losses of the belligerent sides – The Dreizin Report’s “official estimates”
    • The most detailed, informed estimates of human and material losses on both sides available anywhere,
  • The stupid party (GOP) will buck it all up, guaranteed

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Watch what they do, not what they say

We’re told by “credible sources” that Russia has lost several thousand armored vehicles and hundreds of aircraft, blah blah.  

I clicked on one “respectable” link, and saw—among other things—downed helicopters with “ВКС России” (Russian air force) in massive letters, photoshopped on the tails.  LOL.  Russian military aircraft don’t have any writing on the outside, or at least, nothing beyond little “flammable” warnings on the fuel tank hatch, things like that.

I’ve seen tens of destroyed or abandoned armored vehicles passed off as Russian, that (a) were painted in the “digital” camouflage scheme used by the Ukraine, or (b) are not even in the Russian arsenal (or were not, until they were captured in this war.)

I’ve also seen a Ukrainian news segment showing dead Ukrainian soldiers (with Ukrainian uniforms, insignia, and nametags using the Ukrainian letter “i”) being passed off as dead Russians.

In fact, Russia’s manpower situation is now so “bad”, they are rotating forces out of the Ukraine for rest and relaxation. 

There is video documentation of fresh forces moving through Orel province—not even bordering the Ukraine, so you know it’s not the redeployment from northeast Ukraine to the Donbass—even as these paratroopers are awarded medals in Russia’s Belgorod, see below:


If Ukraine TV can pass off its own dead soldiers as Russian, if they have no shame, then sure, they can find a few bodies (Territorial Defense militia?  Looters?  Artillery victims?  Unclaimed bums from the morgue?) and dump them in a clearing in the woods, bring in the media and call it a war crime.  These people have nothing but propaganda. 

Not that it will change the “party line”, but I’m told even some Capitol Hill staff have started doubting the BS. 

Now the Ukraine is doing so “well” for equipment, that half of Europe—and Australia, and of course, Uncle Sam—is sending (or promising to send) them tanks, cannon, armored cars, high altitude air defense systems, etc.  

Watch what they do, not what they say.  The Ukraine is running out of weapons.  Not the handheld ones that Uncle Sam & Company have flooded in, but the big stuff.  

It’s too late to do much about it.

You can’t drive old donated tanks etc. hundreds of miles to the front line and expect some not to break down; it has to be by rail. The “problem” is, Russia now controls the skies, and they’ve finally just about almost started taking the gloves off, and all rail shipments to the southeastern third of the Ukraine must all pass through one of just THREE points. 

And, there are only so many railroad (and road) bridges over the Dniepr—very easy targets.  Did I mention, Russia controls the skies?

Russia will destroy half the Ukrainian rail system and all Dniepr bridges before it allows the big “donations” to be transferred east of the Dniepr. 

As I’ve said since the first days of the war, the more its “friends” keep egging it on, the more the Ukraine will get wrecked. 

The way things are going, there’s no money in the world to rebuild what will be left of the Ukraine.  The part that doesn’t go to Russia, will be a starving, weapons-drenched Afghanistan or Somalia in Europe.  With a number of critically undermaintained nuclear power plants, which will be a problem likely sooner than later.

I said all of this in February.  It was obvious then, it’s more obvious now. 

This is what they want, this is what they will get. 

Woah… Who could have seen this coming? 

All this could’ve been avoided if the Ukraine had given up on Crimea and the Donbass.  As I’ve written many times, the people there don’t want the Ukraine.  The Donbass is 90 percent for Russia.  

I’ve already shown the below video, but for new readers, look at the faces of these civilians (one young lady, two women in their 40s or 50s, and four children) chumming it up with Donetsk infantry scouts in Mariupol.  These soldiers are LIBERATORS. 

The giddy young lady describes how they’ve been cooking their food outside and they look like crud, but now they’re happy as can be. 

The happy lady with the dog, tells her dog to tell the soldier “We’ve been waiting for you.

At the end, an off-camera man’s voice tells the beaming kids to thank the soldiers for saving everyone.

Yeah, I know this is a shock to those of you who have been double-masking and triple-boosting. 

Sometimes, you just have to turn off Hannity. 

Ukraine-Russia war – The Dreizin Report’s “official” estimate of combatant and materiel losses of the belligerent sides since 24 February 2022, as of 10 April 2022

Ukrainian and allied losses

Elements incurring losses:

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces – all branches
  • the Interior Ministry’s National Guard component
  • Ukraine Security Service
  • National Police
  • Border Service
  • Territorial Defense militia
  • Right Sector militia
  • foreign volunteers
  • foreign trainers/advisors


(“Wounded” refers to those with a wound(s), injury, or illness necessitating removal from regular duty of longer than three day’s duration, and is assumed to be at 2.5X of those “killed in action or died of wounds.”)

  • At least 5500 killed in action or died of wounds
  • At least 13,750 wounded
  • Around 2500-3000 taken prisoner (of whom possibly 10% have been released in prisoner swaps)
  • At least 15,000 fled/deserted with no intention and/or opportunity of returning to duty

Materiel, infrastructure, etc.

  • 65 to 75% of main battle tanks
  • 55 to 65% of all other armored vehicles (tracked and wheeled)
  • At least 70% of tube (barreled) artillery
  • At least 55% of rocket artillery
  • 40 to 50% of military-spec cargo trucks
  • 20% of Tochka-U launch vehicles
  • At least 85% of fixed-wing combat aircraft
  • All fixed-wing military transport aircraft
  • At least 60% of combat and transport helicopters
  • At least 70% of attack drones
  • At least 85% of medium and high-altitude air defense systems and associated radar vehicles and stations
  • At least 50% (by number of vessels, not tonnage) of naval and border service vessels
  • 60 to 75% of tube and rocket artillery munitions stores
  • At least 75% of diesel storage capacity in central and eastern Ukraine
  • At least 25% of diesel storage capacity in western Ukraine
  • 35 to 50% of military industry destroyed or severely damaged
  • At least 30 bridges destroyed (by retreating Ukrainian forces)
  • At least several rail cars
  • Loss of mobilization potential due to:
    1. At least 220,000 (a very conservative estimate) able-bodied, draft-eligible males ages 17 to 35 who have left the country since February 24, 2022.
    2. Loss of control over most of Kherson province, southern Zaporozhia province, eastern Kharkov province, and most Donetsk and Lugansk territory previously not under rebel control—at least 170,000 able-bodied, draft-eligible males ages 17-35.
      • (A low estimate, but it takes into account that many men from Ukrainian-controlled Donbass areas were already in the Donetsk/Lugansk forces.)

Russian and allied losses

Elements incurring losses:

  • Russian Federation army and fleet
  • Rossgvardia
  • Internal Affairs Ministry
  • Federal Security Service
  • Chechen Republic Internal Affairs Ministry
  • Donetsk People’s Republic
    • People’s Militia
    • Internal Affairs Ministry
    • State Security Ministry
    • special police units of the state prosecutor, customs, etc.
  • Lugansk People’s Republic
    • Peoples’ Militia, at a minimum
  • South Ossetian volunteers
  • Chechen volunteers
  • Donetsk and Lugansk volunteers performing certain functions with the Russian army


(“Wounded” refers to those with a wound(s), injury, or illness necessitating removal from regular duty of longer than three day’s duration, and is assumed to be at 2.5X of those “killed in action or died of wounds.”)

  • Likely around 4000 (plus or minus a few hundred) killed in action or died of wounds
  • Likely around 10,000 wounded
  • Roughly 300-400 taken prisoner (of whom at least 10% have been killed in captivity, and potentially as many as 40% released in prisoner swaps)  

Materiel, infrastructure, etc.

  • All losses in tanks, tracked and wheeled fighting vehicles, artillery, and military-spec cargo trucks have been more than compensated for by captured Ukrainian equipment
  • Up to 25 manned aircraft of all types (at least 4 of which, destroyed on the ground)
  • A substantial number of surveillance drones and attack drones
  • One large cargo ship (1960s construction)
  • A small number of air defense systems, engineering vehicles, and other specialized weaponry or equipment
  • One fuel depot destroyed or heavily damaged within Russia, near the Ukraine border
  • Minor damage to one airfield within Russia, near the border
  • Damage to at least one border crossing / border guard station within Russia, near the border
  • Damage to one munitions store or munitions-laden vehicle (unclear), near the border

A few words on U.S. politics

The Congressional GOP made a BIG mistake in forgetting its voting base and instead going all-out on the Ukraine and sanctions nonsense—and it will pay. 

We’ve still got hundreds of mostly harmless, “January 6th” trespassers who’ve been in prison for well over a year, denied their Constitutional right to a speedy trial.  Somehow, most are too “dangerous” to be released pending trial.  But of course, Russia is the problem.    

Once the Ukraine war has become “white noise”, even the dumbest of the dumb among conservatives—the “cat chasing a laser pointer” people—will come back to this issue, and to other issues on which the GOP chose not to make a stand.

Only about 10 of 209 Republican members of the House of Representatives have spoken up for the political prisoners. 

The rest are too busy cheering for the fake Ghost of Kiev, and giving $13.6 billion to the Ukraine… when they could barely find (I think it was around) $1.5 billion for Trump’s Wall, after a year-plus of him begging, WHEN THEY HAD THE MAJORITY IN BOTH HOUSES.  

The Senate is no better.  It’s “understandable.”  Most Republicans at the Federal level (including the RNC’s executives and staff) see those deplorables as one-off Trump voters only, not their own voters, not realizing that 90 percent of their voting base is with those people 100 percent.  Instead, they’re chasing down the soccer moms and rainbows. 

Not to insult the GOP’s many worthy volunteers/activists, but as a Trump voter who would never have defiled and dishonored himself by voting for their brand again if not for Trump, this is NOT being overlooked, and it WON’T be forgiven.  And I’m not alone—there are MILLIONS like me. 

Now that I’ve seen Lindsay Graham waiving through so many leftist judge appointees—hmmm, what might they have on him?—I am convinced there’s no functional difference between the two parties, without Trump in the picture. 

I don’t live in a swing district, but without Trump or someone like him on the ballot, I wouldn’t vote (or give another cent) even if I did.

Soon, Republicans will be in a jam, because while they’ve got their talking points about oil prices (“Brandon killed the pipeline!  Only three percent of our oil comes from Russia!”), they’ve got squat to say on food prices or any other prices, which people already associate—and will do even more—with the Russia sanctions, which the GOP lined up behind, in tandem with the Dems.  

They didn’t think it through.  

As I’ve written previously, thanks to their stupidity and lack of vision, they’re on track to take what should be an 80-seat pickup in November, and turn it into a mere 30, or 20, or 10, or 5 seat gain.

They’re not Gingrich, they can’t sell any ideas, they have no ideas, and no drive at all.  It’s like they don’t exist. 

Aside from taking the bait and cheering for Saint Zelensky when Pelosi put him on the jumbotron a few weeks ago, as far as I can tell, their “leadership” team hasn’t really made the news for months already.  

I don’t remember the last time McCarthy (or McConnell) said anything original, or that mattered or made any sense.  I hear more about what Steve Bannon says on his show, than I do about McCarthy.  The guy is a nothing.  Deer in the headlights, a spectator.

GOP “leadership”:  No matter how bad things get, how can you expect the public to turn to you, when you’re irrelevant—and in fact, when you’re half the cause of their problems?

You think you can hide, and then, it will just fall into your lap?


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