GOP Likes Hummus?

Hey everybody! It’s another installment of plague, the Ukraine (but I repeat myself), and more “Tulsi”-bashing. What’s not to like?

Well, Now We Know EVERYONE Is Making New Koronas In the Lab

Thanks to all readers who shared news of Boston University’s korona engineering. I’ve read Boston’s defense.

They say the 80 percent death rate from their new vary-ant, was only among a susceptible species of mouse that’s supposed do have a 100 percent death rate from the original (2020) korona…..

…..Which means (or so they say), they actually made a strain that’s LESS dangerous.

So, like, they did us all a favor. They say it almost in those terms, not quite but almost. LOL!!!

I’m not making this up.

They took the harmless oh-meek-rawn, tossed it up and made it 80 percent deadly to these mice… and that’s an improvement!!!

Look, the human death rate from the original (2020) korona was less than one percent. Mice are mammals like us. I don’t believe God (or any lab) made a mouse that’s 100 percent guaranteed to die from the 2020 korona, that sounds like crap.

But aside from that…

Let me ask… what if their new vary-ant got out?

Would it be 80 percent as nasty to humans, as the original (2020) strain, which killed grandma, and justified closing schools for a year, as well as instituting an apartheid regime of vakksed-vs. unvakksed… and many other inconveniences?

Wouldn’t that be a problem?

Anyway, I think the bigger news here, is… THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG.

If some (respectable, but) SECOND-TIER SCHOOL is engineering new koronas (my understanding, they did it at a government lab, on a grant or something, but nonetheless)…..

…..Isn’t pretty much everybody else already doing this, as well?

Harvard, Caltech, MIT, the U.S. Army, the Chinese, Russians, Israelis, Iranians, etc., etc.

Probably “everyone and their grandmother” is doing it.

Some, just for kicks. And some, looking for a bioweapon (perhaps under the guise of “how to better defend our soldiers from this pathogen.”)

This is the REAL news behind the news, from the Boston University story.

And what it means is, Variant X (the REAL big one, not the fake big one from 2020) might come naturally, or it might come from a lab, like its daddy did.

This potential new source (any one of perhaps HUNDREDS of labs) substantially raises the probability that Variant X will happen.

(I know, some of you are thinking, gee whiz, Dreizin, you didn’t figure the scientists were playing around with it already? Well, you know, I didn’t think about it at all. But now, we KNOW it’s happening… EVERYWHERE.)

Look, I went out on a limb when I said Variant X will arrive by March 31st, 2023.

I’m guessing it will be this winter, because this winter (what with all the other problems, especially in Europe) is such a “perfect” time. It’s the last thing anyone (other than you and me) expect, and it would be just perfect.

But whatever the timing, you have to be a blockhead to ARGUE and DENY that Variant X will likely come at some point in the near to medium term.

I mean, maaaaybe it won’t… but would you bet money on that?

McCarthy Doesn’t Look Like a Hummus Fan

From late November 2021 through February, I told my Republican VIP mailing list (before I started this blog, although some of the material may be here in the archives) that they shouldn’t get excited over the pending Ukraine war…..

…..because the politics were NOT going to go the way they thought.

I said, let the Democrats carry this war, don’t go along, or at least don’t cheerlead too madly, because for you (the GOP), ultimately there will be ZERO benefit, only potential blowback.

Well, well, well. Karl Rove, move the hell over.

Some no-name putz with a blog, schooling the GOP. Call me Ezmerella Zella, give me a gypsy cart, and I’ll be the deadest-on fortune tella this side of Borovia.

A few days ago, Kevin “deer in the headlights” McCarthy, U.S. House minority leader, said that should his party take the chamber in a few weeks…..

…..they won’t be writing a “blank check” to the Ukraine.

Hey, McCarthy. No one ever wrote a blank check to the Ukraine. Since 2014, the Ukraine has EARNED ITS KEEP by serving as a pustulent festering abscess in Russia’s side.

The whole point of Uncle Sam not backing implementation of the 2014-2015 Minsk Accords to end the 2014-2022 war (granting autonomy to Donetsk and Lugansk)…..

…..was to fuck with Russia indefinitely… and the Ukraine did its job VERY well.

Furthermore, you Sir will keep writing those checks, and nothing will change…..

…..because your party’s Military Industrial Complex donors (and the entire Machine) expect it, they need to keep the gravy train going.

As I’ve been saying all year long… Now that Iraq and Afghanistan are over, and Taiwan not yet ramped up, it’s the only train they have.

You might come up with some formula like, “We will only give this extra $50 billion to Zelensky, if he certifies once per month that he is fighting corruption“, LOL.

See, no blank check! He has to fight corruption!

Obviously, talk is cheap.

Fact is, the Ukraine money suck is about to shift into HIGH GEAR.

Remember I said (and reminded you several times that I said) back in March or April, that the USA will spend $80 billion or more on the Ukraine, just this calendar year?

Well, Russia is finally targeting the Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure…..

… shut down (among other things) their electrified train system that moves NATO-donated weapons and munitions through the country, also allowing Ukrainian personnel and heavy gear to be redeployed quickly between fronts.

As of now, today, after “only” nine days of Russia bombing the grid, already the entire country (except most Russian-controlled areas) is getting reliable juice for less than half a day…..

…..and that will probably fall to a few hours a day (or in some areas, nothing) before the end of this month…..

… Russia keeps pummeling the transformers with precision weapons….. that Russia was supposed to have run out of, LOL.

What this means is the Ukraine’s economy, weak as it is… is about to shut down completely.

No juice means no light, no pumping of fuel, no heat, no clean water, no industry, no working elevators in high-rise buildings, nothing.

(As genius alt-commentator Brandon Smith points out, the MSM will frame it as “GENOCIDE” pretty soon, but I may cover that another day.)

As of now, the Ukraine spends roughly $10 billion per month, but only collects $5 billion in taxes. The other $5 billion comes from Uncle Sam.

Very soon, they will need pretty much the entire $10 billion.

Every month. Indefinitely (or until they get taken over by Russia.)

And without juice, they will probably need it in giant pallets of cash, Obama-style.

They will also need roughly $20 billion worth of U.S. air defense systems, just to cover their major cities and power plants (although this will be closing the barn door after the horse has disappeared.)

What are you going to do, McCarthy?

Who are you, to stand in the way? You’re going to write that “blank” check!!! What choice do you have?

Man, what country are we living in? What year is it?

You helped create this monster, it’s not going to stop.

If they must (and I ***DO NOT*** condone this)…..

…..they will cut off your hand and get Peter Strzok to sign the check with it, then send the rest of you to some secret CIA prison in Poland, stick hummus up your butt, like the CIA did to some of the Qaeda terrorists (and Republicans are terrorists.) Jeez Louise.

Doesn’t sound appealing? OK! You’re going to cough up every goddamned cent…..

…..and then you’ll get up off your knees and say, “Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!”

For real.

Final Word on Tulsi Gabbard 

Looks like Ms. Gabbard has some fans among my readership.  I’m surprised that anyone reading this blog, would cheerlead such a phony. 

After 21 months of hanging out on the beach with no job, at last, she spits on her finger, sticks it in the wind (less than one month before the midterms), and thinks…..

…..”Hey, it’s finally time to announce I’m no longer a Democrat!” 

Because… she finally discovered, they are… elitist!!! 

Yeah, a real courageous genius. 

Sure, she has some talent for “positioning”, theatrics, and knowing when to jump in. So did Trump.

Folks, she’s no Trump.  Trump had (still has) a comprehensive worldview, he’s not a one-trick world peace pony…..

…..and moreover, he has immense natural appeal to the “redneck” 1/3 of America.

But even Trump got killed. 

If she ever makes it—it seems unlikely, but look who’s president now—her lightweight ass will be cut into diced ham-sized morsels, and served at an FBI salad bar. 

Being just a self-promoter with literally no work experience before she got into politics (and no record of distinction in politics, either), with no regular crew of her own, not even a chauffeur or a bodyguard that she can rely on…..

…..She’d be unable to run the show, and it would be chaos, perhaps like Trump, or worse.

(Supposedly, she is now a Lieutenant Colonel of “civil affairs” in the army reserves, but she has no command, so that means pretty much nothing. If you were ever a command officer, you know what I’m talking about. Really, all she did was find a way to gain “cred” by wearing the uniform.)

For real, how do these “Tulsi” fanboys ever find my blog?  Jeez Louise.

How many times have I said that politicians WON’T save us… and even after seeing what happened to Trump, they root for this phony?

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