Countdown to “Who lost Ukraine?”

Uncle Sam just told the Ukraine, “No soup (long-range HIMARS MLRS) for you”, the arms giveaway escalation is starting to wind down, and the countdown to “Who lost Ukraine?” has commenced.

Update to 1st Video: June 1, 2022

The Biden Administration has just put its foot down against providing any long-range or strategic weapons to the Ukraine.  Instead, they will send more Javelins (woohoo!!!) among other gear, to include an unspecified but likely “demo” quantity of HIMARS with **short-range** rocket launchers borrowed from the M270 MLRS system—with a promise from Kiev that these weapons won’t be pointed at Russia’s borders.  This obviously won’t change the course of the war, and in fact, is ridiculous until you understand that it is PURE DOMESTIC POLITICS, which I go into in this video.  Enjoy!

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