The prophecy has been realized

  • Russia commences dismantling the Ukrainian rail grid,
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  • Wait… what? The latest on the Bucha Butchery,
  • Nuland, where’s the beef?
  • No, the Ukraine will NEVER deal with its own Nazis

Who could have foreseen this?

Per an Ancient Prophecy from the musty scrolls of the Dreizin Report, on the night of April 24th or the morning of the 25th, Russian cruise missiles destroyed a total of six traction substations within the Ukrainian rail system, paralyzing electric train traffic (and thus, all rail traffic) in western Ukraine.

Traction substations house transformers that take power from the grid and convert it to the voltage, amperage, and frequency needed to drive electric train motors through overhead lines or (more often) third rails. 

As you can see from this map, the strikes were clearly intended to paralyze rail traffic throughout roughly the westernmost one-third of the Ukraine. 

(Click here to open a larger version of the above map in a separate window.) 

This could be just the beginning, but even this alone will stop—for a while—a very large section of the Ukraine’s rail system from transporting NATO country “donations” into the Ukraine and eastwards to the front lines. 

Now, the “donors” have all this junk stuck on the rails, not moving, an easy target for more cruise missiles. 

Of course, this also stops the rail transport of food, fuel, and other things that people need to live.  All land imports, exports, passengers.  It’s a total cluster.

I warned about this, more or less.  (I thought Russia would hit the bridges, but, close enough.)

What did “they” think was going to happen? 

Did they think this would be as easy as steell-inng the e-lekk-shun from Trump? 

It’s been about 60 days since the invasion.  Russia clearly wanted to leave the infrastructure alone, but was left with no choice.  Now, who will we blame for the coming starvation, etc.?

As I have said many times since the very first days of the war, if the U.S. and its hegemonic bloc do not back down and try to cut a deal, THE UKRAINE WILL BE TOTALLY DESTROYED.

At least one-third of it will go to Russia, and the rest will become another Afghanistan, albeit one with a number of severely under-maintained and overstressed nuclear power plants. 

Several million more refugees will hit Europe at the worst possible time. 

Hey, all in a day’s work! 

Keep checking in with the Dreizin Report


(Yes, yes, I know, I know.  As everyone who has seen The Matrix knows, the child in this photo is not, in fact, the Oracle.) 

All hands on deck!

If you have not voted in my reader poll from April 21st, 2022, please do so now.  Access my April 21st post here, watch the video towards the bottom, then scroll down and find the poll. 

I need all readers to help me determine what was wrong with Saint Zelensky in that nutty video he posted. 

Now they tell us

My friend was convinced that drunken, trigger-happy, 18-year-old Russian machine-gunners were responsible for the bodies found in Bucha, Kiev at the beginning of this month. 

Can you blame him?  Not everyone can be a skeptic. 

Now, per the UK’s Guardian newspaper, we find out—and who could have imagined this, other than the Dreizin Report?—that “the majority” of bodies were victims of artillery shelling.

Hmmm.  Let’s think about this. 

You see, Russia controlled all, or almost all, of Bucha for at least three weeks (until suddenly leaving on March 30th.)

During all that time, were the Russians shelling themselves?  Not likely?  Well, who could it have been, then?

We must think very hard about this. 

Actually, no, fortunately, we don’t have to think at all, as the Guardian explains that some bodies were found to have flechette darts in them, and—per its Ukrainian sources, who are most credible—ONLY Russia uses shells containing these darts, case closed!

So, that’s the new angle on Putin-the-Butcher-of-Bucha’s Bucha Butchery!  Just wanted to keep everyone up to date! 

Bring out your dead!

So, where are those 10,000 (as of a month ago, it must be 2X now) Russians that Vicky Nuland claimed were dead?

All I am seeing is dead Ukrainians.

Perhaps ten of them in the below new video (I don’t count, this is getting old), I think somewhere in the Donbass.  I see several of these scenes, every day, and that’s just what little makes it to film. 


Conversely, the only time I’ve seen a photo/video of more than one dead Russian (or Donetsk, or Lugansk) soldier in one place, it was prisoners who had been shot!  And, I think that was back in March.

Not to say that both sides haven’t taken big losses, but, which side gives you the evidence?

Ukraine will take care of its Nazi problem… NOT!!!

Some fool told me something like, “Ukraine can go about clearing out its Nazis, AFTER it wins the war.”

LOL.  They had eight years to clear out their Nazis.  It’s only gotten much, much worse. 

The Ukraine Security Service now has “Right Sector” (a fascist political movement with its own, heavily-armed paramilitary wing) flags on its walls.  See at around 1:20 of this video from security branch HQ in Mariupol:   


These groups are integrated with the state.  No fine surgery is possible.  It must be a simultaneous double-amputation and frontal lobotomy, which Russia is doing, however they may be doing it, whether it’s worth it or not, like it or not, whatever your bias may be. 

**If** it’s to be done, there’s no way to do it, but by the Sword and by Fire.

Огнём и мечом, in Russian. 

What’s really troubling, is the filth has been ignored and glossed over not just by Uncle Sam, but EVEN BY JEWISH OPINION LEADERS IN THE USA.

We see open, state-sanctioned neo-Nazism in one of the more populous countries of Europe—which the USA has run like a colony for eight years, with all key ministerial-level appointments being cleared or rejected by the Embassy in Kiev—and even the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has never made a really big deal of it. 


Having the “ethnic background” (I was born in Israel), and having worked around some of the organized Jewish community types in Washington, and known others, and read all their favorite pundits, I can tell you, they tend to hate Russia. 

They probably think the Ukro-Nazism—which they don’t speak of, it is unmentionable, taboo—is a temporary, passing phenomenon, a sort of joke, not even worth noticing, whereas the real threat is Russia. 

A threat to whom?  Although Russia and Israel are now friends, yes, Russia still helps some of Israel’s enemies. 

Look, business is business.  Israel worked with Azerbaijan to build up its suicide drone fleet, which was under overall Turkish Air Force direction, so the descendants of the perpetrators of the 20th century’s first genocide, could take back territory from the descendants of the survivors of that genocide, in a nasty little war in the autumn of 2020.    

A total disgrace, but Israel must sell its drones somewhere, and, it needs Azerbaijan as an airfield against Iran. 

In short, some people have no sense of perspective.  They want to see Russia fully gone from international affairs. 

As for Nazism, well, you know, we can write a note of protest, later, whatever.  The Ukrainians will take care of it!  



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