What the hell is going on here???????

On May 27th, Saint Zelensky accused Russia of committing “genocide” in the Donbass (the Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk provinces, a.k.a. the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics.)

The Western press agencies picked it up and made headlines out of it, because, what else are they to do?

For them, if Saint Z said it, it’s news.

Let’s see what the locals have to say.

The below two videos (both evidently taken by Russian or Donetsk soldiers) are from the town of Svetlodarsk, the center of a massively fortified, Ukrainian salient in Donetsk territory since 2014 or 2015.

The town was evacuated (without a fight) by Ukrainian forces a few days ago, after coming under threat of encirclement from the northeast.

Here’s the first video.

The ladies from 0:00 to around 0:14 are saying, among other things, “Yes, of course we waited (for you)” and (the smiling blonde in the pink cream coat) “Everyone wants to see, hug, and kiss you!

The ladies from around 0:15 to 0:26 are also elated.  The one on the right says, “We awaited you for so long.

Then, the man behind them says (rough translation, cannot be translated literally), “You made it here, good job guys… Wonderful, wonderful.”

The older folks starting from 0:27, also seem pleased.  The white-haired lady says (rough translation, to get the point across), “Well, you know what we had to live with here.”  

The man next to her adds, “So we waited, waited with impatience.  On (satellite?) TV, we watch Russian channels, and (we track where is the) theater of military operations, where is it, where is it moving to… Like generals who track where the forces are, where they will pass… We sweated for every soldier, for all of them.”

I’m sorry, I can’t process this.  What did this guy say?  He sounds like he’s speaking from occupied France in late summer 1944, awaiting the Yanks with a bottle of champagne that he had buried under his chicken coop when the Krauts moved into town. There is smoke coming out of my ears, and I don’t think it’s from my fourth booster shot.

Doesn’t he know, it’s a big no-no to pick up Russian broadcasts on Ukrainian territory? Someone charge this guy with treason, please. He’s disloyal, like… like Tucker Carlson and Matt Gaetz!

The last few seconds of the video shows four local boys posing with Donetsk soldiers, the Victory Banner—the flag of the Red Army’s 150th Rifle Division, raised over the Reichstag in 1945, and now flown over all territories newly under control of Russian, Donetsk, and/or Lugansk forces—and (at left) what may be the given unit’s colors.

I can imagine the haters saying (as has already happened with other liberated cities) that the Russians got all these people to come out at gunpoint, or at best, by giving them a free meal and a movie ticket with a coupon for Twizzlers or Sour Patch Kids. Well, you know what they say: Haters gonna hate!

Here’s the second video:

The little girl relates, “I ran with (my) grandmother to see the flag… We sat over there.  I was so happy.  I don’t know how to convey it in words.

She then relates how she was studying in Ukrainian but now expects to be studying in Russian (obviously the language she and 95 percent of the Donbass speaks at home and in the course of routine business.)

Of course, what you don’t see, off camera, is the Russian gun pointed at her grandmother’s head. “One wrong word, girl, and babushka is toast.” LOL, sure.

To be fair, public opinion is nowhere 100 percent in one direction. However, I’m guessing most of those who were just fine under Ukrainian rule (for sure, the appointed mayor and his family and a bunch of other officials and their families) got out with the retreating Ukrainian forces.

(Just as happened in this same part of the world, when the Germans retreated in 1943.)

If any of this is a surprise to you, perhaps it’s finally, finally time to ditch the double facemask and unplug from the Lamestream Media?

I mean, do you want a form of virtual reality entertainment, or do you want information?

A final, unrelated note: Many commenters ask how the next phase will go, how much destruction, etc. Folks, I don’t expect that much destruction. It’s one thing to defend the Ukraine by wasting the Donbass and some Russian-oriented towns and villages in Kharkov. It’s quite another when you have to defend parts of the Ukraine inhabited by “good, loyal Ukrainians”, including the families of Ukrainian army soldiers and officers. After the Donbass and Kharkov, there won’t be any more “Stalingrads.” This isn’t quite Nazi Germany; these Aryans won’t de-house themselves.

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