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Ukraine war exposes EVERYTHING wrong with American governance

About the $40 billion in fresh U.S. aid to the Ukraine…

I laugh—like a big, condescending jerk—at people who complain now about it.  Hahaha.  This is so silly. Like Mr. T, “I pity the fool.”

The PROPER time to complain, is when this figure has risen to $70 or $80 billion.  

Which it will surely do, by late summer, or early autumn at the latest, IMHO.  This year, anyway.

What’s in the $40 billion?  Of course, no one’s going to give that much cash to the Ukrainian funny farm, directly.

I have not read the bill, but intuitively, I know it’s mostly to compensate the U.S. Department of Defense for weapons donated to the Ukraine, as well as the cost of delivering them to the Ukraine (up to 14 NATO cargo flights per day into Poland), as well as compensating certain (mostly east European) NATO countries for their own donations, so they can buy new (mostly American) stuff as replacement.

It’s a big bonanza for the arms manufacturers.  

Any direct economic assistance to the Ukraine will be just enough to barely hold up its pants, same as every year since 2014, when they began showing this donkey just enough carrot to keep it on its feet and shuffling in their direction, nothing more.

A more important question than “what’s the $40 billion for”…..

… why did Republican senators fly to Kiev a week ago, to kiss Saint Zelensky’s ring?

Of course, they did it to signal to their military-industrial campaign donors that they are “cool.” 

You see, there’s not much money for Federal campaigns in (for example) Wyoming.  

So, Senator Barrasso must go scrounging around with various national lobbies and interests whose voice means more than Wyoming’s.

(We’ve seen the same with Dick Cheney’s lookalike son, Liz.)  

For as long as an other-party challenger can raise money the same way, Wyoming’s incumbent senator(s) will always hear nationwide (or out-of-state) lobbies and interests, AT LEAST AS MUCH as they hear their own voters.    

Surely, our Founding Slave-owners did not intend the peoples’ representatives from X state or district to merely hold down a seat for the national oligarchy, or for rich ideological donors on the coasts (but I repeat myself.)

But, that’s where we are.  

Of course, Barrasso will vote for giveaways for Wyoming.  But on any question where it’s not actually taking money out of their pockets…..

…..he will always ignore the wishes and moral interests of his constituents, if the price is right.

I’m sure most Wyoming republican voters (i.e. most Wyoming adults) would rather he say something about the 1/6 prisoners who are still rotting in jail without a court date, for mere trespassing (when the doors were open, anyway.)

But, you know, Barrasso must be “respectable” to national donors.  He has a campaign to fund!

Texas senator John Cornyn also flew to Kiev, what a clown.  In his time off from Washington, he should be camping on the Mexican border!

How does it look to his conservative voters, that this big bozo spends his “recess” flying to Kiev to shake hands with Saint Zelensky, instead?

We need a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to prohibit persons and entities with no genuine presence or operations in a given state, from donating money to campaigns in that state.  

Am I exaggerating the problem? 

In 2021 alone, Dick Cheney’s lookalike son raised $7 million for his 2022 reelection campaign—only $202,980 of it from Wyoming! 

Don’t believe me?  See it here.

Let’s be frank, this is an occupation regime. Wyoming’s (and it’s not just Wyoming) congressional seats are occupied, via outside money. Money that couldn’t give a crap about Wyoming.

Who needs that much money for a campaign in Wyoming???  

It’s Wyoming.  Population 581,000. Just rent a minibus and drive around, stop at gas stations and shake hands.

I could go on about JON OSSOFF and many, many, many others, but you get the picture.

The solution has to come from the states, because it won’t ever come from Congress—not to mention, Citizens United would likely prohibit such an act by Congress.

Donbass update

Russian VDV mobile infantry and Wagner mercenaries have advanced up to 15 kilometers west of Popasnaya…..

…..and have taken several towns or villages just east of Soledar, which sits on the one paved, continuous, Ukrainian-controlled main road into Lisichansk.  

This road is now at risk.  Russians are now as little as three kilometers from the road. 

Close enough to fly short-range artillery spotter drones over it, 24/7.

Without this road, there will be no meaningful resupply for (or organized evacuation of) thousands of Ukrainian servicemen in the eastern part of the north Lugansk bulge.  

The defense of this Ukrainian bulge ending at Severodonetsk-Lisichansk is crumbling.  

The writing is on the wall. 

You now see why Uncle Sam was calling Russia for a ceasefire.

Send more Javelins!!!

Some belated May 9th festivities (and another lesson on Carthage)

I meant to share this a little while ago.

If you recall, Lindsay Graham…..

…..the “closet homeless-sexual trying to DEFLECT by acting the Big Tough Guy On The World Stage for his conservative/religious voters (and it works every election!!!)”…..

…..had called for Putin to be shanked like Caesar by one of his own generals.

Well, I don’t think that’s likely to happen. 

Here is the political situation in Russia.  (This is a video of the “Immortal Regiment” procession in Moscow on May 9th. A million people turned out in Moscow alone.)

I’m guessing this wasn’t shown on CNN.

For anyone interested, the music overlay is the instrumental version of Arise, Enormous Country (a.k.a. The Sacred War), composed in 1941, by the founder of the Alexandrov Ensemble.

Also for anyone interested, the ruble is at 58.5 to the dollar as of this writing, having just broken through to a “50 handle” for the first time in years. It has gained over 25 percent since “the invasion.”

Meanwhile, we here in the States face a shortage of doggone BABY FORMULA…..

…..and crop planting is still depressed in the Midwest, they just can’t get enough seed into the ground in time, due to cold and/or washout conditions (and Argentine and Brazilian harvests are a disaster, there is no one to pick up the slack)…..

…..and spiking mortgage rates have completely priced out “first time buyers”…..

…..and everyone with two or more brain cells, assumes another plague is coming. I could go on.


As I have said since before “the invasion”, don’t call for the destruction of Carthage, unless you’re quite sure you don’t live in Carthage!

I saw all this coming. Many Americans saw this coming. You needed to work on Capitol Hill or in the Brandon Administration not to see it.

We’re clearly headed for some type of collapse and “regime change” over here, and it might not be orderly.

(I foresee many urban 7-11’s being looted, as a start, but please don’t think it won’t reach you somehow.)

I heard there’s even a fertilizer shortage—perhaps we could fertilize our fields with politicians.

Dumber than dumb

This is a follow-up to the “Ukraine running short on professional soldiers” track from my last post.

Memo to the Ukraine: 

If you hide a combat vehicle deep in-between two apartment buildings, in a narrow alley between two buildings where (by the looks of it) a hundred-plus people live, and Russia takes it out…..

…..Don’t snap a video and show it to the world!

You’re basically admitting that you are Hamas, you dumb, dumb f*cks!

But, don’t worry.  Uncle Sam will still fund these jokers.   

“Send more Javelins!!!”

Scott Ritter

To some of my loyal commenters (everyone else can ignore):

No, the Barrett Township, Pennsylvania police did not work with the CIA to set up Scott Ritter as a pedo in 2009, LOL. 

They probably didn’t even know who he was.  I’m old enough to know, at that time, he was all washed up and long, long out of the news, no threat to any power.

He did it to himself.  (In fact, that was the second time.)

From what I read, his defense (the second time) was that he thought the cop to whom he showed his junk, was only pretending to be a 15 year-old girl.

Now he is trying to stay relevant on YouTube shows, and suddenly he is such a brave hero, risking so much, LOL, sure.

I’m still keeping him away from my kids.

And, to be clear, I was IN THE ROOM when he boldly declared to my grad school in early 2003, with supreme, in your-face confidence, as if he owned that auditorium, that the USA would use nuclear weapons in Iraq.  (Not Iran, Iraq.)

Batsh*t crazy? Or, a narcissist who will say anything for attention?

Folks, choose your “analysts” carefully.  

And, please don’t come to my comments section just to let everyone know what Scott Ritter said today—ridiculous, I don’t care. This is my blog, not a community forum.

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