Continuing “the big flip” in narrative, Ukr now EXAGGERATING **its own** losses, so as to finagle more nukes, knives, sharp sticks from USA: Axios quotes Zelensky party leader Arakhamia (no military position or responsibility) that “Ukr suffering up to 1,000 casualties” incl. “200 to 500 killed” **per day**, a higher range than the 200-300 long cited by Russia’s Baghdad Bob (Ministry of Defense spokesman) – Predictably, Arakhamia also tells Axios, “we need weapons”

LOL. These fools should have stopped at Arestovich’s 100 KIA per day, which is believable. You’d have to be a special kind of dumb@$$ to jump on anything coming out of the Ukraine at this point.

In somewhat related news, Russia now claims to have destroyed 51 more Ukrainian manned fixed-wing aircraft than were in the Ukraine’s arsenal (according to Russia’s estimate) as of February 23rd. This is for the commenters who asked, “Where are all these planes (that Russia keeps shooting down, 1 or 2 or 3 every day) coming from?

According to Russian unofficial but reliable sources, they are coming primarily from Slovakia and Bulgaria. Remember all that talk of moving “donated” combat planes from eastern Europe into the Ukraine? Well, you didn’t hear any more about it….. but it looks to have happened.

It seems some of these former Warsaw Pact countries have donated essentially all of their remaining MiG-29’s, SU-25s, and whatever other combat aircraft to the Ukraine, presumably with the prospect of some compensation, perhaps coming out of “the $40 billion” from the U.S. Congress.

What’s funny is that besides old Soviet planes, these countries don’t really have any other combat aircraft in their air forces. Whereas Poland gave the Ukraine 200 old tanks that were lacking in maintenance and had been largely stripped of their electronics and optics systems (great for headlines, but for Poland it was junk)…..

….Little suck-up gimp countries like Slovakia and Bulgaria appear to have actually GIVEN AWAY THEIR ENTIRE AIR FORCES.

Now, they don’t have squat. I suppose they are expecting Uncle Sam to offload some used F-15’s or F-16’s on them, together with training and technical assistance guarantees. So much for “NATO countries pulling their own weight.

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