Russia’s Plan A and Plan B, explained

  • Russia’s original war plan vs. the new plan,
  • Sooner or later, one of the Ukraine’s nuclear reactors will rapture,
  • Civilians blessing and waving to Russian soldiers in Kharkov,
  • War crime or TV crime drama?
  • No, Russia won’t use WMD’s in the Ukraine,
  • Russia targeting NATO arms shipments,
  • A lesson from the Russo-Turkish war,
  • Azov cries “uncle!”,
  • A little about Trump,
  • And other splendid tales of action and adventure!


Russia’s Plan A and Plan B, explained

Please see the two video messages from me, below. 

The first video covers the prospects for “Chernobyl 2.0”—a topic no one is talking about yet, but that everyone will be talking about, sooner or later. 

The second (longer) video describes how and why Russia’s initial war plan FAILED (although the Ukraine’s military was severely degraded)…..

…..and, how it has been adjusted.

Heads will explode

I am asking everyone plugged in to “MSM thinking” to NOT watch the below video. 

Your loved ones don’t want to have to clean your brains off the computer screen. 

This video was taken in Kharkov province, the Ukraine.  The forces in this video are Russian. 

What’s going on here?  Why are people greeting and even blessing the vodka-soaked invading demon-horde?

Clearly, these people are no longer afraid. 

Some hundreds of kilometers to the southeast, a jerk in Kherson (under Russian control) killed blogger Valerii Kuleshov, a former Ukrainian soldier who wrote too favorably of the Russian presence in his city, and may have been trying to start a political career. 

Evidently, he was not afraid enough. 

This is terrorism, literally. 

Top members of Zelensky’s regime stated in March that any local officials who recognize and cooperate with the Russians, are signing their own death warrants. 

Well, it’s not just officials who can be a target, it’s anyone.

They have not (yet) killed any Russian soldiers in Kherson, but they sure know how to terrorize their neighbors. 

However, Russia has huge experience with cleaning up “undergrounds” in the Caucasus.  They can probably deal with it in the Ukraine. 

Over the last week, close to 100 of the Ukraine’s “stay behind” personnel have been rounded up in Kherson and Zaporozhia, and huge quantities of arms seized. 

I won’t bore you with the videos, but it’s crazy how much weaponry the Ukraine Security Service left behind for a partisan war, which did not get off the ground. 

Nonetheless, there are those who are prepared to kill anyone who cooperates or speaks favorably of the Russian presence. 

Sooner or later, they will all be cleaned up.  As I have mentioned, these parts are going back to Russia.

Not enough war crimes, so let’s make some up

This reminds me of the joke line, “America is so racist that Jussie Smollett had to fake an assault on himself.”

The below photo has been going around Ukrainian media (social but not only), the same Telegram channels and other outlets that hyped the “Ghost of Kiev”, which great minds such as Congressman Dan Crenshaw fell for. 

In an alternate universe, this photo shows the corpse of a woman who was killed and thrown into a sewer by Russian soldiers in hard-hit Borodianka near Kiev.   

Conveniently, this photo circulated on the same day that the Prime Ministers of Spain and Denmark visited Borodianka to witness all the horror for themselves. 

In our universe, the photo shows a minor Russian actress named Svetlana Vasilieva, from the Russian TV series След (trail or trace), which is Russia’s answer to the epidemic of crime scene forensic dramas in the USA. 

Svetlana was so upset about the whole thing, she put out a video message to condemn it. 

If you want to get in touch with her regarding any future roles, her contact info is here

Let’s set something straight

Anyone (Boris Johnson comes to mind) who says or implies that Russia will or may use tactical nuclear weapons or chemicals weapons in the Ukraine, against Ukrainian forces, absent a direct NATO intervention in the Ukraine, is off their rocker. 

You don’t use those weapons when you’re winning.

This talk plays into the hands of the Ukraine’s psychological operations machine, which has gone from “bodies on the street” war crimes, to mass rape allegations…..

…..and will soon have to up the ante to chemical weapons, just to stay relevant and keep people interested. 

Anyone playing into this, is either smoking borscht, or is knowingly helping lay the groundwork for “something.” 

Russia is awake, who could have guessed?

Russia has begun targeting ground shipments of NATO country weapons into the Ukraine. 

In recent days, at least two separate NATO-donated weapons stores/caches in or near Odessa—“resting” but intended for movement eastwards—have been destroyed by cruise missiles. 

Previously, Russia was unable to track down every minivan with Stinger or antitank missiles, but the volume has gotten so large now (and some of the equipment itself is much larger) that Uncle Sam & Co. must move it on larger vehicles, or on flatcars by rail, or store it in large piles in-between multiple legs of the trip.

The hunt is on. 

As laid out in my last post, there is no way Uncle Sam & Co. can deliver all this stuff—at least, not without moving forces into the Ukraine to protect the shipments along most of their passage route.

But they will keep trying, because they’ve got nothing else—their populations don’t want to get involved “openly.”  What else can they do? 

If nothing else, they will force Russia to use up some of its cruise missiles to blow the stuff up in transit, or to knock out the Ukraine’s rail system entirely. 

All Ukraine, all the time

Below is the “upper fold” of the Saturday, April 23rd print edition of the Washington Post.  As you can see, the photo and three-quarters of the stories are about the Ukraine war.  

For the MSM, the Ukraine has replaced George Floyd the corona.  It’s all they have.  They must remind you that “it’s Putin’s inflation” and “this is why we have to stand up to Russia”, so let’s get behind Brandon, this is the great crisis of our times.    

This was predictable.  Also predictable is that the “controlled opposition” (in the USA, we call it the GOP) and many of its voters have signed on to this, hard, like a cat chasing a laser pointer. 

This is no surprise.  There are dummies among conservatives in the USA, just as there are dummies among Democrats.   

Perhaps, Republican “leaders” in Congress can see through the crap, but they’re all actors and they’re too weak and lazy to take on the Narrative. 

Why go against the flow?  Sure, it might “turn south”… in three or six months.  But they expect the next election to just fall into their lap, regardless. 

In that context, why challenge the Narrative?  The Narrative will open up some new chapter in a few months, some other New Thing will come along.  One can’t keep up! 

Nothing to see here

American news (to include alternative news) sources have placed all Ukrainian Nazis into the Azov regiment. 

The reality is, the Nazis are all over the place.

In the below video, two men of the Solnyshko (“Little Sun”) volunteer militia unit—from western Ukraine—are sieg-heil’ing at the camera.  This is not the Azov. 


As for the Azov, as I’ve written before, it is only the most famous (or infamous) unit within the Ukraine Interior Ministry’s National Guard component.

The National Guard in its current iteration was formed as a politically-vetted backup army, after the regular army proved unreliable in the first weeks of the 2014 “Russian Spring” in the Donbass. 

The National Guard recruited many thousands of “second chance”, “dead ender” losers and freaks like this guy, who was fortunate to be taken prisoner recently.


In addition to regular army garrisons, the Ukraine permanently stationed various National Guard units throughout the Donbass, to keep a boot on the place, as the army, despite its enormous improvement since 2014, was still seen as insufficiently political, and likewise insufficiently motivated to intimidate the local population (e.g., identifying and having pleasant chats with suspected Russian sympathizers.) 

Yes, the National Guard is the Ukrainian SS. 

The most “internationally” well-known National Guard unit is of course the Azov, with its major (but not exclusive) base in Mariupol, where it functioned as a sort of mafia empire.

But the fact is, the entire Donbass was peppered with this filth. 

Azov cries “uncle!”

This past week, we found out (who knew?) that the Azov holed up in the steel factory in Mariupol, have up to 1000 “camp followers” with them! 

Saint Zelensky demands a “humanitarian corridor” to get everyone out!

Amazing, we just find out about this.  How can we be sure their women and children are with them? 

Well, there’s a video of a dozen or perhaps 20 people in a basement somewhere, complaining how it’s not fun to be down there. 

Here’s one of those people:

Whoops!  Wrong photo.

Russia has said, anyone who wants to come out, come out with your hands up, white flag, etc., you won’t be harmed.

But, no, the Azov wants to evacuate to Ukrainian-controlled territory in an automobile convoy, with at least some of its weapons, and of course with those civilians (if they exist)—and, it all has to be coordinated and guaranteed by some foreign power, say, France.

Did I mention, our MSM conveniently forgot these guys are Nazis? 

Their shoulder patch insignia is based directly on that of the 2nd SS Panzer Division “Das Reich.”

I don’t know about civilians at the steel factory, but I do know this female corpse, below, was found by Donetsk forces in the basement of a Mariupol school (which had been used as a military base), with a Nazi swastika painted on her stomach in (presumably her own) blood. 



These jokers don’t deserve to be let out in some victory convoy.  They need to surrender or die.

“Fickle peasant scum” will abandon the Ukraine

The Anglosphere is a funny thing.  Public opinion turns nowhere faster than in the English-speaking countries. 

During the Bulgarian rebellion of 1876, the British public got wind of rapine and mass murder committed by the Turks, and shortly thereafter, the UK saw the largest organized, peaceful outpouring of public opinion in the history of any nation, up to that time. 

Thousands of church congregations, guilds, union chapters, party chapters, and other groups made a show of delivering letters to the Government, begging that something be done.

Well, something was done… by Russia.  Russia moved in to support the Bulgarian insurgents.  It was the Russo-Turkish war of 1876-77. 

But, you see, the Brits didn’t want Russia to fix it—they wanted their own country to fix it.  Public opinion turned harshly against Russia. 

Everyone forgot about the Bulgarians (just as all the peasants today have forgotten about George Floyd and the corona.) 

There were protests, riots.  Police barely managed to turn a large mob away from storming the house of a retired top Government minister who was seen as too understanding of Russia.  (Yes, history rhymes.)

What’s my point?  As you can imagine, no one will care about the Ukraine in six months. 

In the first days of the war, I said that in three or six months, American voters will have other concerns so pressing, they will sign away the Ukraine with a seller subsidy, and seller pays closing costs.  (To non-Americans, this is real estate market lingo.)

It is preordained. 

Is Trump reading the Dreizin Report?

Trump came out with a press release some days ago, saying the Ukraine will be wrecked, and it will be total carnage and everyone everywhere will die, unless there are peace talks and a deal can be reached. 

Well, it’s nice to see POTUS 45 reading the Dreizin Report

He went from “it’s genocide” to “they need to make a deal” in three days. 

How can you make a deal with people who are “genociding” you? 

Well, you know Trump tends to bounce around.    

But it’s not enough.  He is only five percent of the way to redeeming his dumb butt.

Trump needs to disassociate himself from the mass vakk-sin-ashun drive, yesterday. 

He must come out and say the vakk-seenz should have been for the old and vulnerable only.  That he never intended it to be for everyone. 

Whether that’s true or not, doesn’t matter.

He must understand what’s coming.  We should all understand. 

We have never had a global mass vakk-sin-ashun campaign IN THE MIDDLE OF A FAST-MUTATING VY-RAL EPI-DEMIKK. 

We have never placed the evolutionary pressure on any vy-rus, that we are putting on the corona now. 

Anyone who gets their vy-rology news and views from experts, rather than pediatric doctors or hospital administrators on CNN, understands this. 

But, what does it mean?

It means there is going to be a much deadlier strain, and (like the Oh-mee-kron) it will hit the vakk-sin-ated, because—as has been proven—they have lost the ability to produce authentic (“innate”) anti-bawdies to the corona, rather than the vakk-seen programmed anti-bawdies which are set, immutable, and cannot be adapted to changes in the virus. 

This is a recipe for catastrophe.  The majority in all developed countries are vakk-sin-ated, in most cases with a so-called “gene therapy” vakk-seen.  Their immune systems can no longer keep up with the vy-rus.  They are hard-wired to fight older versions of the vy-rus. 

It’s not even clear there’s a way out that it will leave anything standing. 

We don’t know WHEN it will happen, but it will happen, perhaps just in time for another virtual election. 

(It will be funny if the Republican party elite—so certain of total victory—gets rolled again.)

Trump must publicly renounce his Big Wonderful Vakk-seenz, or at least, the vakk-sin-ashun strategy that came after him.  

It’s also time his stingy, Scrooge McDuck butt wrote a check to Ashli Babbitt’s parents and/or her partner. 

They have waited long enough. 

She followed him to the death (maybe went a little overboard)—now it’s well past time for him to take a five-minute break from golfing at Mar-a-Lago, and acknowledge that she existed.  


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