Please help me wipe pieces of my exploded head off the computer screen!!!!!!!!

Folks, it may have been my fourth booster shot, but I *think* it was the below video that exploded my head.

This video shows citizens in Melitopol’, the largest city within the Russian-controlled portion of the Ukraine’s Zaporozhia province (soon enough to be formally a part of Russia), lining up to review documents and schedule an appointment to apply for a Russian passport.

(In most of the former USSR countries, passports have a domestic and an international version—this application is likely for the former, as a form of official ID.)

According to the journo lady with the microphone (who really needs to eat something, someone please call her mama, this is not healthy), this is but one such line in town; there are others at other locations.

The government employee or volunteer lady from 0:08 to 0:17, says (translations are all mine), Well, here, just yesterday, there were 1000 here, over 1000, and today, I’m already on 611, and before me there were others (employees or volunteers) handing in (their own) lists.

The 30-something dude at 0:21 to 0:36 waxes poetic, saying, We got in line in 1991. But it got to us only now. Since 1991, we felt like this had to happen at some point. Of course, it took 30 years. But that’s OK, we know how to wait.

The blonde older lady at 0:36 to 0:59 says, Now, we’re not afraid. Right now specifically, we’re not afraid. The reporter (off-screen) then asks her, “Are you here voluntarily?” She responds, Of course. Like we’d be standing here for five hours if it wasn’t voluntary. We wanted this for a long time. No one’s going to force anything on us. We’ll probably live like we want to. If we want to speak in Russian, in Ukrainian, in Tatar.

The fashionable young lady at 1:09, says, I took this decision because in my family basically everyone is for it, granny and gramps were right away like ‘yeah, let’s do it!’ And that was it, and we went and did it… I feel safe… I am comfortable, I’m just feeling good.

The young man at 1:24 or 1:25 says, For me, it is a great honor to become a citizen of a mighty state. That was my dream of eight years, you could say, after all those events that started in the Ukraine (in 2014.) I understood that nothing good would happen in the Ukraine.

The short-haired lady from 2:04 says, through tears, I am happy. I’m going to cry. I waited for this at least eight years. I wasn’t living here, I lived in Zhitomir (in mid-northwest Ukraine), and everything that happened there, I just couldn’t take it here (points to her chest.) All those streets (referring to politically-correct renaming of streets), all those prohibitions, you had to love Bandera, when you don’t. The prohibition on going to the Eternal Flame, but I want to go, my grandfather fought (in World War 2.) Thanks to Russia. Thanks for the liberation, thanks for the passports.

Folks, you’d have to be a real blind, deaf, dumb numbskull to say this is all “staged” Russian propaganda. I’ll just leave it at that.

As for the Dreizin Report being a “No Propaganda Zone”….. I evaluate what I see, and I share what’s real and true, that you’ll never, ever see in the MSM. “No propaganda” doesn’t mean I have to be a low-rent parrot of Fox, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, NY Times, WaPO, WSJ, USA Today, Politico, Voice of America, BBC, Daily Mail, etc., etc., etc.

Now, please come here, grab a rag, and make yourself useful. Help me wipe my exploded head off of this computer screen. Because I couldn’t handle this video. Although….. it could have been my fourth booster shot.

Why the fear?

You may recall, some people in the above video, made a point to say how they feel safe, not afraid, etc. But, why even talk like that? Well… let’s mention something called “terrorism.”

Andrei Shevchik, mayor of Energodar, 50 miles to the northwest, also under Russian control, was almost killed by a bomb left in a mailbox he was accessing in the lobby of either his, or his mother’s (I’ve heard different versions) apartment building. He had to spend many days in intensive care, and will be some weeks in the hospital before he is discharged. His two bodyguards were injured as well.

Yes, in the best traditions of Democracy, Progressive Liberalism, and the Vietcong, agents of the Ukraine Security Service have (in some cases) killed, and (in other cases) tried to kill, civilians who have been prominent in cooperating with or speaking out for Russia.

All in all, the violence has not remotely approached “Baghdad 2005” levels. But, the danger is real.

Keep in mind, Mitch “the Manchurian Turtle” McConnell said Russia should be designated by the U.S. State Department as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism.” (Because, you know, they’re bad or something.) What a dipsh*t.

It would make far more sense to designate Uncle Sam as a “Sponsor of a State Sponsor of Terrorism.”

All I can say to Mitch, is what I usually say… Send more Javelins! That will fix everything!

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