Ukraine fires its “Rape Lady”

The above photo has nothing to do with my headline—it’s a view of a house in “Old Town” Alexandria, Virginia, near Washington, DC.

This part of Alexandria houses very rich lobbyists and government contracting executives, not all of them Democrat-oriented, but the Democrats always put up their “whatever’s trending” flags, while the Republicans stick to the U.S. national flag.

Obviously, everything about the image is PERFECT. It says everything. I don’t even need to comment, other than to say, they forgot the BLM angle.

The Ukraine FINALLY gets burned for f***ing around with RAPE

Most adults have heard the horror story (or stories) in which an “overeager” daycare or social worker gets one or more young children to “admit” to family sexual abuse, then it takes years for the family to clear its name, and for the worker to be fired or disciplined.

This rarely happens (much more often, the abuse is real), but when it does, it is horrendous.

What’s even freakier is when there is no child, no testimony, but only the “social worker” spinning tales to the world, with no named perpetrators or victims, everything anonymous (of course, to protect the victims, who don’t exist.)

This was the case with Lyudmila Denisova, the Ukraine’s “human rights ombudsman”, who, in the first half of April 2022, was on the phone nonstop with U.S., UK, and European media outlets, spinning tales of a Russian army “rape dungeon”, and someone being raped with a spoon, and a boy being raped in front of his mom, etc., etc., etc.

It got so ridiculous, that for some days in mid-April, the Ukrainian information war shifted entirely to a “rape focus”, which I covered in my April 17th piece. (Scroll down to the following heading: “Mainlining “ordinary” war crimes through your eyeballs gets old—what new thrills await?“)

Well, it turns out (who could have guessed???), it was all TOTALLY MADE-UP.

It was so fake, that a few days ago, Ms. Denisova was removed from her post in a sort of impeachment, by the Ukraine’s parliament, in response to a letter signed by 140 mostly foreign journalists and activists who criticized her handling (i.e. invention) of the rape accusations.

I don’t know, but I imagine there was also some behind-the-scenes pressure from various womens’ and human rights groups (and probably the relevant offices within the U.S. State Department and/or other such ministries across Europe), along the lines of,You’re taking attention away from other serious abuse issues, and we only have so much bandwidth, so please either prove it now, or cut it out.

In short, the Ukraine was FINALLY called out on its bullsh*t. It’s one thing to lie about the Ghost of Kiev and “we killed ten thousand Russians today“, but rape is a MUCH touchier matter.

These dumb monkey dipsh*ts finally misjudged their Western audience, and got burned (ever so slightly.) And so, the Number One Bullsh*tter and Director of the Filthy Imagination Department, had to be cut loose.

Keep in mind, to get fired, in a hurry (with no replacement lined up), for bullsh*tting in a government of bullsh*tters, under a professional comedian president, with the whole Western world eager to eat up heaping servings of your bullsh*t…..

…..You must have sat your dumb @$$ down on a GAWD-DAYYUM NUKE-LEAR LANDMINE!!! You must be a REAL F***-UP!!!

I know most of my readers are smarter than this, but if you believed the industrial mass rape dungeons, raped-by-a-spoon, etc., etc. nonsense, go slap yourself a few times, you silly, gullible person.

The Big Offensive!

In the U.S. and UK, today’s narrative is that, “Putin has had some limited successes (at enormous cost) in the Donbass, but the Ukraine is planning a large counteroffensive to turn the tide this month (or in July, whatever.)”

This Big Offensive will (supposedly) be conducted using NATO country equipment.

In this context, I must apologize to viewers of my June 1st video, titled Biden Crew Desperate to Preempt “Who Lost Ukraine?”

In this video, I told viewers that the Ukraine would likely be getting only “two or three” of the HIMARS trucks with the shorter-range rocket launcher boxes borrowed from the M270 system. Well, I was wrong.

This is a huge embarrassment for me, I’m not sure if the Dreizin Report can recover. You see, it later came out, the correct number to be donated by Uncle Sam….. is FOUR.


Latest news is, Uncle Sam will also be providing four “Reaper” drones.

Keep in mind, Russia destroys at least 1/3 of all “donations” before they even reach the “theater of operations.”

Yeah, good luck with that summer offensive.

Also, keep in mind, the Ukraine has not conducted an offensive on a scale of greater than one reinforced batallion since 2014. (When they tried it in 2014, it was a disaster.)

The Ukrainians do static defense and localized, opportunistic assaults by one company or at most batallion, NOT offensives. The time for an offensive would have been in March…..

…..When Russia was ridiculously overextended in Kharkov, Sumy, and Chernigov provinces. Instead, all they could mount were some ambushes.

Folks, as I said in my video, the U.S. Department of Defense has suddenly woken up and gotten smart about what’s going on over there. And, evidently, they are NOT excited to be giving large quantities of the most high-tech, expensive, heavy gear (that Uncle Sam might himself need, soon enough) to a losing proposition in the Ukraine.

If they thought the Ukraine was winning, or at least had a shot, they would (or could) recommend to Brandon’s handlers to provide massive quantities of heavy arms, comparable to what the U.S. did for Israel in the 1973 war.

Instead… Four of this, four of that. (Maybe four more later, after the first four have been destroyed.)

It’s just common sense that they’ve woken up and started to write off the Ukraine already. (But, they must still be seen as “doing something.”)

You don’t have to be an “analyst” to figure this out.

Thank You!

A big “thank you” to all who have kindly written me with information or simply moral support. Especially the career military (mostly, ex-military) guys who know their stuff and still feel they can gain something by reading me. But, everyone else, too. Folks, I really appreciate it. I am sorry, I just don’t have time anymore to respond to everyone individually. The volume is too great. Again, thank you!!!

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