The Ukraine in one video

The below video says everything there is to say about the Ukraine.

This genius is passing off a destroyed T-64BM “Bulat” tank of the Ukrainian army—easily identifiable by the gently-sloping, add-on metal armor plates on its turret—as destroyed Russian equipment.

The tank’s main body lies off the road, near a blown-up Gaz-66 truck, which has been largely phased out of Russian army service, and is much more likely to be (or have been!) Ukrainian property. 

The speaker/presenter is likely to be a Territorial Defense militiaman, not a regular army soldier. 

There may be Ukrainian bodies (or pieces thereof) left in that tank or nearby.

He doesn’t have a clue.

I’ve even seen a Ukrainian news crew passing off dead Ukrainian soldiers as Russian.

It’s a big fantasy.

Hey, whatever works!

I must admit now, the situation with the Ukrainian aerial view of a “destroyed Russian batallion” along the Severskii Donets river near Belogorovka, is more complicated than I thought.

Showing ground photos of the area, CNN presented two blown-up (Ukrainian) T-64 tanks as Russian.

Clearly, there was lots of destroyed Russian hardware there.

But I had strongly implied it was all Russian, and that was not the case. 

If “even” the Dreizin Report can be wrong on this count, what can you expect of CNN?

But, there’s more to it.

You see, this video fool went into a village, and saw destroyed equipment from his side, and assumed it was Russian.

What does that say about Ukrainian “command and control”?

Of course, the Territorial Defense militia is just raw meat to plug holes in the front, here and there. 

Still, you’d think someone could at least tell them what’s going on.

Not in this case!

We hear of so many alleged problems on the Russian side. 

They are starving, they are drunk, they don’t have enough fuel, their radios are not all encrypted, their cruise missiles are so inaccurate that…. that….

…..that the Ukraine has made posting videos of air and missile strikes on its targets, ILLEGAL.


Yet, as sloshed and shabby as the Russian army is said to be…..

… Russian (or Donetsk or Lugansk) soldier would have come up with the above video.

No Russian soldier would have taken (and posted online!) these photos, either:

Only the Ukraine could have done it.

The fact is, the Ukrainian army that existed before February 24th, 2022, no longer exists.

Outside of those reduced units still pinned down in the Donbass, it’s mostly barely-trained militia, untrained draftees, and members of the (formerly) inactive reserve, with a thin superstructure of cadre.

Yes, some of them really want to fight, and will.  (Some don’t, and won’t.) 

But the professional army outside of the Donbass, no longer exists, as such.

This much is clear.

Many readers leave comments on my site, about Scott Ritter, how he’s suddenly freaking out over Russian prospects.

Look, there is no reason to bounce around.

My position has been clear.

On the current track, the Ukraine will be destroyed.

(And, we’ll be lucky if it’s only the Ukraine.)

As for Ritter, what credibility does he have?

He gave a talk at my grad school in early 2003, where he boldly declared the USA would do so poorly in Iraq, it would use NUCLEAR WEAPONS in that country.

Also, he was convicted and spent several years in jail for “exposing” himself over web camera to a Barrett Township, Pennsylvania police officer posing as a 15-year old girl, online.

If you didn’t know, now you know!

Scott Ritter has poor judgement.

I can’t compete with him in that department.

What I can do, is pursue reality.

Reality is not with the Ukraine.  

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