Suitcase With No Handle

In the “corrections” department, Tulsi Gabbard did NOT vote to impeach Trump a second time. She was newly unemployed at that point, sorry.

But, we know how she WOULD have voted, hah!

We’ll come back to her… again… but first, another note on the UKRAINE and the GOP.

A Suitcase With No Handle

It’s obvious that Republicans are trying to “clear the plate” before their expected (who knows?) takeover of one or both houses of Congress.

They don’t want to fund the Ukraine any more, after they take over. They want to do it now, a “one and done” $50 billion (if NBC’s report is correct) before year-end…..

…..and not come back to it anymore.

That way, they can meet 2023 with a promise to their voting base, not to waste any more money on the Ukraine in 2023. LOL.


In my last post, I explained, in detail, how $50 billion won’t even last until summer, not even close.

At first, I thought, they’ve gotta see this.

(If I had to pick a sum to carry the Ukraine and all associated problems and gravy trains from today until December 31st, 2023, I’d say $125 billion, to be on the safe side.)

Now I think, yes, they really believe $50 billion will last all year long. They have a lot to do, they move fast, and the Ukraine is priority number seven thousand five hundred and six.

They don’t think about it much anymore.

Well, it’s not just the money. Unless we get hit with an asteroid, or something else that brings down the house…..

…..2023 will be the YEAR OF THE UKRAINE.

Foolish mortals on Capitol Hill, you will NOT get away from it.

Not saying you did it (haha), but it was a HUGE mistake to blow up the Baltic Sea gas pipelines, it was a mistake to target the Crimean bridge with a suicide truck bomber.

Really, the biggest mistake was to sabotage enforcement of the Minsk Accords for eight years, on behalf of the Russian baby cake people (see at bottom.)

Now, there is no escape from this black hole, sorry.

Russia seems to have taken a few days’ break, to see how the Ukraine’s electric distribution network is doing after all the damage, but they will start bombing it again shortly.

Everything will shut down, the economy will stop, and the country will freeze.

(The military won’t be exempt, as they need diesel to power their vehicles and generators, and ultimately, they need juice to power the pumps to transfer that fuel, when it arrives by train from Moldova, at U.S. expense.)

The MSM and Brandon’s people will frame this as GENOCIDE, soon enough.

There will be another huge wave of Ukrainian refugees into Europe.

But, Europe has had enough. The Ukrainians there now, have worn out their welcome.

The whole thing was only supposed to last a few weeks until Putin was overthrown, LOL. Europe doesn’t want any more Ukrainians.

IMHO, we are likely to see “Afghanistan Airlift 2.0“…..

…..this time, with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees being flown from Poland, Romania, etc., to the USA.

We are likely to see other problems over there, that I can’t even predict.

Maybe one of their poorly-maintained, overworked nuclear plants will melt down. Could be that, could be something else.

It will be SOMETHING. This is a clusterfuck for the ages.

You can’t just hide behind “we’ll appropriate $50 billion before we take power, sneaky sneaky, and forget about it!

The refugees and whatever else, everything else, will be MILKED TO THE BONE by Brandon’s people…..

…..who’ll need to change the topic, seeing as we may be in a deep recession by that point.

The MSM will go Ukraine 24/7 again.

You will again be required to put on your Ukraine flag lapel pins, and stand and clap for the one T-shirt guy.

Your conservative voting base (especially Tucker Carlson’s audience) will enjoy that, for sure.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You bought this suitcase, you carry it.

All the way.

“Tulsi” Comes To My Neighborhood

Folks, I may have brought this on myself. This woman is now stalking me.

Well, OK, it’s not my neighborhood, but close enough. In light traffic, 45 minutes from my house.

As you can see, she is appearing side-by-side with Jamaican AR-15 lady (we love Jamaican AR-15 lady), on behalf of some Republican candidate in a U.S. House race.

(I read the candidate’s bio, she’d be great for a local role, like, town council member or something. I don’t know HOW IN THE HELL some of these people get positioned to run for High Office. Obviously, this one hits the right notes, demographically.)

It’s clear that between now and election day, “Tulsi” will be making at least one (Republican) campaign stop per day.

I’m sure she’s NOT paying for her own travel.

It’s clear, someone in the MAGA network (or less likely, the RNC) decided “Tulsi” is an asset…..

…..who can bring over a few “Bernie Bro” type retards…..

…..and perhaps also motivate the sort of barely conservative, barely political, male shitbags who came out to vote for blond-and-sassy Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona.

I understand, American elections are often very close, and sometimes you must appeal to nincompoops and scum.

But, when it’s time to return the favor, I hope they offer her a choice between ambassador plenipotentiary to the Hare Krishnas…..

…..and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Indian reservation street signage.

Because offering this woman the Vice Presidency on a Republican ticket, as some have suggested…..

…..(and she’s run for president before, she has ambition and didn’t “switch parties” for a junior role)…..

…..well, that’s REALLY dumb.

I mean… Oh, I dunno.. what’s been her stance on abortion, until her “conservative awakening” in 2020, just before she became unemployed?

Didn’t she grow up in a cult… and never left it?

How many conservative purists do you want to lose? You know, not everyone is new school, “alt-right.”

Why not just run Kanye West for president?

It Couldn’t Happen Here?

You ain’t seen nothin’, until you’ve seen the below video.

I’ve sat on this for a long time.

This is from an elite Kiev nightclub, 2014, shortly after the coup, revolution, or whatever you want to call it.

They are serving a cake with a Russian flag and a realistic, live-size “Russian infant”, lying on its back atop the flag.

The server cuts the baby from groin to head.  People love it.

One girl asks if the diaper is edible, another says she wants the tummy.

One guy jokes, “Putin, help!” while another shouts pleadingly, “Ruuuussia, Ruuuuussia!!!“…..

…..indicating the baby is the people of the Donbass (Donetsk and Lugansk) and other Russians or pro-Russians in southeast Ukraine, who were hoping for the Russian army to move in at that time.

There’s more than just a few people here, it’s packed.

Of course, like everyone in Kiev (back then, anyway), they’re all speaking Russian.

Millions of idiots say Putin is Hitler—no, this is Hitler.

These are literal “supremacists”… not of the fake alleged supremacist, Trumper variety.

The country should have been peacefully split in 2014.

Well, it’s being split now, better late than never.

Incidentally, you know these could be Democrats, eating a Republican.

There’s more than one country that could be peacefully split… or peacefully decentralized, whatever.

I’d never say the USA needs to go. We just need to respect differences, and not force every damn thing on fellow citizens in other jurisdictions, you know?

How do we get there?


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