Brutal countdown to the brutally obvious

I see from comments on my YouTube channel that some (not all) folks think my talk about KO-RONA coming back, is along the lines of, “they will have to bring back the scaremongering so as to win the election” (i.e. another STOH-LLEN ELEK-SHUN.)

Nope. I do mean, it’s really coming back, and on the whole, it will be worse than ever. The one thing I’m not sure of is the timing—it could precede the election, it could come after.

Anyone who hasn’t yet read my May 23, 2022 post, please do so. I’m not doing any medical analysis that’s outside of my competency. My conclusions rely on known facts and simple logical deduction:

(1) As demonstrated by THE HO-LEE SYE-ENNSE, persons who received a JEEN THE-RAH-PEE “VAK-SEEN” (such as the PFYE-ZZER) prior to falling ill with the KO-RONA (or who have not yet fallen ill with the KO-RONA) are unable, for an as-yet unknown period of time, to produce KO-RONA ANN-TEE-BAW-DEES that are “current” and most relevant to the VY-RUS as it MYOO-TATES. In short, they are “programmed” to produce only the VAK-SI-NNAL ANN-TEE-BAW-DEES. They cannot keep up with the MYOO-TAY-SHUNZ. Again, this has already been demonstrated by THE HO-LEE SYE-ENNSE.

(2) The VY-RUS continues to MYOO-TATE, and will only slow its MYOO-TAY-SHUN if or when we reach HERRD IMM-YOO-NI-TTEE, which the JEEN THE-RAH-PEE “VAK-SEENZ” have clearly failed to produce. Thus, if or when we get a strain that is as or more contagious than the OH-MEE-KRAWN, but not nearly so “light” in its attack, we are looking at a potential megadeath scenario, economic collapse, and hyperinflation (as they create more Monopoly money to keep everyone at home) in all countries that “VAKK-SYNN-AY-TED” their populations with a JEEN THE-RAH-PEE SHAWTT.

Again, no medical analysis here, just logical deduction based on known facts a.k.a. THE HO-LEE SYE-ENNSE.

Incidentally, for anyone living in a cave, Russia and Belarus (and the Ukraine), did not go with PFYE-ZZER et al. Yes, I understand the SPOOTT-NYKK may have side effects, and that Russia’s forced administration of its VAKK-SEEN was almost as odious as what we saw in Europe and the English-speaking countries…..

…..But, the SPOOTT-NYKK (at least conceptually) does not hard-wire production of exclusively one type of ANN-TEE-BAW-DEE to the same level that PFYE-ZZER does, and that’s all that matters. (I don’t care how “effective” it is, or how often you have to get BUUSS-TTED—that’s all a bunch of crap, because the KO-RONA is going to change anyway.)

But even if that’s not the case, the proportion of Russia’s population that caught the KO-RONA prior to being VAKK-SYN-AY-TTED is at least twice (perhaps three or even four times) as high as that of the U.S.

(“Unofficially”, at least one million Russians died from the KO-RONA, which is about the same number as in the USA, despite Russia’s population being less than half of the USA’s. What this means is, HERRD IMM-YOO-NI-TEE is hugely further along in Russia.)

In fact, it’s not clear the SPOOTT-NYKK had any effect at all inside Russia, as between the population’s natural skepticism and carefree stoicism regarding the disease, and the state’s very late entry (relative to Europe) into the compulsion game, Russia had likely approached its “natural limit” of deaths by the time that the compulsion really got going.

In short, I could be wrong, but I think Russia will come out much better than the USA when Judgement Day arrives.

Please note: I am not demeaning any person who was compelled to get any VAKK-SEEN.

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