Shut Up, Dumb Surfer Girl

As usual, we’ve got something for everyone this time. Dumb Jews, economics, war, plague, more war, dancing hippos. First… Tulsi Gabbard.

This is more interesting than it appears.  Of course, she is running for higher office.  She and (as I covered recently) Elon Musk, among others.

It’s funny how the magnets are starting to pull towards the metal plate.

This surfer girl is a dum-dum.  America is not the Eastern Bloc, where the chosen few literally had party ID cards in their wallets. 

She holds no political office, she’s washed out.  She doesn’t get to “leave the Democrat party”, LOL. 

By virtue of no longer holding elected office, she’s ALREADY not in any party.  

She’s unemployed, as far as I know.  OK, she has a podcast.  The Dreizin Report is more interesting.

As for the “theatrics” angle, well, her timing instinct is good… maybe. 

Keep in mind, she voted to impeach Trump twice over political BS. 

Yes, she’s been on Carlson’s show to condemn the wars… But she voted party-line Democrat on pretty much everything. 

Now, less than two months before the midterm election, she suddenly makes a big show of “leaving” the Democrats… because it’s the party of elites, and it’s out of touch. 

LOL.  Wasn’t it the party of elites, last year as well?  And the year before? 

Interesting she didn’t say much about Republicans.  They’re not run by elites?

Of course, she wants to run for president (more realistically, vice president) in 2024, with support from Republicans and independents.

Folks, this lady is NOT smart.  Even on Carlson’s show, where she had an ideal platform, easy leading questions, just free airtime to say whatever…..

…..She showed her true nature, uninformed and shallow. 

Her most memorable quote from her Carlson appearance shortly before the Ukraine war?

Nuclear war with Russia will melt your face off“, or something very close to that.  LOL.

Sounds like she watched the doomed playground scene in Terminator 2, too many times.

She didn’t bring any interesting facts to the broadcast, no research, nothing.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Of course, Carlson knows what he is doing.  He’s always looking for some “outsider” to shake up the system.

Even if it’s a lightweight.

Carlson’s “problem” is there’s just no “thought leaders” among any credible “outsider”, potential Federal candidates. They’re all as dishonest (or just clueless) as the insiders.

That’s why I keep saying, we won’t get saved by politicians, even if they’re coming in fresh and new and aiming to change something.

Not that deep thinkers would save us, anyway, but still.

Getting psyched about “voting MAGA” so you can have 15 real solid non-RINO, GOP House members… instead of the present five or ten…..

…..Well, I admire the enthusiasm, but jeez that’s some funny shit.  Sorry. Yeah, it’s really gonna save America! LOL.

And in the Senate, perhaps we can gain a few more, true MAGA names like Marsha Blackburn and Tommy Tuberville, bahahahah. That’ll show ’em!

This is not to mock Republican officials and activists who do good work.  We do need at least two parties in this country.  The “what’s the point of voting?” crowd can shut up.

The point of voting, is that you maintain a multiparty system…..

…..because as bad as it is, a one-party system (not a “uniparty” like we have, but an actual dictatorship of one exclusive clique) would be FAR worse.

Nonetheless, people should understand that our problems are way beyond being solved by our current politics.

They will be solved only on the other side of the reset (if anything’s left standing.)

Jews Were Smart, Jews Got Dumb

Since 2014, the guardians of Jewish anti-hate-ism in the USA (e.g., the Anti-Defamation League and pretty much all Democrat-oriented Jews, as groups or individually) have been on a mission…..

…..A mission to ignore manifestations—many of them, official or officially-sanctioned—of Nazism, fascism, and bigotry in the Ukraine.

They made a lukewarm attempt to say something in 2014, maybe 2015, but then pretty much dropped the issue. They just block it out.

In 2021, as I wrote to my mailing list at the time (for those who were on it, back then, you may recall this)…..

…..the USA and the Ukraine were the ONLY (yes, the ONLY!!!) countries to vote AGAINST a Russian-sponsored, anti-racism resolution at the United Nations…..

…..which included a brief condemnation of neo-Nazism, which didn’t mention the Ukraine by name, but, sure, we know who it was aimed at.

*****I didn’t hear any American Jewish objections to that vote.*****

As a comm-u-ni-tay, American Jews long ago decided to hitch a ride on the anti-Russia agenda, closing their eyes to any dissonant data.

Partly because Russia (as the USSR) had supported the Arabs against Israel…..

…..and partly because actual, “community-oriented” Jews (e.g. Kolomoisky), though few in number…..

…..are much stronger in the Ukraine, with a much firmer political footing and much greater influence, than in Russia, where under Putin’s hyper-centralized state, the remaining Jews became irrelevant.

Even though Kolomoisky (for his own political interests) funded fascist and neo-Nazi militias in 2014, including the original Azov. LOL.

Well, here’s the Ukraine today, see below.

These ultra-Orthodox tourists from Israel (likely visiting some Jewish historic site or famous rabbi’s grave) are trying to access the convenience store at an OKKO gas station somewhere in western Ukraine.

This is just straight-up LOL.

Thank God, at least they’re not black! Hahahaha.

You know, really the one thing that separates Nazi ideology from “ordinary” extreme nationalist chauvinism…..

……is an obsession with “racial purity” (which incidentally is a BIG problem with the rabbinate that runs social policy in Israel, LOL.)

Most modern Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, despite their love of Nazi/German/Viking imagery and symbols, and their rehabilitation of Bandera and the SS Galicia Division (which were not even on the same side, but that’s just details), were not really big on this.

However, that’s now changing.

Below is an ad for a Ukrainian sperm bank, which boasts that as of October 31st, its sperm donors will all be “pure blooded Ukrainians” and, unlike most Ukrainian citizens, will have zero family in Russia. (LOL, how do you verify that?)

(Oh, and of course, the usual “Glory to Ukraine!” at the end.)

LOL. How is this even legal???

So, if my internal passport says I am Polish or Hungarian (let alone, Russian)… or if I admit I have a Jewish grandmother… they will turn me away… Nuts!!!

How do “liberal” Jews (and other Democrats) feel about this?

You know, the same people who find a bona fide Nazi Trumper inside every box of breakfast cereal, here in the USA.

Man alive, I’ve got a million of these photos and videos, it’s a shame I don’t have time or space to share them all with you.

What’s really funny, many Ukrainian soldiers are now painting (“unofficially” but nonetheless) the WW2-era German army Balkenkreuz symbol on their vehicles.

Interestingly, this started out as a simple “plus sign”, so that the Ukrainians could identify their own vehicles, same idea as the Russian Z and V symbols.

Then, the plus sign grew “fatter”, painted with a broader brush.

Then, it got more elaborate and became the Balkenkreuz.

The below tank (so funny) shows the complete evolution, having all three symbols on its side.

Again, this is not “official”, but it’s become quite common. It’s likely that by year-end, almost all Ukrainian army vehicles (whatever is left) will bear the Balkenkreuz.

I imagine it started as a way to troll Russia, like, “Hey, you say we’re all Nazis? OK, we’re gonna be Nazis!”

I’m sure my Jewish compatriots will love this… as soon as they read about it in the NY Times, any day now, hahaha.

Of course, this is what happens when you have a “constructed” country without its own genuine, unified history or any historically meaningful, distinct symbolism.

This here below, is “official”… It’s the insignia of the Ukrainian armed forces, also very similar to that of the Ukraine Security Service:


This is a Khazar tamga (the “Ukrainian trident”, yes, but as per archaeological finds, originally an official seal or cattle-brand of the ancient Turkic Khazar state, or some noble Khazar family)… inside a German “iron cross.”

What the fuck do these symbols have to do with a Slavic nationality calling itself Ukrainian?


The problem when you have no real history (distinct and separate from Russia’s) or distinct culture of your own…..

… that when you try to break off from Russia, and get under the patronage of another sugar daddy…..

…..your only possible state ideology, in fact, your only possible identity as a proud, patriotic Ukrainian…..

… to be un-Russian, the anti-Russia.

No other model for Ukrainian state ideology has yet been invented… not in 1918, not in 1942-1945, and not since Gorbachev.

And nowadays, that naturally involves lots of Nazi and/or Germanic imagery, LOL.

(That most Ukrainians were apathetic and NOT “patriotic” until being invaded, does not change this truth. Through their post-2014 media and educational system, their children were all being moved irrevocably in a bad direction. The kids were all being raised to be the anti-Russia.)

Of course, this is why the Ukraine was always on a track to be destroyed.

Even if American Jews can put up with it, support it, even cheer for it…..

Russia can’t perpetually tolerate this toxic, festering lesion in its side.

No Freaks

Still got plenty of material to cover, but first…..

My comment boards are now a “No Freak Zone.”

What this means, is that every comment must be aimed for understanding by any normal, literate, half-way intelligent, open-minded, adult reader of the English language.

From now on, anyone yapping about Ukrops, 404, Dejan Beric, etc., will be deleted and permanently banned.

This is not a pissing ground for wanna-be Russians to have their own little sidebar conversations that no one else can understand.

Thanks for your understanding, if this applies to you.

“October Surprise” in November?

For months, I’ve been talking about Federal Reserve capitulation, i.e. them eventually “pivoting” back to lower rates….

…..and surrendering to inflation, when they realize they can’t have a “soft landing” and low inflation at the same time.

Capitulation has ALREADY more-or-less happened in the UK.

Here, it’s just a matter of time.

However, the USA got hit with another nasty inflation report a few days ago.

This substantially raises the probability that the Federal Reserve will raise rates AGAIN (for the time being) at its next scheduled meeting, just days before…..

…..the midterm election, LOL.

If this happens, the stock indexes could fall four percent in a day, as happened after the last inflation report.

And, mortgage rates will immediately zip much closer to 8.0 percent (not that normal people check this statistic every day.)

Incidentally, a regular 30-year mortgage for a $400,000 home, 10 percent down, top credit applicant, is already around 7.3 to 7.4 percent, depending on the area. The U.S. residential real estate market is basically dead already.

My wife and I are paying $2600-something per month on the house we live in, inclusive of tax and insurance. With today’s home prices and mortgage rates, if we bought this same house today, 10 percent down…..

…..We’d pay OVER $5000 per month.

(Which is $2000 more than what it would cost to rent this place!!!)

And this is a modest old house, nothing special.

There can be no “first time home buyers” in this market, not unless your last name is Trump or Kardashian.

For some reason, almost no one is writing about this. I guess the MSM just wants to get the Democrats through the midterms.

(Not that Republicans can do anything, either.)

LOL, How’s That Big Offensive To Push Russia Out of the Ukraine Going?

I called Russia’s Kharkov front collapse as it happened, because I saw what was going on, and because the smartest people in Russia were saying it was a disaster, or close to it.

(I got lots of hate mail from groupies of moron alt-commentators, the ones who either denied what was happening, or who thought it was a Russian head-fake plot.  Many of their dum-dum followers also don’t understand the difference between a battle and a war.)

Even the MSM was hesitant to really call it out, as they were so used to Ukrainian BS, they figured they should report on it low-key for a few days, not hype it up right away.

At this point, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Both in the north and the south, despite their manpower superiority of up to 3-to-1 for the overall sector(s), and 5-to-1 or even (as in Balakleya town) 10-to-1 along the main axes of advance…..

…..Ukrainian forces were stopped cold when they ran into resistance from a dug-in, well-stocked, prepared, organized (even if substantially outnumbered) enemy armed with sufficient heavy weapons, supported by artillery.

After that, they simply didn’t know what to do.

Folks, I understand all the korona experts became military experts real quick.

Most people (including most journos and pundits) don’t understand what an “offensive” is, or what a successful offensive looks like.

Most people haven’t studied history, let alone military history, and (if credulous like your average MSM consumer) are easy victims of propaganda for their preferred side.

Success is NOT breaking through a notional line of the enemy’s observation posts, or sending the enemy into retreat in the initial stage.

Success is ACHIEVING A STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE, which often involves following up on your gains when the going gets hard.

This, the Ukrainian army can’t do.

I said on this (below) show back in June, they don’t do offensives.  They don’t have the competence.  Their senior officers never studied for maneuver warfare, have no experience with it, and are mostly garbage.

Yes, clearly the lower levels have been taught some “fast motor raid” tactics (a la ISIS or the U.S./UK special forces dune-buggy teams) by outside, how shall I say, guidance counsellors.

It was impressive.

But they can’t follow up when they meet solid, organized resistance.

Even with the benefit of foreign “guidance” and total battlefield awareness, thanks to around 70 U.S., UK, etc. military/intelligence surveillance satellites as well as 200 commercial satellites…..

…..They piss away their numerical advantage with uncoordinated, piecemeal actions. 

…..They launch multiple, suicidal attacks against the same target, beating their heads against a wall.

…..They obviously have a creativity deficit… as well as command-and-control problems, just like Russia (and like the U.S. Army would have, if it was fighting on a thousand-plus kilometer front, which it hasn’t done since… ever.)

Their soldiers now all wear big, bright blue or yellow tape bands around their arms or legs, so they don’t shoot each other, LOL.

Bet you noticed that, and didn’t think much of it, huh?  What this tells you is that no squad or platoon knows where the next squad or platoon is.

(Many Russian regulars have a thin St. George’s ribbon around their helmets, but this isn’t visible at all from far away.)

As I mentioned recently, the Ukrainian offensives have been BLOWN.

Now, Russia is quickly gaining manpower…..

…..and will soon open up one or more additional fronts, including moving in again from Belarus (you read it here first), likely in tandem with the Belarussian army…..

…..while Ukrainian manpower is nearly tapped out.

(This time, it likely won’t be another pointless operation against Kiev. It will likely be aimed at forcing a redeployment of Ukrainian manpower away from more critical areas, and, with any luck, possibly taking another province in preparation for another join-Russia referendum.)

Sure, you can read the Bezos Post, and hear how great it’s still going for the Democratic Freedom Fighters, and how Russia’s army is really disorganized and poorly led, and they’re all drunk and starving.

Obviously, there’s too many MSM dum-dums getting paid to feed you their “reality.”

I’ve been 100 percent demonetized by YouTube and by Google Adsense, so I don’t get paid at all… and I’m ten miles above these hacks.

Infotainment is nice, but it should be real.  The “info” and “tainment” parts should be equally weighted.

Oh well.


…..About the October 10th mass attack on Ukrainian electrical and other infrastructure.

That was huge, extremely disruptive, but (barring further continuous attacks) it is manageable.

The damage will take weeks or in some cases months to repair, but the power can be rerouted, even if the system (not strong to begin with) is now much more shaky.

October 10th was revenge for the Crimea bridge suicide bombing (whether the driver knew it or not, what in the fuck!!!), and was also a warning…..

…..The last warning for these monkey dipshits to come to the table.

I maintain my prediction that the REAL destruction will occur only after some consecutive days or nights of freezing or near-freezing weather. So, we’re looking at November.

This next blow will involve a MUCH higher proportion of hypersonic rockets…..

…..which means, all the “send more air defenses to the Ukraine” talk is just silly. Other than an EMP, nothing can stop these weapons.

As I said in February and March, if the USA doesn’t back down off the escalation track…..

…..the Ukraine will be destroyed.

Now, it won’t be long.

Ignore All Vakseen Problems You Hear About, They Won’t Matter Soon Enough

Many people are really deep into the vakseen side effects, and elevated mortality, and contaminants in the vakkseen solutions, all that stuff. 

It’s all bad, but as I think I said in a recent audio cast (probably with Kunstler, but perhaps with the Radio Kingston gentleman, I don’t remember)….. 

…..the damage you see now, will be a drop in the bucket, when korona Variant X—the pandemmykk of the mRNA vakksed-and-boosstted—comes around. 

Concerned about a healthy teenager here, a college or young pro athlete there, just dropping dead of cardiac arrest, pretty much every day, both in the USA and in Europe, over the last year and a half?  

Sudden Healthy Young Adult Death Syndrome got you down?  

What’s wrong with you? Have some perspective!!!  Millions of children and under-25’s in the emm-arr-enn-ay vakksed countries will die from Variant X

This thing will be so bad, it will change the political layout of the planet, who is strong and who is weak.  That’s how bad. 

The emm-arr-enn-ay shawtz will be the undoing of nations. 

The European Union (EU)

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel. Alex Mercouris (for those who follow him) does the EU much more and better than I’d ever care to.

I have just one thing to say, for those who’d like to understand the EU in just a few words.

To understand the EU, even to predict what its leadership will do, all you need to know….. 

…..Is that the EU is a giant, “approved insiders” club….. 

…..the primary goal of which is to keep out (or failing that, to marginalize and limit) “unapproved outsiders.”

That’s it. 

This is literally built in to their constitution.

The European parliament is nothing, a joke. It’s like a student council. Russia’s parliament has more importance inside Russia, than the Euro-parliament does in the EU.

Instead… the real power is the European Commission, which is one person put forward by each existing member government (i.e. those in power) of the EU.


Some democracy. It’s just insiders nominating insiders. There’s literally no chance for shaking anything up from inside the system, ever.

Sure, you can have one or two “rebel” countries, the exception that proves the rule. The only reason they can’t do anything about Hungary’s Orban is, the guy’s so popular, they simply can’t tip the scales. 

To really, openly crack down on Hungary, would involve losing support from other east European countries which fear such a crackdown against themselves in the future. 

Otherwise, if it’s close, they will tip the scales.

Dancing Hippos


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