Donbass: Up to 16,000 Ukrainian personnel about to be cut off in one or more cauldrons in Lugansk

The up-to-16,000 figure (above) is up from my prior 8000-9000 figure. This reflects current estimates from Russian war correspondents on the ground.

Russian forces now physically control at least three kilometers (likely quite a bit more) of the main road running through Soledar into the Ukrainian army bastion at Lisichansk.

Krasnyi Liman is now fully under Russian control.

Large columns of Russian hardware were seen passing north through (or near) Lugansk, evidently to seal the deal around Severodonetsk-Lisichansk.

At least one video per day is coming out of Ukrainian units (mostly, of the Territorial Defense militia) justifying their retreat and/or promising to no longer fight under the given awful conditions (no heavy weapons, no clear guidance or direction, no medical support, etc. etc.) The cannon-fodder is getting restless.

(It appears likely that various fools in the Kiev area have hogged all those generously-donated NATO antitank weapons, as those things clearly are not being supplied to Territorial Defense battalions deployed to the east.  This is what happens when you just hand the junk out with no controls.

Saint Zelensky has admitted to casualties of as high as 100 dead per day.  (The truth usually comes out, one way or another.)

And, lastly… I was fact checked by a viewer on my YouTube channel.  My “north Lugansk bulge” is really more like west-central Lugansk. I had called it “north” because it’s north (northwest) of Lugansk city.

I was told by another viewer that I must have Aspergers (high functional autism) due to my attention to detail and (what this person sees as) my lack of social/emotional skills.  Amazingly, the person leaving this comment was not my wife.

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