Best Dreizin Interview EVER (even better than the last best-ever one)

A few days ago, I was a guest on “The Long Way Around” Hosted by Malcolm Burn, a regular show on Radio Kingston (WKNY – Kingston, NY.) This was the most far-reaching Dreizin interview of them all.

We are talking about a potential MASSIVE OVERDOSE OF ILLEGAL, HIGHLY DANGEROUS BRAIN CANDY. Links are towards the bottom of this writing. Listen at your own risk.

In two hours, we covered A MAD VARIETY of subjects, including:

European governments in a bind over the blown-up pipelines—no one is officially accusing Russia (don’t hold your breath, it won’t ever happen), but they can’t point the finger at Master, and likewise, can’t just sweep it off the table and ignore it forever.

What happened to the Green agenda in Germany… or anywhere?  Looks like the Ukraine is more important than Saving The Planet For Our Children (LOL!!!)

German joke government = “dad-can’t-be-wrong syndrome” on a national level.

Hierarchy and control structure within the European Union (EU.) Pissant/runt East European and ex-Yugoslav countries abandoned one master for a more lucrative one, and now most of them count for FAR LESS in the world than they did in communist days.

If the EU will break down in our lifetimes, it will be in the next year or two.

The hippies and “Hands off Nicaragua” crowd of yesteryear (those still alive, anyway) are now quite happy to vote for politicians toeing the War Party line. Today’s “progressive” congresspersons say almost nothing, ever, against U.S. foreign policy and hegemonic interventionism. Totally coopted! Made their peace with that beast!

Finicky suburban white women as the drivers of korona psychosis and most other trends and fads. (Yeah, we all know it, but no one talks about it. I’ve been totally demonetized by every Google affiliate, so I don’t give a crap.)

The sociopolitical role of “soccer moms.” Like product advertising, political marketing is now geared largely to women.

“Variant X.” No, the korona WILL NOT go away gently and quietly. This will be the rudest awakening of them all.

The vakseenz (at least, those used in the USA) are schitt, and it’s understandable that free-thinking people look for an antidote to the Narrative. But, going overboard on extreme vakkseen conspiracies is a mirror image of MSM zombiedom.

Social psychoses and trendy quasi-religious causes in Anglo culture through the centuries. BLM, trannies, Ukraine are NOTHING NEW.

The eventual breakup of the Iranian empire.

Some great music. (They asked me for a musical show-and-tell, I delivered. FWIW.)

If you want to move back and forth in the interview, listening again to cool bits at your own discretion, the second link below is an MP3 and the third one is from YouTube.

To skip the opening music and chitchat etc., go to about 8:00. It really gets substantive from about 10:30.

Thanks to Malcolm for having me on. I hope to be back!

Elon Musk Intends To Run For Political Office

It’s funny how Elon Musk launched a Twitter crusade to convince people that we need to accept reality and make a deal with Russia, because Russia can’t lose in the Ukraine.

This is the guy who gave hundreds of his SpaceX Starlink units, free, to the Ukrainian military, many of which were distributed to the Azov fascists in Mariupol…..

…..allowing them to maintain reliable communications with “the outside world”, even as the city was 90 kilometers behind Russian lines and routinely jammed.

He literally got the Ukrainians (including fascists) to prove and advertise his product, and now he’s turning his back on them.

This bastard sure has his grubby finger to the wind.

It’s interesting that some of the smartest people alive, including American economist Jeffrey Sachs and Canadian psychologist and conservative pop philosopher Jordan Peterson, have recently said (more or less) that the USA should give up on its hopeless crusade in the Ukraine.

Now, Musk (also one of the smartest people alive) has joined in.

I’m not saying this guy’s not super talented (mostly at being a circus act and raising loads of money, but hey those are talents)…..

…..but his stupid car company didn’t turn an annual profit for SEVENTEEN YEARS (and its bloated stock STILL pays no dividend), only staying afloat thanks to trendy investors looking to ride the Sexy Green Wave…..

…..and even today, still, WOULD IMPLODE WITHIN ONE YEAR without the $7,500 Federal tax credit for electric vehicle purchases.

(It’s also funny how Musk’s been criticizing the Democrats and their dotcom guardians this year, after they got him those tax credits, year after year. I guess he figures that $7500 is now written in stone.)

So, who the phukk cares what he thinks about anything?

You might say, why is Dreizin getting worked up about this dude?

Well, just wait till he runs for some senate seat, or governorship, or the vice presidency, and/or becomes some type of kingmaker for the presidency. You’ll be getting worked up at that point, pro or con, whichever.

Just don’t assume what he “believes” today, is what he’ll be running on, when he runs.

He’s the “perfect” politician already, and a smarter version of Trump… but still Trump-like. Silver spooner, the Twitter, the endless circus, multiple divorces, zigzagging between political parties, everything. These guys could be brothers.

Being smarter than Trump, and with the great benefit of hindsight, he’s also buying a major social media platform BEFORE running for office, which is better than trying to build one only AFTER you get sent out on your ass, LOL.

One of my very best friends, in fact, became a Trump supporter only in early 2020, didn’t skip a beat and is now a big Musk fan. LOL. It’s just perfect.

If (again, if, and it’s a very big “if”) Musk’s business doesn’t totally melt down in the troubles we’re very likely to have in the coming months and years, he’ll be ready to go.


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