About That Blank Check…

Holy moly.  This is moving fast. 

To avoid writing a “blank check” to the Ukraine after their pending, presumed (but who knows?) takeover of the U.S. House… Republicans are looking to write that check RIGHT NOW!!!

They are working with Democrats to appropriate an additional $50 billion for Ukraine aid, to last through “all of 2023″…..


(If they get this passed before year-end, then calendar-year 2022 appropriations for the Ukraine will be well in excess of $100 billion, even more than I predicted this past March/April.)

Folks, that $50 billion won’t last beyond April 2023.

As I wrote in my last piece, the Ukraine needs roughly $20 billion of air defenses RIGHT NOW

Uncle Sam has been hemming and hawing on that count (this stuff is expensive, precious), but—my guess—he will cave and cough up the hardware.

(What would happen, $20 billion from Congress would be used to order new gear, to replace what’s being sent to the Ukraine from U.S. military stocks.) 

Also, with its economy and tax receipts soon to be totally shut down by Russia’s “finally took off the gloves” dismantling of its electrical distribution infrastructure….. 

…..the Ukraine will need Uncle Sam to cover 100 percent of its spending, that is, $10 billion per month….. 

…..rather than the $5 billion or so that Uncle picks up today.

This $10 billion/month requirement will be effective likely as of December. 

(At the current rate of degradation, the Ukraine’s energy grid will more-or-less fall apart by mid-November at the latest.  Read my last piece to see what that means for their economy.) 

Furthermore, as the Ukraine gets progressively wrecked over the winter and thereafter, the military aid focus will have to shift….. 

…..to training a guerilla army, which will involve housing Ukrainian personnel (in Poland, Czechia, wherever) for MUCH longer than the existing three-week training stints employed to date. 

It would be more like an army-in-exile… like the “Bay of Pigs” fools… but 20-plus times bigger.  This will cost enormously more than what’s been spent on training to date.

The “skim” by contractors will reach Afghanistan levels, that’s just how the war machine does business.  American war is a business. 

I could go on. 

Look here, the $50 billion (if that’s what it is) WILL MORE-OR-LESS RUN OUT BY MID-APRIL.

That is, by that time, there may be a few billion dollars left in the pot….. 

…..but our leaders will already be looking at appropriating the “next installment.” 

Folks, as I hinted at in my last piece (if it wasn’t clear enough, here it is in plainer language)….. 

For as long as the USA is fighting Russia by proxy, using the Ukraine…..

…..there is NO LIMIT to the cost.

There will be NO LIMIT to the cost.


We are in it to win it, full stop…. 

…..and no politician (in any position of leadership or authority) will DARE stand in the way. 

Because, as I covered profusely in the first months of this year, at stake is U.S. hegemony over Europe….. 

….. which is the foundation, cornerstones, keystone, and capstone of the American Empire project….. 

…..and there is NOTHING that won’t be sacrificed, if it needs to be sacrificed. 

Thus, all the vacillating, marginal GOP congresspersons who are now like, “I love Ukraine, but you know, my constituents…. our national debt is $31 trillion… blah blah…..”

…..can SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! 

These fools all helped start this thing (even Marjorie Taylor Greene initially cheered for the Ukraine)….. 

…..and now it’s too lucrative and too entrenched, and like a freight train going downhill with no brakes. 

I warned them.

For THREE MONTHS before the Russian invasion, before this blog (but check the archives)….. 

…..I told my Republican VIP mailing list (thousands of names, including hundreds of Capitol Hill staff), “don’t cheer too hard for what’s coming“….. 

…..because the weathervane will turn, and YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH IT. 

It’s too bad, politicians can’t see beyond their talking points.  Six, twelve months out?  Forget it. 

Again, shut up!!! 

If we don’t get hit with an asteroid, or Variant X doesn’t get in the way….. 

…..the USA will spend hundreds of billions of dollars on the Ukraine. 

And “they” all know it!  I can’t believe they are so dumb, not to know.  They’re just stringing it out in installments. 

If they admitted they know this installment or the next one, won’t be enough…..

…..well, they won’t admit it!

Aaaaand a few more words on “Tulsi”

It’s come to my attention that “Tulsi” has been brought into the MAGA fold.

She is campaigning for some Trump-endorsed candidate in Arizona.

Look here, this woman endorsed Brandon (and thus also his running mate Kambodia), and voted to impeach Trump not once but twice.

She has her bland—not well-informed, she’s too lazy for details, she’s no Ron Paul or Matt Gaetz or Dennis Kucinich, obviously no Chomsky—antiwar shtick…..

…..but otherwise, she was a near-100 percent party line Democrat, her entire time in Washington.

Now, all of a sudden, after being unemployed for 20 months, and one month before the midterms, she has her “I’m leaving the Democrat party” epiphany…..

…..and her fanboys on this blog are leaving comments like “Trump/Tulsi 2024” or “DeSantis/Tulsi 2024.”

What a bunch of goddamn retards.

And… what is the MAGA network thinking?

It was bad enough we had to put up with Jared, Omarosa, “Mooch”, and that entire shitshow. They haven’t learned anything. Now we’ve got this Dr. Oz guy. It never stops.

As we saw with Omarosa, Mooch, and others… You bring in wandering homeless opportunists, even known traitors and backstabbers… and you get stabbed in the back.

Wow, who could have imagined?

It took Mike Pence four years to become the Mike Pence we know today. Four years of unquestioning, straight-faced loyalty, ain’t so bad in Trumpland.

Until he was really tested, he was OK. You know, he looked great on TV.

Given any opening at all, this woman would become the next Mike Pence in two seconds.

Some people are so… damn… dumb.

Mortgage Market Going Nuts

I’ve never seen this before. I’ve never had a problem with googling “30 year mortgage rates” and finding today’s rates.

Then, on Thursday, October 20th, this:

I called my mortgage banker, he confirmed my suspicion that the rate setters just can’t keep up!

The 10-year U.S. Treasury Bond yield has spiked well above four percent, it’s too volatile, no one knows anything anymore.

In unrelated (or related???) news, the Japanese Yen is now over 150 to the dollar, having lost almost six percent in just the last 30 days or so, and over 30 percent in the last eight months.

This is insane. “Developed country” currencies are not supposed to move this much, this fast.

It’s even worse than it looks, because, the way finance works nowadays, you don’t know what’s under the surface.

Something pops, and it breaks something else, and so on…

I really feel that something, somewhere, is going to break, next month. Certainly by year-end, but more likely in November.

That’s my strong hunch, anyway.


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