War Crimes

Remember I wrote that “Russian collaborators” (those who couldn’t get out in time) were being subjected to repression by Ukrainian forces? 

Let’s back up a bit.  The “mass graves” discovered in “newly liberated” areas of east Ukraine have FIZZLED. 

As with the last go-round near Kiev, the MSM quickly lost interest…..

…..The U.S. Government never “officially” accused Russia of any particular/specific war crimes….. 

…..And the matter was not pursued actively (or at all) by the International Criminal Court. 

Translation:  It was all just a bunch of crap, like everything else. 

Just a bunch of crap, fed to morons. 

One difference THIS time, is that Amnesty International (after slamming the Ukraine in a report this summer) was not allowed, or was otherwise unable, to access the alleged crime scene(s.) 

As I demonstrated with videos in a recent post, at least some of the mass graves near Izium were of Ukrainian soldiers who were taken (dead) from the battlefields and buried by Russia. 

I showed you videos of Russians picking up many such bodies, bagging them, and burying them in a pit. (A few months later, Zelensky dug up these pits for some headlines, LOL.)

Well, here’s a video shared today online by Maksim Zhorin, a former officer of the Ukraine Interior Ministry’s Azov brigade (I don’t know who filmed the video.) 

Like many if not most among the Azov, Zhorin has a purely Russian name, but chose to make a career within the most aggressive element of the Ukrainian political tribe. 

Zhorin is one of the “original” Azov members, a longtime Azov talking head, and he remains a grandaddy or godfather of the Azov movement and its local “Kraken” affiliate in Kharkov city. 

(The Kraken are the ones who were filmed shooting Russian POWs in late March or so.)

His video likely shows suspected Russian collaborators/sympathizers being dumped into a pit in Kharkov region. 

(AFTER the video got around the world, Zhorin added a comment that the footage was taken from some Russian soldier’s phone, LOL. Yeah, didn’t see a need to make that clear when he posted it. I’d like to see that chain of custody. Let’s start with, you know, like, the guy’s name.)

As I’ve mentioned in the past, they can “get away” with filming and posting anything at all, because the MSM will ignore it, the Ukraine is holy and untouchable.  

As with the killings of Russian POW’s, these fools put anything online, with no thought at all. 

What are the chances that the MSM picks up, not just mentions (if they do even that) but really runs with this video? 

This is literally the FIRST AND ONLY video I’m aware of, of a civilian (a younger female, no less) being thrown into a pit, hands tied behind the back, bouncing 30 feet down the slope like a rag doll, it’s obviously real. 

I mean, this is a big deal. We have all these accusations, and then BOOM…..

…..after seven and a half months, FINALLY a video showing a mass grave being “filled” with individually-executed, civilian persons in REAL-TIME. Wow!

And, oddly enough, it’s posted online not by some “top-level Ukrainian war crimes prosecutor”, but by an Azov-Kraken sketchball! Evidently, it was just getting passed around in his circle… Why not put it on TikTok?

Will the MSM say this video was made by Russians, or ignore it?  LOL.

If the MSM has any thought at all that maybe, just maaaaaybe, this is the work of its preferred side… What do YOU think?

Better to sit on it, no? I mean, it’s only the news business, they don’t need any more big scoops, right?

Let the human rights groups figure it out! We can wait on this one! LOL.

My guess, in a few weeks, we might hear a reference to it in the NY Times (likely, Uncle Sam would want to distance himself from this stuff, as he did with the Dugina assassination, using that same newspaper)…..

…..and, that will be the end of it. 

This is the face of America now.  If you’re American, this is being done in your name.

It’s another Vietnam or Iraq or Mao’s China or whatever, a reign of terror. 

Literally thousands of “Russian sympathizers” or “collaborators” across the Ukraine have been disappeared.

Photos and videos of some of these people being beaten, tortured, and/or killed have come out. I’ve shared some of it on this blog, months ago. MSM won’t touch it.

Probably, most of the “disappeared” are in jail, incommunicado.

But some, perhaps many, end up like this: 

How to know, who’s a collaborator, who’s a sympathizer?  Well, sometimes it’s obvious. 

If you’re a teacher and you didn’t quit when the Russians were pushing their curriculum, you’re a collaborator.

Other times… Don’t worry, your friends/neighbors will rat you out.

Are YOU on great terms with your neighbors?  People at work?  Family?  Do they vote the same as you? 

If you’re with a media outlet, and you’re still reading me, and you don’t touch anything like this, and you investigate nothing….. 

…..and all you do is report what your trusty Ukrainian government contacts tell you by phone or email, no doubts, no second opinion…..

…..just waiting for an easy story from them, just “writing copy”…. 

Then you’re NOT a journalist, you’re a propagandist hack, and (per Dreizin Report tradition) your dogs will eat you.

(BTW, when I worked at a certain powerful interest group in my younger days, Washington Post reporters would call our media guy and ask, “Do you have a story for me today?” No joke.)


…..for those who keep asking me how the war is going….. 

…..the Ukrainian offensives (so far) have been stopped cold, and are (so far) a STRATEGIC FAILURE

I’ve covered Russia’s embarrassments, and ridiculed retard alt-flacks (and their retard groupies) who shill for Russia’s Ministry of Defense Spokesman’s Office…..

…..but the Ukraine didn’t NEED fifty or a thousand square kilometers of outback, or whatever grand achievements the Bezos Post is relating.

The Ukraine NEEDED to WIN BIG… before winter AND before Russia got to deploying its new/mobilized forces (the sharpest of which are already at or near the front.) They failed. 

They are near the limit of their manpower, while Russia is just getting warmed up.

They went all-out against the Crimea bridge, and failed. 

The U.S. is running out of munitions to share with them.

(Yes, Uncle Sam can give them everything he’s got, but in that case, he will have literally zero cannon shells left for his own army and marines, by this time next year, maybe sooner.)

And, winter is coming. 

Saint Zelensky did not just ask for a “preventive (nuclear) strike” on Russia (I have the video but it’s too much for now) because he has an easy life, LOL.

He did it because his offensives didn’t work out, and he knows the clock is ticking. Duh!

I don’t even work for the MSM, yet I’m perfectly capable of stating the obvious… Amazing! How is this possible?

As a student of Russia, I can tell you that things were looking bad enough for the Ukraine, but the bridge bombing has 100 percent sealed its fate. 

Now, I can rest easy in my prediction (from February/March) that the Ukraine as we know it, will be destroyed. 

Like Michael Corleone, Putin is a very patient guy. 

It is likely that the Ukraine’s nationwide electric generation (best case, nothing else, just that) will be destroyed only sometime after the first frosts….. 

…..when repairing that level of damage (or bringing in and installing new turbines from Europe) will be completely out of the question. 

A big new refugee wave into Europe, dead of winter, while Europe itself is freezing (perhaps also laid low by Variant X), would be a riot. And of course, no modern army can run for long without a civilian infrastructure behind it.

It didn’t have to be like this, but OK, people at State, DOD, CIA, etc., the thinktanks, politicians’ campaign funds, and the arms industries (which fund those thinktanks and campaign funds) gotta eat, I understand.

As I wrote even last year (see one of my pieces about the Afghanistan withdrawal, if it’s in the archives)…..

…..Iraq and Afghanistan are over, Taiwan hasn’t really started yet (they were scared to confront China and Russia simultaneously), and the machine needs a New Project.

If I recall, I wrote last year, the Ukraine would be this project, and holy moly…..

LOL. OK, but it’s the kiss of death for that dumb retard “test subject.”

As usual, when I’m right… I’ll be laughing my ass off.

I’m a very modest guy, but… who wants to bet against me?

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